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Cazorla injury return crucial IF Arsenal stay in touch?

This could be a big if, especially if Arsenal carry on playing the way that we have started in the new Premier League season. Surely Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team will improve, though, after conceding eight goals in the first three games against Leicester City, Stoke and Liverpool, with the Gunners failing to register at the other end in the last two.

Three points against Bournemouth this weekend is a must but after that we need to start picking up points and moving back up the table because we simply cannot let the pace setters get too far ahead. I am not expecting the Gunners to lay waste to all before us and I would not expect us to hit top spot either, but if we can get to the turn of the year without being too far behind the leaders, I would then be a lot more optimistic.

The reason for that is the good news reported by The Mirror this week about the imminent return to fitness of our Spanish international midfield star Santi Cazorla, with Arsene Wenger giving a very positive update on the little magician’s road to recovery.

The boss said, “He is having his first run today. The flexibility of his ankle is good. His mobility is good.

“Now it is about getting back to full fitness without having any setbacks so it is very difficult to predict when he will be available again.

“It won’t be before Christmas, that’s why I didn’t involve him in the Europa League squad but I hope after Christmas he will be available.

“But it looks positive.”

Can Cazorla be the key to Arsenal actually challenging for the Premier League trophy if his teammates can keep us in touch until he returns after christmas?


14 thoughts on “Cazorla injury return crucial IF Arsenal stay in touch?

  1. ArseOverTit

    It’s good that the wizard is on his feet again, but why when that kind of player is soooooo critical for Wengers system to work, does he not get someone else in who can succeed and fill in during this protracted injury. We may well be buried by the time santi gets back…

    Such vision…

    This amongst countless other errors leads me to logically believe that; Wenger doesn’t have a fecking clue what he is doing!

  2. Turbo

    His return to full fitness and form would be HUGE regardless of where we stand at the time.

    Competing near the top around then would be AWESOME but seems highly unlikely on recent information. Within trying to stay somewhat realistic, I’m hoping for top four, going toward the end or even winning FA CUP, then Arsene finally coming to his senses and realizing he has a chance to go out a high note and ending his contract a year early. What I really fear is floundering between 6-8ish in the table and STILL having Arsene around for at least another year after. Please please please some rich wingnut out there, offer CRAZY money to Stan et al., get us some ownership with ambition, and dispatch AW! Ah well, it’s a nice dream anyhow.

  3. ArseOverTit

    Hope Gazidis gets grilled alive;


    Liking the questions, let’s see if we get a direct answer to any of them!

  4. JJPawn

    “This could be a big if, especially if Arsenal carry on playing the way that we have started in the new Premier League season.”

    And, how is that?

    Won 4-3 against a rejuvenated Leicester.
    0-1 loss against Stoke, with two penalties and one strike disallowed.
    0-4 loss to Liverpool. An expected loss, though not 0-4.

    So, the rest of the season would like what? The Leicester game? Stoke? Or, Liverpool?

    My sense is that the team will get better going forwards. This squad has more goals in it, but needs to play at a faster pace to overcome the inevitable attempt by other teams to player like Liverpool against us. Or, if they sit back in two banks of five, then find ways to penetrate.

    We will lose to the top teams again. But, maybe they will also lose to each other more, unlike like last season when Chelsea ran away. So, yes we will likely stay in touch with the top four, but we cannot give on the team, and their belief to win it all. That would be harmful. We should try to help the team by believing in them.

    1. Coldzero

      Well said, it won’t be greatly recieved on here though so have a green thumbs up from me- expect the worst though.

  5. Gelz

    One players return shouldn’t be crucial to the team but regardless of that it would be awesome to have him back, ive missed him dictate the tempo of our team with his transition from defending to attack, hope that he’s ready and raring to go come January

  6. Vishaad

    The return of Carzola means nothing if the balance in midfield is not addressed. If he is paired with a holding midfielder like Coquelin then yes Arsenal will flourish . If he’s paired with Ramsey then we are doomed

  7. HA559

    We’re lucky Sanchez is staying for another season atleast. Wenger really thought giving him to Man City and Buying Lemar with even more cash would benefit Arsenal more than City? Only the deluded one would think that. That would’ve enhanced City’s title credential and derail our ( if we had any to begin with). So how can you supply your rival with your best player and still think you can win the title? The delusion of Wenger keeps breaking the boundaries. The sooner he goes the better.

    1. JJPawn

      “Only the deluded one would think that.”

      Wenger out if he sells Sanchez.
      Wenger out if he keep Sanchez.

      You guys are confused. So confused you cannot see that this team is much better this year, 20% better, maybe more. But, of course if the other sides have improved 30%, we will be still behind! That is life without enough transfer money.

  8. waal2waal

    reports of santi’s eagerly anticipated return from the arsenal injury room are encouraging to hear although such speculation can’t be an indicator of the stability or potency of our available team.

    isn’t it the ones that are shown to be [*fit and ready now] that are those who will be relied on to reply with a statement of intent?. it would be complacence if we overlook that it is our fit players that project arsenal-ambition and *functionality to all our rivals, reports from the injury table are likely circumspect – that’s to say news Santi has resumed running is to taken with an air of caution.

    realistically in the time it takes to regain match fitness – between now and Santi’s recovery another gem, must emerge from the team with a determined nature to assist our return to winning ways.

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