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Chelsea star expects Arsenal transfer to be DONE DEAL soon

Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans will be hoping that the apparently very small chance that Roman Abramovich could step in and block the transfer of Petr Cech to Arsenal does not become bigger and stop the Gunners from signing one of the best keepers that the Premier League has ever seen.

According to a Metro report, the Czech Republic international thinks that there is a 99 percent chance that the transfer will go off without a hitch, with Chelsea officials having indicated that they would not stand in his way as a reward for 11 years of exemplary service helped them to the most successful period in the club´s history.

With just a year left on his contract and with Cech having made just six Premier League appearances all season, you can understand why the 32-year old wants to go but you can also understand why his manager Jose Mourinho does not want him to join and almost certainly strengthen one of his big rivals for the Premier League and other domestic trophy honours.

If the transfer was to go through, as Cech seems pretty confident about, it would cost Arsenal something like £10 million as a transfer fee, while the wages he would get would be around the £100,000 a week mark. This would put him up among the biggest earners in the Gunners side. But if he was to have the impact that the likes of Carragher and Neville think, he would be cheap at twice the price.

Maybe we should offer Szczesny to them to sweeten the deal and turn that 99 percent into 100…

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37 thoughts on “Chelsea star expects Arsenal transfer to be DONE DEAL soon

  1. TherealGunner

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    1. KickAssFan

      Charlie Austin? You’d like to have him at Arsenal??? As our main striker??? Wow!!! You really have a superb taste for world-class strikers.

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      1. TherealGunner

        It’s a question dude? Didn’t say anything about him being Main. Read the line again

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    2. kjrstar

      Don’t listen to any articles that come from the metro, worst news reporting I have scene. Most news comes from bleacher reports or other news tabloids, I wouldn’t mind so much but when they do recycle a story they get if wrong.

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  2. mall-gooner

    Why do we have headline of article so deceptive? Why can’t it be “Cech” instead of “Chelsea Star”. We don’t want this site to be like other rumor BS sites e.g. Metro, Caughtoffsie etc.

    We love this site as we can get info and share our thoughts which we can’t do on

    Please keep it simple.

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    1. Arsenal 1st Knight.

      @mall-gooner ‘
      good thought… nice one mate, I’m in line with you bro.

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    2. HA559

      To be honest most people come here for the comments, not for the article. The articles themselves make the site lose credibility by the day. Any nonsense rumour made up by a nonsense newspaper is made into an article here.

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  3. TherealGunner

    C’mon now am reading this same news on right now.. does it matter if it is Cech or chelsea star? It’s just an headline to pull ur attention. C’mon ain’t seen nothing in this

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  4. vinie2000

    priority for us to battle chelski next season and go further in the CL:
    Lacazate from lyon (ST) 30 million ,Carvallho from Sporting (DM) 20 millions , Cech from chelski (GK) 10 million the so called spine the pundits were referring yesterday in SKY total spend (60 millions with some add ons ) believe me that’s what is needed.competition and proven stars so ARSENE SPEND PLEASE.

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    1. vijaygunner

      how is lacazette any different from a fit and an in-form theo?!

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  5. Wonder

    I would prefer Kondobia and Benzema then we are ready to challenge again. But with Wenger I doubt if he would be able to use them anyway!

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  6. Wonder

    Sorry I forgot to emphasize that we don’t need a goalkeeper unless Scezeny is leaving, All the goals we are conceding are from poor defence organisation.

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  7. season ticket holder

    The metro Is a bissiness of lies never quote.If club like arsenal cant spent 100m to transform the club into world beaters once and for all its a pity.Champions news pot rules means group stages qualifiations will be harder,

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  8. ArseOverTit

    Not 1 quote from the ‘Chelsea star’? So some bloke down the pub, knows a guy, who heard from a mate down the market..

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  9. season ticket holder

    we cant pay £100000 a week for a gkeeper even if its Nuer too much,10m for a 32year hold is not prudent.Ochoa was available for free but wenger chose short Ospina.Anyway mattia perrin is also available

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  10. Dennis

    When asked about summer transfers wenger had that same cheeky smile he had when we ended up signing ozil. Yes his answer was as ambigous as usual but his face was light up so unless i don’t know how to read people at all we can expect at least 2 signings this summer. I think we need 4 but I doubt wenger will sign all 4 in one transfer window

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    1. CraigZWE

      Ospina cost us 4 points in 2 games, we need better, we demand better.

