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Which was worst against Chelsea? The Arsenal defending or our missed chances?

Arsenal seems to be Arsenal’s problem by Akinnubi

It was an improved performance against Chelsea compared to Manchester City, albeit the difference in quality between City and Chelsea,nonetheless it was an improved performance.

This defeat has one big difference from the City game though; it wasn’t due to superior quality of the opposition, but it was due to Arsenal’s own failings!

Confirmed Arsenal team to face Chelsea – Iwobi starts – No Torreira or Lacazette!

We are all hoping that Unai Emery learned a lot about his team from Arsenal’s defeat to Man City last week, and also hoping that his players have understood a bit more about how he wants them to play. There will still be a lot of experimentation until he gets to know his best team. As Emery said himself: “First, we want to build a competitive team. We are going to play away but we need to keep our personality, keep our mentality, because I think on Sunday against Manchester City, the team kept their ideas, kept their spirit in the game for the full 90 minutes, even when we were losing, and didn’t let [their heads] go down. That was a good thing, [despite] us losing 2-0. I want us to continue with this work and to be competitive for 90 minutes, but with a better performance than on Sunday, both individually and collectively. We want a good preparation before and a good response on the pitch to that preparation.”

Chelsea v Arsenal Preview, Team news, Line-Up and Score Prediction

Arsenal take the short trip across London to visit Chelsea this afternoon knowing that they are going to have a tough time stopping Unai Emery become the first manager to lose the opening two League games in a very very long time! But both sides have new managers and new tactics for the players to learn so it could just depend on who are the quickest learners!

The stats are definitely not in Arsenal’s favour for Saturday’s game at Chelsea

They say records are there to be broken, and Arsenal definitely have to overcome a few when they travel to Stamford Bridge on Saturday evening. I was just looking through the official Chelsea website to see what they were thing about our game and found these statistics they had compiled ahead of the game. It doesn’t make pleasant reading but there are some positives on our side….

If Arsenal lose to Chelsea, it won’t be because we are not trying

I am personally really impressed with the way Unai Emery is trying to impress his way of playing onto his new Arsenal squad, and also instilling a never say die attitude, whether we are winning or losing. We saw that the team maybe even tried harder against Man City after going behind, and the new coach is insistent that they must try their hardest for the full 90 minutes no matter what happens.

Chelsea v Arsenal – Who should Emery pick for the starting line-up?

Many Arsenal fans were not overly impressed with Unai Emery’s starting XI against Man City last weekend and felt there was little change from watching an Arsene Wenger side, but the Spaniard tweeked things in the second half and we were very much improved, although we still couldn’t score.

Chelsea v Arsenal betting Preview – Backing Arsenal need not be a lost cause after all..

With the Unai Emery effect not looking like having an immediate effect on Arsenal as yet, and Chelsea’s facile 3-0 win at Huddersfield last week, the bookies are making the Blues very hot favourites to inflict more pain on the Gunners in Saturday’s late kick-off. The home side are odds on to win the game outright while Arsenal are as big as 7/2 to give Emery his first win as our coach. Many Gooners may prefer to spend the evening looking for the website for highest casino bonus to while away their time instead of wasting their money on backing Arsenal!