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Could Cazorla’s injury return be affecting Arsenal’s transfer plans?

To be fair to Arsene Wenger, I think most Arsenal fans would agree that having Santi Cazorla fit again would certainly be like having a new signing, after the Spanish international missed almost the whole of last season through injury.

The little magician would surely be a first team regular and a key player for the Gunners, so if he is expected back soon I can see why the boss would not feel the need to sign another player in his position. Perhaps Wenger is expecting Cazorla back soon as well, especially after the Spaniard posted a positive update about his recovery on social media this week, as reported by The Mirror.

He wrote, “One step more, one step closer! #Lookingforwardtoseeyouall!”

Up until recently it was all a bit doom and gloom concerning Cazorla and there were even reports suggesting that his playing career could be over – but that now seems to have changed. Is this why Wenger seems happy and relaxed about making another signing before the summer transfer window closes?

If so do you agree with the Frenchman or do you think it is too risky to bank on the fitness and form of a player who has been out for so long and who still does not have a definite date set for his comeback?


49 thoughts on “Could Cazorla’s injury return be affecting Arsenal’s transfer plans?

  1. slimboy gooner

    what if he gets injured again,perhaps @ training. we still need a back up. a better player of his style .

  2. amb98

    I love Santi and feel when fit he is our most important player, he is the heartbeat of the team. However he’s had so many setbacks and is ageing so Wenger should plan without him and just see it as a bonus when he’s fit, a bit like how Rosicky was towards the end of his career.

    1. Remember Resource?

      Look I think usmanov will buy out kroenke soon. I think Kroenke realises that this a game that he cannot play as it will cost him in excess of 150m a year to even sustain a top4 finish year after year. In other words to even compete for a top 4 is going to be expensive. As spurs liverpool and everton start spending more and more. Spurs are an attractive prospect for aspiring club owners. So I think kroenke realises that he will never find another miser like wenger. And He could make a hefty return on his investment. I believe usmanov would buy the club for not less than 2billion. We have dangote as well. I think a deal is already int h works and it should materialise as wenger finishes his tenure. I firmly believe that kroenke will sell because this is not a game he would want to be involved. I know usmanov like owners won’t take shit results from wenger. Even if arsene moves up to the board usmanov still won’t let him wag his tail and do as he sees fit. You must understand that at this point it is wengers club and vision 100%. Kroenke has nothing to do with anything. Wenger is the boss. And thats probably why arsene doesnt want anyone else at the club in mgmt. positions. Usmanov coming in will not allow wenger to bring in a replacement as manager.

      1. Break-on-through

        Kroenke hasn’t lost a penny, he’s already made a mint from it, and the value in football keeps going up.

        1. Midkemma

          You are spot on dude, Silent Stan is sitting back and enjoying the share prices increase, only when those share prices start tumbling will he sell…

          Football bubble will pop like the housing market did but I will not bet on that happening any time soon.

      2. Atid

        I agree. I think kroenke is strengthening his position. by reducing the overall debt by showing that cash outweighs debt, any potential buyer will have to pay even more. It’s sad but true.

  3. Wengers Coat

    I think Santi is one of those players that can last up to 35-36 years old, like Scholes, Xavi, Iniesta. Physically they will probably suffer, but I think technically, their understanding of the game will just get better. They will probably sit deep on attack, we just need a Vieira, or a Kante to back him up. I hope he stays and play. He is our most important player after Sanchez in many games

  4. Goonergaz59

    It will be far to risky to rely on cazorla .Who says he is ever going to be the same player as before .when he does come back he will have to be broughr back gradually and not hammerd game after game and his age is not exactly on his side.But saying that i want to see him back as soon as.

    1. McLovin

      Toral has moved to Hull City for £3 millions.

      That means we have a net spend of £24 millions from this summer. And Gibbs and Perez are still expected to depart.

      We might end up making profit this window because of Wenger’s stinginess.


  5. Break-on-through

    Arsene is stopping us from sorting out more transfers, probably Arsene’s idea for Cazorla to tweet one step closer. The league could be over for us by the time he returns, and even when he does how long will it be before his next injury. It’s annoying, we’re not making moves because we have over thirty players. But we began the season with two fullbacks in defence, we are awaiting Cazorla come-back which is ages away. So what good is the huge squad if we can’t even begin the season with some confidence from our large numbers.

