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How Arsenal have given up the ball and gained MUCH more!!

If only the Premier League was decided by stats then Arsenal would be currently sitting right on top of the pile and Arsenal fans would be searching their attics for the bunting that has not been needed since 2004. Or that is what the stats compiled by on all the Premier League clubs would have you believe at any rate.

Ozil explains how Arsenal have turned weakness into STRENGTH

It has been said of Arsenal in recent years that although the squad may have been a bit light in certain areas, with the forward options, defensive strength and the keeper situation all having caused us problems and attracted scorn in the last five years or so, there has never been a shortage of small and tricky players for Arsene Wenger to choose from.

Coquelin KEY to Arsenal midfield mastery says Ramsey!

Arsenal may have been a bit short of numbers or quality in certain areas of the pitch in recent years, with the keeper situation, the defence and the attack all getting fair criticism at times, but one area where the Gunners have had more than enough quality is in the midfield.

Arsenal MUST start Ramsey but with Ozil or Cazorla as CAM?

Even though Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team will head north to face Newcastle United with great confidence and fully expecting to come back to London with all three points, we must still take the game seriously and should not underestimate the Magpies.

Arsenal to surprise Monaco with Alexis role?

Wenger Must Play Sanchez in Front of Goal by Majekadega

The changes Arsenal MUST make in Monaco! Who would you choose?

With Monaco being famous for the casinos, I suppose there is no better place for Arsenal to roll the dice and have a gamble. And that is just what I expect Arsene Wenger to do tomorrow night as the boss tries to get us into the quarter-finals of the Champions League – despite losing to Monaco 3-1 at home in the first leg.

Arsenal need this attacking formation against Monaco

Arsenal should go with 4-4-2 against Monaco by MES

The midweek away game at Monaco is a very difficult one for Arsenal. Initially I had lost all hope for that game until I saw PSG and Shalke with their resilience in this weeks Champions League matches. The main problem with this game is we need to score 3 goals against a team that are very difficult to score against.

How Arsenal can exploit West Ham´s injury problems

First of all, I have to make it clear that Arsenal, as usual, are facing more injury problems than our next opponents. I cannot remember a game this season where that has not been the case but it has become so regular for the Gunners that we have just go used to it.