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Welcome to Arsenal, Petr – But you can’t win the league on your own…

Whichever way you look at, the acquisition of Petr Cech is a great statement of intent from Arsenal. The Czech Republic goalkeeper has joined the club in a deal worth about £10 million deal from Chelsea.

Cech – Last season was just too long for Arsenal

Our newest signing the great Petr Cech has been filling the papers with his first interviews for the Gunners, and he seems very confident that Arsenal can go on to great things if they continue their form from the end of last season. But Petr believes that the Gunners slow start was the only reason that they did not really challenge Cech’s old team Chelsea for the League title.

Szczesny urged to leave Arsenal after Wenger ‘lies’

Now that Petr Cech has finally been confirmed as an Arsenal player, here are lots of discussions about the fate of other three shotstoppers. David Ospina is the one that most people are expecting to leave as he has definitely earned a first team place in a top team after his performances for Arsenal and Colombia, but we all know who we would rather see on their way out of the Emirates.

Arsenal’s BIG mistake points to a new Wenger transfer strategy

Arsene Wenger’s big mistake by Lazyboy

Striker told to pack his bags and leave Arsenal

Most Arsenal fans are agreed on the idea that Arsene Wenger should have a top quality striker on his transfer wish list for this summer window, but your guess is as good as mine as to whether the Frenchman agrees. The boss has certainly not made any moves for Arsenal in that direction yet.

Arsene Wenger finally beats Jose Mourinho! CONFIRMED!

Thank God that Arsenal have finally confirmed the acquisition of Petr Cech from Chelsea OFFICIALLY. We know we are all used to waiting for weeks on end for to confirm any transfers that we have all known about for ages, but it became reality today!

Mourinho respected Cech’s wishes, now Wenger should do the same for Rosicky…

This was definitely the most drawn out Arsenal transfer deal I have ever known, although I can imagine Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho shouting at each other over the conference table while discussing the price. I reckon that it only ended up at 10.9 million GBP because they flipped a coin for the final 100,000!

Arsenal won’t get rid of Lukas Podolski so easily

Earlier this week there was widespread coverage of a quote, purportedly from Lukas Podolski, in an obscure Turkish website. ‘I have agreed with Galatasaray,’ he ‘I want to leave.’