  6. Sean Williams

    Sorry but Wenger has had 10 years of being a “Specialist in Failure”. He has plenty of time to bring in real quality players. He is a man who accepts failure. He is a bitter man too who has said that he does not like the supporters. To me he would rather fail than please us supporters. Their are some illogical, devious processes going on in Wenger’s mind and they are not going to win us the Premier League. This happens every year. Well at least we know Man City and Man Utd and Tottenham are way in front of us. I love Santi Cazorla as a player, but he is 32 and not going to win us the League. Please go Wenger you are breaking the Supporters hearts. It’s time for all supporters to be honest, Arsene Wenger has become a liability.

  7. I

    Some of our player are like 2 to one considering their injury and fitness history. Based on that, Wilshire n Carzola = 1player. Per and Koscieny =1 player (Per 30%, Kos 70%). Probably Ramsey n Koqueline . Watching the recent game of Wilshire in U23, I discovered that he has the quality but staying fit is the problem. Same goes to Cazorla.

    1. kev

      Wilshere shouldn’t even be judged by the U23 game.He’s more technically gifted and intelligent than Ramsey and Xhaka.His loan deal last season was painful because we needed him.He was decent in some matches in Bournemouth while putting in some world class performances in some matches mostly those against top teams.I scratch my head if people think Ramsey and Xhaka are levels over him with some making it seem his career is over while that of Ramsey and Xhaka is on track.Wilshere can play with anyone in the centre because he’s disciplined and intelligent .If this is his last chance then he must be given full and equal opportunities to challenge for a spot.

      1. Simon

        He didn’t stand in a very ordinary Bournemouth – so I fear he may never become the player I thought he would

        But incoueaged by his U23 games- but not the same as EPL

  8. peter

    wenger is shrewd, selling wilko and ox and 2 others will leave him with 180m to spend….plenty to snag Kylian Mbappe.

    1. Break-on-through

      I didn’t get that when Wenger said Monaco shut the door on Lemar. He says in the same speech, they have lost Silva Bakayoko etc, and others are still in the mix about leaving, like Mbappe Fabinho. I’m thinking what the fock, so only us we have door slammed shut by your home country and your old team. This is crazy, we should have been in and out before anyone knew what happened.

      1. tas

        apparently according to close friends of Lamar he prefers to go to Man-U

        you have to give it to united from bottom of the barrel now top team in Europe and everyone wants to sign for them even Ibrahimovic has taken a 50% salary reduction to be associated with the club,

        we are still living on the invincible s reputation as a club we have no ambition and the whole world knows

        1. tas

          that’s what a good manager dose to a club and being honest with my self the only reason i hate Mourinho is because his successful and always beats us

          1. JJPawn

            …with money from big clubs, yes. Try him in a mid-level club, and he will be like any other manager.

  9. kev

    The only closest player to Cazorla in terms of technical ability and intelligence is Jack Wilshere yet people want him sold because he’s not world class as if those playing there are world class.I hope Wilshere is given the opportunity to challenge for the CM because with a run of games I believe he can put in better performances than Ramsey and Xhaka.Wilshere is a very intelligent player who can vary his game to play with anyone in the centre.I also hope Cazorla comes back quickly.We need the Coqzorla partnership back again.Xhaka won’t stand the test of time in this Arsenal lineup because if he’s a CM then he’s not doing enough or if he’s a DM he can’t defend.He’ll be surpsssed in the future unless Wenger continues to do him a favour like he’s already doing.He’s a massivel overrated player and it’s debatable if he’s the kind of player we needed in the first place before signing him.

    1. peter

      i would like to see wilko stay… gotta lose his temper.cazorla also gives us atability but for some magic sell alexis and get draxler and Kylian Mbappe.

      1. Midkemma

        I dunno about his temper, that tackle could have set him back to the treatment room and sometimes fear can stop opposition from going in too hard.

        Never done Vieira any harm, from time to time you gotta accept a red to build a reputation.

        You think Roy Keane was scared of a red? Would you risk injuring him if you believed he would ignore the consequences and get you back? If you don’t know then google Roy Keane and Alf-Inge Haland. Keane got injured. His autobiography says “I’d waited long enough. I F…… hit him hard. The ball was there (I think). Take that you c… And don’t ever stand over me sneering about fake injuries.”

        Keane didn’t suffer another injury like that again, at all.

        I don’t normally agree with violence but sometimes you need to stand up for yourself.

    2. Midkemma

      From what I read, the main reason why people wouldn’t mind seeing Jack sold isn’t because he lacks ability, it is due to injury.

