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Will top striker be enough for Arsenal to counter big teams?

Why this season has shown that talent isn’t everything unless you’re a striker by KJ

This season has been an odd one, Arsenal fans. We’ve got Liverpool who will most likely win the Premier League title this season and we’ve got Atletico Madrid who will most likely win La Liga this season as well as having a shot at the Champions League. This is obviously a surprise considering that neither of these two teams were expected to have been amongst the likes of Barca, Real Madrid, Man City and Chelsea and yet, they’re dominating in their respective leagues.

The strange case of the Arsenal defence

Normally, you would safely say that any team which had been beaten 6-0, 5-1 and 6-3, like Arsenal were, in the same season, had a serious problem with their defense. But that is not really the case with the Gunners. If you take way those 17 goals in three games, Arsenal have only conceded 24 in the other 32 Premier League games, so how can we reconcile these two wildly different records?

Striker link-up looking great for Arsenal future

There have been plenty of rumours and lots of speculation among Arsenal fans about the future of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud this season. Many expect either one or both of the Arsenal front men to be moved on in the summer, but after seeing the two playing with great understanding and effectiveness last night, is this transfer talk all a bit premature.

Because Arsene Wenger does not really consider 4-4-2 as a feasible system for modern football, Arsenal fans do not even think about strike partnerships, but maybe it is time we did. Our big French striker proved again last night that he has got the capabilities to thrive with Arsenal, but he is not the sort of striker who can do it alone.

Giroud and Podolski feel fresh so Arsenal must Attack!!

There is quite a bit of concern among Arsenal fans today, taking the edge off the pleasure and relief of the Gunners getting into the FA cup final. The main reason for this is that our depleted squad means that quite a few players who went through that energy sapping extra time and penalties against Wigan might struggle to last the pace against a much fresher West Ham tonight.

However, and Arsenal,com report reveals that Olivier Giroud does not think it will be a problem. The big French striker has pointed out that Arsenal have not been overloaded with games in recent weeks and the players have, therefore, had a chance to recover from the earlier punishing schedule when we were playing two or three games a week.

Controlling Carroll is key to Arsenal beating West Ham

Unfortunately for Arsenal, it looks like they are going to have to wait a little longer for the return of the excellent French centre back Laurent Koscielny. And with their toughest tackling and most defensive midfielder, Mathieu Flamini, missing his second game with suspension, there will be a big onus on Per Mertesacker and club captain Thomas Vermaelen to keep Andy Carroll quiet tomorrow.

While the West Ham team do not really have anything to play for other than pride, the England international striker knows that a good showing in his remaining Premier League games will probably mean that he is on the plane to Brazil for the World Cup this summer. So Arsenal must be ready for the big striker to be pumped up and ready to cause us problems.

Wenger baffled by the collapse of his Arsenal defense!!

Arsenal fans can sit and argue all day, and often do, about the reasons why this season, which promised so much, has turned into yet another last gasp fight for fourth place in the Premier League. Olivier Giroud and whether he is or isn’t up to the standards of the Gunners, a crippling injury list, bad luck, Wenger’s stubborn refusal to use the January transfer window and many other factors have been touted as the root of our problems, but Wenger has suggested that it is the recent defensive problems that have done for us.

What’s killing Arsenal is poor defence and lack of options!!


It has not been good viewing for those who, like me, crossed over to Arsenal’s side among PL teams owing to their free–flowing, uninhibited attacking game. At least not for last couple of months. The Gunners had their way for most of the year against modest to good opponents because they were playing at their peak. Unfortunately, their peak was not good enough against similar or better opponents (which is a sad state of affairs in itself), where it all starting going downhill. Arsenal were derailed when put under pressure, which could only happen when they had no more to offer than what they already put out on the field (another damning thought). I am not here to say that Wenger does not care or that he is incompetent. I do not know what happens behind the scenes and thus cannot make judgment calls on that aspect. One can only assume that Wenger is trying his best – whether that best at the moment is good enough is another matter altogether.

Wenger set to send Arsenal on the attack at Everton?

I get the impression that Arsene Wenger is going to send his Arsenal players out with the instructions to be positive and take the game to Everton at Goodison Park on Sunday, for a number of reasons. And I also think that it is the right, if somewhat risky, strategy against an in form Toffees team.

What gives me the impression is the way that Wenger, as reported by Sky Sports, has started talking about the possibility of the Gunners winning the title again, whereas he had pretty much given up on it after the Chelsea debacle. Maybe their recent problems and the massive boost that Aaron Ramsey’s return has given the club, have given Wenger back the belief that all is not lost in the Premier League.

Arsenal double pivot CAN work and must be used at Everton

After all the stick that has been given out to Mikel Arteta recently, the Arsenal vice-captain rose to the occasion for the tough test against Man City and proved, alongside the excellent Mathieu Flamini, that Arsenal can use the double pivot tactic in midfield.

The first few times that Arsene Wenger tried playing the Spaniard and the Frenchman together in central midfield, it did not look good and seemed to slow the Gunners up and deprive them of some cut and thrust going forward. But whether the players have just got more used to it or it just works at certain times against the stronger teams, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that we need to use it again next weekend.

How Arsenal can avoid forgone conclusion against Man City

Is the City game already lost? by Twig

There is probably not a worse time for Arsenal to be facing Manchester City than this weekend. Unlike last season where our exploits against Bayern Munich were to be the catalyst for our strong finish to the season, this season the reverse has been the case and the team seems to be on a free fall right now.

The optimistic fan believes the most we can hope for is a draw against Man City, while the majority are resigned to another 6-0 mauling, or something along that line. Without Walcott, our chances in the big games are seriously diminished. But can Wenger pull something off with this battered and bruised set of players? What must Wenger do?

Why Arsenal MUST invest in strength to go with skill

Lack of physical aggression and attacking mobility are main problems for Arsenal! by Gooneristic Truth

I must say that what I find most hard to believe is that Arsenal fans were actually optimistic for a good result against Chelsea. I guess that’s what being a football fan is all about sometimes… Optimism! I remember telling a friend after the Liverpool beating that we should anticipate one or two more of such disastrous results before the end of the season. Not that I wish my team bad, but I am a believer of living within the confines of reality.

How Arsenal should have taken Chelsea and other big games!!

Arsenal and the big games by Gun Nelsinnn

This article I wrote in a bit of any angry state so please forgive if I offend anyone in anyway. I couldn’t sleep for parts of last night, as I always do when Arsenal lose because when my team loses I lose too and I don’t like losing. I was wide awake reliving the game, breaking down play and working out what caused all this, like the armchair manager I am. Hindsight can always make you seem very intelligent but still yesterday I don’t think anyone can say Wenger had a good team sheet out before the game.