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Free flowing Arsenal delight Wenger and honour Bergkamp

There are still plenty of people who want to shoot Arsenal down, but Arsene Wenger and his players did not give them much ammunition yesterday. The best that the doubters could muster was that Sunderland were not very good. Maybe not, but we did not give them a chance to be.

Right from the start, Arsenal were crisp and creative in possession and cool, calm and collected in defence. The first three goals were top quality and so was a lot of our play. So it is no surprise to read, in a Sky Sports report, the manager waxing lyrical about his team.

Competition for Arsenal fans to win these great football DVDs

Okay Arsenal fans, here is another competition for you to enter, we are just spoiling you at the minute aren’t we. The prize on offer this time is a DVD celebrating the Sky Sports football show Soccer Saturday, which goes on general release on November 11th, but Just Arsenal has been sent three copies to give away. There is a little competition, but it should not give you clever Gooners much trouble, so pop your answers down in the comments section and three of you will soon have an early Christmas present winging it’s way to you.

Here is the official blurb:

Arteta says this Arsenal are not like Invincibles – Yet

Mikel Arteta is a great Arsenal vice-captain. His cool head is a huge asset both on a and off the pitch. He is also a great role model for the other players in the squad, so they will listen to him when he says things, and amidst the growing excitement and confidence, his voice or reason could be useful in keeping everybody’s feet on the ground.

Can Arsenal make it Heavenly 17th for Wenger?

On September 28th 1996, Arsenal Football Club signed the paperwork making the fairly unheard of Frenchman Arsene Wenger the new manager of the Gunners and the rest, as they say, is history. Wenger is now seemingly as much a part of Arsenal as the white sleeves or the cannon, and after Stan Kroenke’s glowing praise this week, things look set to continue that way for the foreseeable future.

The players have huge respect and admiration for Le Prof, while many of them, such as Aaron Ramsey, owe him a lot for his faith and for improving their careers significantly. Hopefully, they will want to repay him in the best way possible, by marking his 17th anniversary at the club with a win away to Swansea City.

Arsenal – A great history lesson and a promising future!

Who are we?

Since Arsenal Football Club started off as Dial Square in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, South-East London, we have been one of the most successful football teams in English Football. Dial Square was renamed Woolwich Arsenal in 1893 after becoming a limited company. Over the next 20 years or so we went on to reach new levels of class reaching the First Division in 1904, which would be equivalent to today’s Premier League. I am sure all Arsenal supporters agree that the word class is the best way to describe the Arsenal in one single word.

Arsenal Debate – Pick your favourite Gunner ever?

Your favourite player and why by Big Gun

Dear Gooners, It is really good to see a more unified Arsenal fan base these days. It was getting to a point where either Arsene would have to spend, or the fans were eventually going to take matters into their own hands. I am relieved it was not the latter. Let us just hope that Arsene continues in this vein in the years to come – keeping our best players whilst buying top quality where necessary.

Arsenal Debate – EIGHT reasons why the media hate Wenger!

Why is Arsene so unpopular? by TB

I’ve just read a piece asking why Arsene Wenger doesn’t get the respect he deserves from people within the game and the media. As someone who greatly admires Arsene and what he has done for football, and especially Arsenal, I get very frustrated by the amount of abuse he has to suffer and so I decided to have a go at answering the question – why dont people like Arsene?

Are Arsenal fans now convinced Ramsey is back to his best?

It seems as though Arsenal have the young Aaron Ramsey back who had the world at his feet and was destined for big things as recent performances show.

If you will think back to when he was a young man entering into the Arsenal squad, you will remember how he was being tipped for big things in football. He came from Cardiff as a young man and Arsene Wenger knew that he was a special talent and so did everybody else.

Will Arsenal ever regain the glory days of Henry?

How so much has changed in 14 years! by Ash

The title may seem a bit random to many, and I’m sure a lot of people will be rummaging through their minds and history books to think about what happened on this day, 14 years ago. Well on the 3rd of August 1999, Arsenal officially signed arguably the greatest player to ever play for the club – Thierry Henry.

Arsenal’s new shirt a tribute to the Invincibles?

Everybody seems to be discussing the new Arsenal Away Shirt for next season, and although it is not due to be officially released until tomorrow, here is a sneak preview of the yellow shirt with a collar for change….


Now if i remember correctly, this is extremely similar to the one that the Invincibles wore on that fantastic season ten years ago when the Gunners went the whole season unbeaten.

Here is a signed Tony Adams shirt from that era, see if you can see similarities….


Arsenal got a real gem in Yaya Sanogo (plus video)

The story of Yaya Sanogo! by Ash

With another day looking set to go past with no confirmation of Arsenal signing anyone, I thought we’d take a look at Arsenal’s first summer signing in closer detail. Yaya Sanogo had stated on many occasions ever since early June, that he was going to be signing for the Gunner’s this summer, but with no official confirmation from the club, many believed we wouldn’t even be signing this unknown talent, but behold it was finally confirmed on the club’s website that we would be signing the Frenchman this summer.

Arsenal Debate – Why is Arteta always undervalued?

Arteta – a modern day Gilberto by Dave G

I read a comment today on JustArsenal by Kirby82 (on the article about player confidence showing our development). Kirby82 said: “Just a note to everybody drawing up their dream Arsenal squads 13/14.

Not one of u have included Arteta and i dont think you realise just how crucial he is to us. vision/passing/experience/awareness !! It would take a Xavi or an Alonso to replace what he does.”