      It is a bit like having a Rolls in the garage 10 months of the year due to it breaking down, how long before you look towards a BMW? Still nice but not a Rolls… but it works 99% of the time.

      If Jack can stay fit and he can regain his form on a consistent level then we would all be singing his name and bragging about him, bragging about his loyalty and singing anti spud songs with him.

      At least Jack has the reason of injury, I get more frustrated with Ramsey, he bugs me from lack of defending and lack of desire to win the ball back, expecting his CM partner to do that dirty work. When Ramsey does that side of the game he has a good game, he has done so often and it makes us who want to see his potential reached hope…

  10. Vish

    Carzola is old and there is no guarantee that he will be the same after his long injury lay off . Just as Ramsey took a few months before he started to resemble the player he was before so too I’m afraid would be the case with Carzola . We don’t have time for him to adapt and settle back into his role , we need someone to grasp the position and be magician feeding the forward line as well as get us out of tight spaces in defence . The only player that fits the bill is Jack Wilshere , Oxelaide Chamberlain has excelled in brief spells in central midfield but Wenger will always keep him on the wings . Iwobi does not have a defensive bone in hospital body much like Ozil and Elneny although adequate lacks the spark to create magic from deep lying central midfield . Rob holding or Calum Chambers should actually be given a chance in these roles in the Carabao Cup as they could be the answer . Holding is comfortable on the ball and strong in defence , Calum Chambers has played that position whilst at Southampton. Chelsea used David Luiz to great effect in central midfield against Spurs last weekend so just as copied their 3 at the back system so to should try our young centre backs I’m midfield.

  11. Sonnie

    Wenger should just leave Asernal, why is it so difficult for him to do so. Asernal have powerful players who need a vibrant coach. Wenger is just old School.

    1. Midkemma

      Who do you think will hire the next manager?
      Wenger was hired by the CEO at the time, Wenger said he would manage us if AFC bought Vieira and the CEO just got it done.

      CEO at the time was David Dein, a guy who had ambition for AFC other than his job, he bought shares and invested not only his money but time into AFC, he loves this club and he gave everything he could to help us.

      CEO now was hired in Nov 08, his name is Gazidis.

      Do you believe that Gazidis, the man who makes a sponsorship deal and we then read about how another EPL team has a much better one… The guy hired to make money… Do you believe he will hire a manager who will challenge him and demand ambition or a manager who will accept what is said and do as told?

  12. bur

    “When he returns he is like a new signing” that phrase has been used to often by our pennocio manager we have. its a load of bull

  13. John0711

    Jordan Sancho”yes the one resource and Kev said was joining”, is about to join spurs over Arsenal let that sink in

  14. Arsenal_Girl

    Wenger never learns
    No guarantees when it comes to Cazorla like Wilshere and Diaby before him.

    Xhaka is okay

    But Ramsey, Coquelin, Eleny are not enough quality. Kante, Pogba, Matic, Wanyama. Bakayoko, Gundogan are. We can’t compete with them

    Wenger is delusional

  15. Mr pat

    Another weekend of nail biting for us against Liverpool, seriously I just learned that lemar would rather join man u rather arsenal that goes to the point I’ve always made its not just the money that attracts the better player’s so all who has been blaming the club for not getting after them should be aware of this maybe arsene should come out about a particular reason a player doesn’t want to come to arsenal to me that will go a long way satisfying those doubters out there and at the same time tell us the state our club is in, in terms of tactics, development of players and what not

    1. Midkemma

      Wenger has a distaste of speaking out.

      Theo got dropped when he spoke out, how can we expect a man who will drop a player for speaking to then speak out himself?

      Wengers twisted loyalty has hurt AFC in more ways than 1, he will show loyalty and he will demand it… Even if we supporters think it would be best to show some transparency.

      I do not think Wenger is to blame for all state of the current squad, he has had many years of missing his main targets and he never had that issue when Dein was CEO. Wenger wanted Pires but Real Madrid wanted him as well, we got him. Can you imagine AFC competing with RM for a player now? RM know they can just up the bid and AFC will walk away.

      Welbeck is a player in the current squad who I do believe we would not have signed if AFC done what Wenger wanted, Wenger only wanted a loan for him and he did say this in an interview, a loan with an option to buy. I can not imagine Wenger signing Welbeck after the 1st 12 months, it could have saved AFC £16 million cash but instead we have an asset which can be priced for more and this has an effect on share prices. Wenger did say in that interview that he thinks the right decision was made but as we all know, twisted loyalty demands it.