      Ospina is a bench warmer and not even a good one.

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  11. Ivan Gazidis

    £10 million is way too much to spend on anyone.
    There are plenty of GK’s available for free.

    No need to eat into my warchest.

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    1. CraigZWE

      War chest haha.

      A war chest is what Man United will be spending, we like some 3rd world African country

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  12. rkw

    not my priority….need a strong left back…torino’s damien is quality according to my italian friends…gibbs on loan to see if he can improve…kondogbia for dm…plus attacking option…60m total…sell walcott podolski campbell nogo ryo flamini (can we get anything for him?) and rosicky (only cos he wants to go) could get 30m plus for this lot…so not a bank breaker in total..promote a few of youngsters and we are ready to go…attacking option most difficult but real obstacle is obstinate manager and board

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  13. LoCkAy

    We can see it clearly and Wenger knows it too (but won’t do a thing about it as it might tingle his ego!)…

    A world class GK- A world class CB (paired with Koscielny)- A world class DM- A world class striker

    Bringing those 4 players will “surely” clinch us the premier league and make us more than a “silent and insignificant” participant in the CL, surely…!!

    One day we will rejoice at the CL and Premier league glory… It won’t be with Wenger (that is just a true, obvious and indisputable fact), but the fans have been more than patient and understanding and they will have that satisfaction soon.

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  14. CraigZWE

    Why don’t we just buy whole Chelsea team and board and then we win the title guaranteed.

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    1. CraigZWE

      I’d take Mourinho over Wenger if it meant winning titles

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  15. Mick The Gooner

    Fabregas just got sent off. Looks like Henry’s assist record is safe for this season.

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  16. kanaka

    Priority should be Schneiderlin/Kondogbia/Carvalho and Benzema/Benteke/Cavani

    Then look at GK

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  17. Mick The Gooner

    And I’d prefer Casillas to Cech, but I guess that’s just me. I highly doubt Chelsea would even consider selling us Cech, but even if they did they’d charge us a steep premium price. Casillas is still a top keeper and is just 1 year older, and would be better value for money.

    De Gea looks set to leave. It annoys me that United will probably get Lloris as his replacement and we can’t get him. I’d love for us to get Lloris, don’t care if he’s a Spurs player, he’s class.

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  18. CraigZWE

    We had not one good player yesterday, really pees me off.

    Stand up and be counted or get out, useless players for real.
    Ozil turns it on against U13’s but disappears against the men.
    Step up or leave boy

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    1. Mick The Gooner

      I didn’t think Özil was poor yesterday. He wasn’t great, he was average really. To me, it was Cazorla that disappeared.

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  19. LoCkAy

    Or we can keep doing what we are doing right now, with the same results and wonder why we win f*ck all or are not able to compete when it matters.

    Wenger was asked on the “Specialistes” platform (French football program) if Arsenal could “really” challenge for the Premier league next season (and by challenge the pundit did mention “win” the league). Wenger said (and I quote) “The top club will buy more quality players and will get stronger next season… We have improved and we will see what we can do on the transfer market to reinforce our squad”.

    Another pundit asked him if he had any target in mind for the summer.
    Wenger said “I will be watching the Copa America very closely (as a commentator for BeIN sports). We do not need defensive recruits and we have enough offensive mid, so I need to see and find what would make us more competitive”…

    Well, well….

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  20. HA559

    Sorry but I don’t want Cech. That guy refused Arsenal back in 2004 or somewhere near that tim and then a few months later or within a season went to Chelsea, why? Was cChelsea bigger than Arsenal? No he wanted the money.

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  21. HA559

    Sometimes it’s not just about signings. Yes we need better players. But most of the time our mindset in games loses us the match or costs us points. Look at where we dropped points this season and where we lost. We only got beaten by a better team on the day around 4 or 5 times in the season, where they were better than us. On every other occasion it was our laid back approach against mostly smaller teams that cost us points, where we take the results or points for granted just because opponent is considered smaller than Arsenal. We could’ve just as easily lost yesterdays game, and it would come down to approach, not getting a single shot in 45 minutes.

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