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Arsenal linked with Benzema at last!

It wouldn’t be a proper transfer window if Arsenal were not linked with the Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, in fact last summer the rumours were continuing from the beginning until the end, despite numerous denials by both the player and Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal target another top English youngster

When the Home Grown rules were announced by the FA all those years ago, Arsene Wenger made a concerted effort to either train from a young age, or buy, the best English youngsters that were available so that Arsenal’s first team could be powered by a loyal “English core” at some point in the future.

Could Wenger promote Akpom instead of buying a new Arsenal striker?

Will Arsenal invest or promote Chuba Akpom?

Whilst it remains well anticipated that Arsenal will be looking to recruit a striker this summer to join the front line, just who will be signing for the club, remains largely unknown. But instead of seeing a new face at the Emirates, could Wenger instead promote Akpom to first team duties?