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Cazorla replacement next transfer plan for Arsenal?

I hope that I am wrong about this little bit of Arsenal transfer news and that there is a perfectly good reason why Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board have not yet tied down our little Spanish magician Santi Cazorla to a new contract.

We have heard over and over again in recent years, however, that the club did not want to get into those previous situations in which our best players are allowed to enter the final year of their contracts as it seriously cuts down the strength of our bargaining position and makes it more likely we will lose them to another club.

According to a Metro report this week, though, that is exactly what has happened with Cazorla, as he is yet to even be offered an extension to his current deal which is due to run out at the end of this season. Now I know that he is not getting any younger, but at 31-years old the talented midfield star appears to be as good as ever and surely has a few years left at the peak of his powers.

Even with good options avaialbe to him the Arsenal boss seems to favour Cazorla in the starting line up and the Spaniard is responding with some great games,. so he must be wondering, as I am, what is the reason behind the lack of any contact over his future.

Santi told the Spanish media, ‘No, I don’t have any news from the club regarding a new contract.

‘My focus now is on playing and to be able to enjoy playing football following a season when I had lots of injury problems.

‘I hope I can stay here and continue to play. I am happy here. What a player wants is to play and to feel important.

‘Fortunately, since I arrived at Arsenal, I’ve had the confidence of the coach and of my teammates. I’ve played a lot of minutes. In the end, that is what every player wants.’

I get the feeling he would like to have his future beyond this season sorted out as well. Does the fact it isn’t suggest that Wenger’s next transfer plans for Arsenal involve a replacement for Cazorla? Or is he waiting to see what happens with Ramsey, Xhaka and all before deciding whether to offer him a new deal?


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16 thoughts on “Cazorla replacement next transfer plan for Arsenal?

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Hopefully, Wenger will look at quality and not the wage bill and keep him for at least one more season

    It’s ridiculous to let him go when he is the best CM (along with Ozil) at the club
    I know we have Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquelin, Eleney but Cazorla is too good to let go

    Wenger is always talking about Quality over Quantity
    Surely he sees Caz as top quality

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    1. Festo

      Right on point @Arsenalgirl. You are so right. Carzola is just to good to be ignored at the moment

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  2. Wilshegz

    replacement, Cazorla is just perfect playing very well.. he is still playing very well and if he ever needs a like-4-like replacement it will be Jack Wilshere.

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    1. JAmerican

      We seem to be going way better in the midfield with Wilshere on loan and Ramsey out. I agree with Ian Wright on that its time to move on from certain players and bring in quality and for those on loan if it works for them great if not not oh well. If rumors are true about Özil’s contract request then we definitely need to keep adding quality and continue to filter out the fringe players, not for his sake but the club and give him the #10.

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  3. Wilshegz

    I feel Cazorla is one of the most underrated footballer, he is underrated not just by Football fans but even Arsenal fans especially those Ramsey fans.
    I rate Cazorla ability-wise on par with Modric.

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    1. Krish

      looooool this comment is so conceited.. cazorla is probably one of the most loved/ least hated gunner along with koscielny, whereas ramsey along with giroud/walcott is one of the most slammed players.
      by the way i love cazorla and i also love ramsey giroud and walcott (walcott being one of my fav. players.. well almost every arsenal players count to my fav. players xD)

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      1. Wilshegz

        Iv had convo with a number of gooners that actually put Ramsey in their Arsenal best XI ahead of Santi.

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  4. Twig

    Imagine Cazorla lining up for Chelsea next season…
    Don’t like the thought of it?
    Now offer him a contract!

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    1. JAmerican

      I get the feeling that all our top players want to win this league and they want to do it with Arsenal.

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    1. Krish

      it that was true.. it would be stupid and ridiculous. jon toral should have a big say on how things unfold for zelalem or so.. never for cazorla tha magician 🙂

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      1. Incarnate

        The boy won POTY on loan at Birmingham last season, should’t that count for something? If Debuchy wasn’t injured, Bellerin would probably still be on loan somewhere you know?

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    2. ethangooner

      Don’t forget Wilshere, he just got a decent game for Bournemount and is extremely unlucky not to score.

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  5. T2T

    Our squad is very strong – top two at least. I just hope that we in the next two transfer windows opt to only buy a world class player.
    We have
    GK: Cech, Ospina, Martinez, Szczesney
    RB: Bellerin, Jenkinson, Debouchy (probably leaving in January)
    CB: Koscielny, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Gabriel, Holding, Chambers
    LB: Monreal, Gibbs
    MF: Özil, Xhaka, Elneny, Coquelin, Ramsey, Wilshere, Cazorla, Jeff
    Strikers: Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud, Iwobi, Perez, Welbeck, Oxlade-Chambers, Campbell, Akpom
    There are quite a few young players ready to step up such as Bielik

    We do not need squad players. I´d rather spend e.g. 75mill on The Player than 25mill on three very good players.

    We may also need to think hard and fast on what the consequences of BREXIT will be for PL. Homegrown may suddenly mean something more than it does today… Fortunately, we do have a very good English defense (Jenkinson, Holding, Chambers, Gibbs). Midfield/attack less so with only Wilshere, Oxlade, Walcott, Akpom,.. As no-one knows what BREXIT means, having options in our squads will be prudent planning.

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