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GunnerPride – Relax Arsenal fans, the Aston Villa game was just a freak result!

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at If you like it please feel free to have a look to see what you think of their website….

Hi Guys.

Why can Arsenal not beat the top teams?

The Big Team Phobia by Chunners

I have a positive feeling about us making it into the top 4 this year. And with our recently found form, coupled with tough fixtures-lists for the other clubs, things seem bright. Anyway, is it possible that this season we could actually finish in the top 4 without winning any of our big matches in the league!?

Arsenal Debate: Steve Bould’s influence is improving the defence?

Bould but Necessary Risks This is a Guest Post by Nilo from A Gentlemen’s Arsenal

Having watched the Munich and Swansea matches I realised that the Arsenal team was playing a very conservative game, keeping a compact formation throughout both matches. These performance reminded me of our first 3 draws this season, in the first 3 matches.

Arsenal Debate: Is just Qualifying for the Champions League enough?

Why Qualify? We’re Gonna Get Crushed Anyway… by Jon Shay

Did Nasri expect the Red Carpet from Arsenal fans?

Samir Nasri (Can he get anymore smug) by JC

An open letter to the Arsenal manager from a sad fan

Dear Arsene wenger by John Muuo

I became an Arsenal Supporter just a year after you joined the club, you brought a big change to us and we give you the credit of building a great team. It’s seven seasons since we last won silverware and the team is deteriorating slowly by slowly. My only question to you is, “Where is the old Arsene Wenger we knew” who took us from shame to fame, who lead us to glory.



“I believe any player or any employee has to defend the company he works for and if he’s not completely happy with it he has to go somewhere else.” Arsene Wenger

Adam Kemp – Arsenal fans are taken for mugs once again!

Arsenal will certainly struggle to challenge for any silverware this season! by Adam Kemp