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An Arsenal defeat would have been a DISASTER!

All Arsenal fans everywhere probably breathed a big sigh of relief as Arsenal cruised to a 4-0 victory in the FA Cup Final on Saturday, and there was no sign of any nerves at all from the players, but Arsene Wenger admitted to a few nerves himself and that a defeat would have been a disaster for his side.

Kroenke to spend BIG now to give Arsenal the tools for a title?

The Arsenal owner, or majority shareholder to be more precise, put in a rare appearance at Wembley today and was clearly delighted at the end of the FA cup final which saw the Gunners take Aston Villa to pieces with surgical precision.

Arsenal v Aston Villa review – GET IN! Glory Gunners make history!

Just as expected, Arsenal began the first half with a bit of caution just to make sure that we were not left chasing the game as we had to in the final last season. But Aston Villa never really looked like scoring once, never mind twice, and so the Gunners soon got into our stride.

Don’t get cocky! Arsenal HAVE been losing these games!

Arsenal might lose the FA cup final you know by DN

Okay so Arsenal have already beaten our FA cup final opponents Aston Villa twice already this season and the aggregate score between the clubs is 8-0. And with the Gunners being the holders of the FA cup trophy as well, many Arsenal fans seem to think that all we have to do is to turn up and collect the silverware.

BFG on why Arsenal WILL shine at SECOND HOME Wembley

You could not really say that Arsenal have had it all our own way in our recent appearances at Wembley Stadium. The Gunners have needed extra time in all three of the games played at the home of English football in the last couple of years and we even had to endure the tension of a penalty shoot out in the semi-final against Wigan Athletic last season.