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GunnerPride – Relax Arsenal fans, the Aston Villa game was just a freak result!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at If you like it please feel free to have a look to see what you think of their website….

Hi Guys.

My name is Jay-Jay. I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 2003. I was never really in to football before and somehow I was put infront of a tv during the FA Cup final. Arsenal were playing Southampton and went on to win 1-0 thanks to a certain Robert Pires. I must confess the player that really captivated me was Dennis Bergkamp and as they say the rest is history.

Why can Arsenal not beat the top teams?

The Big Team Phobia by Chunners

I have a positive feeling about us making it into the top 4 this year. And with our recently found form, coupled with tough fixtures-lists for the other clubs, things seem bright. Anyway, is it possible that this season we could actually finish in the top 4 without winning any of our big matches in the league!?

We have lost both our matches against Chelsea, our one match against Man United, and drawn one and lost one against City. That is 1 point from 15!

Arsenal Debate: Steve Bould’s influence is improving the defence?

Bould but Necessary Risks This is a Guest Post by Nilo from A Gentlemen’s Arsenal

Having watched the Munich and Swansea matches I realised that the Arsenal team was playing a very conservative game, keeping a compact formation throughout both matches. These performance reminded me of our first 3 draws this season, in the first 3 matches.

Arsenal Debate: Is just Qualifying for the Champions League enough?

Why Qualify? We’re Gonna Get Crushed Anyway… by Jon Shay

Some of the pessimists amongst us Arsenal fans look ahead to our second leg of the Champions League and anticipate a deeper drubbing at the hands of Bayern, and they also make the mistake of conflating our struggles in the UCL with a reason for why we should not even bother with qualifying for next year. After all, their reasoning seems to go, why qualify for a competition that we will only get dumped from in its second round and have no hope of winning?

Did Nasri expect the Red Carpet from Arsenal fans?

Samir Nasri (Can he get anymore smug) by JC

This is a blog on a very delicate matter. On Sunday Samir Nasri the most arrogant man in football chose to take a walk with all the Arsenal supporters with another idiot Chamakh to the City game. These two guys are without a doubt two of the most vain characters in the history of the game bar Ronaldo. Chamakh last year was seen smoking the pipes of peace with Taarabt after our loss to QPR and smiling a few hours after the loss. It was all over the papers and to be fair that was his Arsenal future sealed. Now the complete moron feels the need to walk with Nasri to the Arsenal game after just going out on loan (What a complete joker).

An open letter to the Arsenal manager from a sad fan

Dear Arsene wenger by John Muuo

I became an Arsenal Supporter just a year after you joined the club, you brought a big change to us and we give you the credit of building a great team. It’s seven seasons since we last won silverware and the team is deteriorating slowly by slowly. My only question to you is, “Where is the old Arsene Wenger we knew” who took us from shame to fame, who lead us to glory.



“I believe any player or any employee has to defend the company he works for and if he’s not completely happy with it he has to go somewhere else.” Arsene Wenger

BOOM. Arsene Wenger is clearly not chuffing about this season and if the quick sale of a disillusioned Alex Song wasn’t enough of a pointer in his no nonsense approach to squad management, then the quick public rebuke of Bacary Sagna tells enough of a story. Season after season Arsenal have been hamstrung and hindered by egos taking over the dressing room, leading to a lack of harmony amongst the players which is a very tangible reason for our lack of fight in recent seasons. It’s simple enough, if you love the club and those that you are playing with then you are more likely to fight for every point.

Adam Kemp – Arsenal fans are taken for mugs once again!

Arsenal will certainly struggle to challenge for any silverware this season! by Adam Kemp

In February Arsenal’s end of year report stated ‘Arsenal holdings is now operating free of short term debt’ – unaudited net debt stands at £137.05M whilst its cash reserves have risen to £115.2M. Arsenal was in a very strong position financially before the end of last season which proves wrong that the Emirates are no longer a restriction. On turnover alone, Arsenal is one of the wealthiest clubs in the world and consistently makes a healthy pre-tax profit in excess of £30M year on year. Wenger could have spent a further £50M on players this summer without making a dent in our financial constraints.

Nashy: If Van Persie goes To United he will become a Hated Greedy Pr¡ck to Arsenal Fans!

This is a Guest Post from Nashy, who is one of my favourite Arsenal Bloggers. Always witty. Always tells it like it is!

Life is full of peaks and troughs, and for Arsenal we have had our fair share of lower-than-your-average-tart’s-pants lows over the last few years. However, with the arrival of Santi Cazorla this week to add to the other quality signings that we’ve already made this season there was an air of unbridled optimism amongst the Gooner faithful with the new season on the horizon. It’s fair to say that I, personally, don’t remember going into a new season being this excited about our squad and it’s potential and it’s been lovely to see a united Gooner fan base.

Why are the Arsenal Board scared to invest in the club?


Why do the board and Wenger fear spending money and allowing Investment from Usmanov? And why do they allow us to be the laughing stock of the premier league??

There have been countless articles on here about the on going Kroenke / Usmanov debate and this in turn leads to the RVP saga and back even further to Samir Na$ri and beyond. I am well aware that I run the risk of being shellacked by many of you on here for bringing this up and highlighting the negatives rather than being blindly positive and hoping for the best.

Adam Kemp – Another year, Another Arsenal captain leaves (What respect?)

He leaves when he wants, he leaves when he wants, he’s Robin Van Persie and he leaves when he wants. by Adam Kemp

In most teams a captain is supposed to demonstrate fierce loyalty, inspire his teammates and represent the club’s philosophies. Unfortunately the captain’s armband at Arsenal is signified as a price tag for its most prized asset. Hopefully Arshavin, Bendtner, Denilson, Squillaci and Park will all have a shout of being appointed captain anytime soon. Arsenal has not even had a semi loyal captain since Gallas and even he defected to Spurs. Between Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger, there has been a royal cock up in how players are managed and rewarded.

Arsenal Debate: Is Adam Kemp wrong about Arsene Wenger?

It’s Time To Talk About Kemp – By JG

This is the one and only time I am going to write an article about Adam “the negativity spreader” Kemp. I for one am tired of reading his articles (which always say the exact same things every single time). The number one reason I find his articles so abrasive, is because he has tailored them to only present certain facts which support the argument he continually makes. He leaves out critical information (probably by choice) to make his argument sound plausible. The following paragraph/s debunk his entire argument.