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Cazorla thanks Pires and Silva for recommending Arsenal as the Perfect Club

When Santi Cazorla first heard about the interest from Arsenal this summer, he was flattered but wanted some advice about the wisdom of the move. His team mate at Villareal before he moved to Malaga was the one and only Robert Pires, so who better to call.

“Robert told me not to think twice, that I’d enjoy it, that it’s the perfect club for me, that Arsenal has aspirations to win the title and go far.

“Everything so far has been true and I’m very happy here.”

The Arsenal fans and players are very happy to have him here as well and have made the little Spaniard amazingly welcome. We have finally found the player who can fill the hole left by the departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. Cazorla does not want to be compared to Fabregas, however, because he feels they have very different styles and he wants to make his own mark.

One player he does want to emulate is his international team mate David Silva. The two are similar in stature and playing styles, and Cazorla wants to add another similarity, silverware. Silva was another player who Cazorla contacted about his possible move to England.

“I spoke with Silva before the move and he said I would enjoy everything about the Premier league.

“He’s won the title with Manchester City and said I’d enjoy the football and the respect between the players, which is different to Spain.

“I’m very much at ease, so I’m glad I came. He gave me an introduction to the adventure of English football.”

You can tell by his face when playing, that Cazorla loves being a Gunner and he has been fantastic ever since donning the shirt. He has great confidence that Arsenal are good enough to win things, although he is aware that there must be no slip ups today.

Cazorla also told the Mirror that Arsene Wenger is like a father figure to the team and all the players have an enormous respect for him, and that the spirit at the club is similar to that in the national team of Spain. Let’s hope we can emulate their success too.

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19 thoughts on “Cazorla thanks Pires and Silva for recommending Arsenal as the Perfect Club

  1. Dan

    Now that he has proved himself at a big club, lets hope we can hold on to him and win things.

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  2. LeProf knows more than you

    Cazorla is a quality player and will prove to be one of, if not THE signing of the season.

    He’s a great example of not needing to spend stupid sums of money for a good player… You just need to know your players. It’s easy to spend £35m+ for Hazard… But less than half that for a player who is just as good, not so easy!

    A lesson for those screaming at Arsene to spend more money before the season started!

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  3. wonderman

    Cazorla wooooooah cazorla woooooah he came from malaga to play with Arteta

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  4. Harris G

    Pires had good experience at Arsenal while silva is an eye-saw of prolific style of play at Arsenal. Their advice is worth a million dollar.

    So, welcome CAZORLA to the right place. COYG.

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  5. theOx

    Cazorla, what an amazing buy he is. What a player. He is perfect player for arsenal and arsenal is the perfect club for him

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  6. artillary

    I must say Cazorla hasnt Enjoy tht much 😛
    Cox still Wilshere Rosicky are yet to come n thn He vl really enjoy when He see 2 footed Rosciky 😛 Wilshere Amazing skills n passes 😉
    He has yet to ENJOY real Arsenal 😀

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  7. Arsenal1Again

    Bob, why do you joke about Cazorla filling the boots of Cazorla.

    Cazorla plays just behind the striker.

    Fabregas played deeeeeeeep, way back where the DM was. Nothing alike.

    Also Cazorla is a first team starter for Spain and has been for years while Fabregas is a bench warmer for both club and country. Nothing alike.

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  8. OhToBeAGooner

    The only players that play for Man City that I HIGHLY respect are: Yaya Toure, David Silva, and Vincent Kompany .

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  9. joe

    cazola is d boomb other managers should learn how to buy from lee proff. cazola d singing of d season, consider d cash invoved.

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  10. Anti-Harugongo :D

    Carzola!!!!!!! Future ledgend, has underperformed in any match!! He’s consistent unlike fabre! And better! He dribbles like no 1 in d premier league!!!

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  11. Invincibles nice (1)

    I would say that Mancini is absolutely sick that Silva did’nt inform himself and shity that they would be mad not to buy this guy but then again shity probably think that an experienced player can not be world class if his price of transfer does’nt at least reach the thirty mills mark…

    I just hope that Barcelona, Madrid and the billionaire clubs dont start circling coz this fella Cazorla is an absolute jem of a player, an amazingly gifted talent who would not look out of place at all in playing alongside the world’s best player’s.

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  12. Elvino

    Stop comparing Santi Carzola and Cesc Fabregas.Their style of playing has got absolutely nothing in common.The are both attacking midfielders but with completely different football skills.Carzola is little ,stronger, quicker and can play excellently even in tight situations.Fabregas has great vision and also has the ability to play long and precise passes.I think S. Carzola is the better player compared to fabregas.He gives Arsenal something the have never had.His passing in the final third makes defenders look old.

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  13. GARD

    fabregas and carzola are never the same thanks wenger he knows how to spot talent welshere plus carzola plus arteta plus rosicky equals win.santi welcome to emirates

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