      Wenger did say he spoke to Xhaka and the date of that was 6 months before we signed ElNeny and 6 months after ElNeny Wenger gets Xhaka and ElNeny game time drops, bid for him accepted. I like ElNeny but I have to ask myself how much Wenger wanted him, looking back over what has happened leaves the impression that he wasn’t a Wenger target.

      Perez? Looking back at it… Perez said he wasn’t a panic buy because we had enquired about him at the very start of the transfer window. That enquiry resulted in us looking elsewhere. Wenger wanted Lacazette and we bid £30 mil for him (imagine Welbeck fee added on at this point, could have gotten Lacazette 12 months ago!). Fail in that and panic buy Perez who Wenger has shown a lack of trust in. Did Wenger want him at all?

      How many players in the current squad meets that pattern?

      Wenger will not come out and tell us but if we look at it objectively then we have no choice but to accept the fact that the current squad has multiple people in it that Wenger hasn’t wanted and making his job harder. Not that he is the best tactician anyway… double whammy.

      1. Nothing changed

        Midkemma I understand your reasoning and if what you say it is true it would change my opinions on player recruitment, but I find it hard to believe that Gazidis or Kroenke or any scout forces any player on Wenger. Wenger, I believe, has total control of what players get sold and bought. He might not have total control over the funds made available for each transfer window but I doubt if he didn’t want Gabriel or Perez that they would have been forced on him.

  16. arsenal-steve

    It’s not about Cazorla for Wenger. It’s deeper. Wenger is outdated. He is a poor, poor manager and not able to manage our great club in this modern day football. We are Premier League also rans and I suspect he is taking revenge on the supporters who, by now, cannot stand him any more. Even my non football friends ask me what is wrong with this man called Wenger. Pundits, supporters, press, players, ex-players, all and sundry, know that Wenger is not up to his job anymore. The Arsenal board are scared to bin him and as long as the profits are there they will do sweet nothing. I fear after the 31st of August there will be an Arsenal revolution. The supporters will have had enough. In 1642 we had the English Civil War. In 1819 we had Peterloo, nearly starting a Civil War. In a few days there will be the Arsenal revolt and I predict Arsene Wenger will be overthrown.

    1. Midkemma

      When you fail to look at the whole picture then your predictions are nothing more than random guesses.

      Wenger isn’t the best tactical manager we could get.
      Gazidis couldn’t get anyone better though.

      Gazidis is the one who holds final say over transfers, he fails to understand the value of the EPL, he does the same thing with sponsorship deals.

      Shirt and stadium deal is below par.
      Kit deal is below par.

      Any surprise that transfer offers are below par from someone like that?????

      Blame Wenger all you want but Wenger didn’t have this issue pre Gazidis, he even had most of a season without Dein and without Gazidis and he spend over 3x more than what was spent with Gazidis as CEO the very next season!

      The CEO will hire the next manager, might get told by Silent Stan to hire Manager X but he is the CEO and it is the CEOs role to hire the new manager. Dein did it with Wenger, Wenger told Dein to buy Vieira if he wanted him and Dein got the player. Dein was the CEO then. Gazidis is now.

  17. Midkemma

    I honestly think it is lack of funds that is stopping AFC from buying.
    Recently read that AST believed we had £90 million for transfers after looking at the published accounts.

    If add ons are put to one side, ready to pay when triggered but collect interest while waiting then AFC have around £58 million to spend on players after sales added on.

    Add in the Ox sale for around £35 million and Perez sale at around £14 million then AFC will have the funds to get a couple quality players, Wenger said a lot of business is done in the last week…

    I would not be surprised to see Lemar still happen (reports from France say Monaco will consider it as Lemar refuses to sign a new deal or show commitment to Monaco) and a CM (We have been linked to 3 which all have been reportedly an interest of AFC).

    I do not think it is a high probability but I do not think it is a zero probability scenario.

    VVD will cost too much unless we only get him and as much as that does sound nice, a backline of Mustafi/VVD/Kos sounds awesome! I do not think Wenger sees the def as the real issue but more of an issue with CM, even blaming the stoke goal as a lost ball from CM.

  18. Mogunna

    Hello gooners
    Aint you tired of these questions? What plan are you talking about, you seen a transfer plan anywhere… Carzola is not affecting any transfer plan, he is our transfer like Wilshere…lol…Funny to see such questions…

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