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Cech, the new Arsenal Kit, and our SMART players

Arsenal players ask for signings to win the title. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello fellow Gooners. In a transfer window almost as silent as “Silent Stan Kroenke” the only rumour running around Arsenal is Petr Cech. Now we all know that Szczezny won’t cut it and Ospina had another howler for Columbia, so Cech would be an improvement we massively need.

In other news the new kit was launched and it looks good. I wonder what’s that fashion with the shirt like buttons. It’s sportswear, it is made to be comfortable as well as stylish but it’s up to personal choices I guess.

Anyway, at the kit launch, there was an interview with Santi Cazorla and he mentioned some obvious problems we had throughout the season like the missed points against lesser opposition (he mentioned Hull City I believe).

He also mentioned the lack of a world class striker although he said it in a pretty soft way. I think this combined with Sanchez’s disappointment of the fact we’re not Champions is great news. It means we are targeting higher than 4th.

The players themselves know we are close. They made a team talk to help each other out and you can argue our season turned around after it. Which means our players are smart, which is so important. Football has become more than just having the superior athletes, you can also do it by having the smartest!

The goalkeeper coach is off to Swansea to reunite with Fabianski and rumors are that Cech is bringing his own coach. That would be even better. We brought Shad Forsyde and he made a difference, looking at how we finished the season with a fit squad and on a high.

Improving the backroom staff and finally adding a good Number One is a small victory on its own in our quest for the Premier League title! It’s been quiet so far, but I hope Wenger has something up his sleeves. We’re close.

Onwards and upwards!


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25 thoughts on “Cech, the new Arsenal Kit, and our SMART players

    1. Honest Opinion

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    2. seancali

      Cech should be a good start, followed by a DM and a top available striker which at the moment is Jackson Martinez. We should wrap up the cech and Martinez deal asap. Kondogbia seems to be heading for Milan if we don’t react fast.

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    1. seancali

      Fellow gooners I have a dream…………………

      Vidal joining arsenal, that’s all I ask for. Cech and Vidal

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      1. Tas

        Yea Vidal can DRIVE Arsenal in the right Direction its true what they say about him his a real Stallion oh wait that was not a joke about a Ferrari

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  1. Hafiz Rahman

    OSpina is gone!!!! Sheez is homegrown and set to stay……

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    1. Tas

      Hafiz AW was interviewed the other day and he said his still very hungry but I wasn’t shore who was interviewing him wether it was Gary Lineker or Gordon Ramsay

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  2. TongaBull

    This Peter Cech rumour is kiling me. But somebody what happened to Carvan from Portugal…. Evryone was saying he is the steel we needed in mid field

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  3. atid

    Perhaps the transfer window is silent because it is actually closed? The window opens on July 1st.

    Sure players are announcing moves, the media too, but unless a player is out of contract (like ings, ryo and ajayi) then moves cannot officially be announced

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  4. TongaBull

    Sorry gooners I meant William Cavarhio. Is he stil good or it was just hype

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  5. Tidan2

    Wait what, when did Ospina have a ‘howler’ ?????

    Why do I get this feeling that because Cech might be coming and people want Cech that they are being highly critical of Ospina with almost no real justification.

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    1. Gigi2

      Indeed. I ve been watching Copa America and quite the opposite….Ospina a has been world class. Stopping shots at close range from Neymar to keep a clean sheet v Brazil ….I want Ospina to stayyyyyyyy

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  6. Cappieee

    Now madrid, barca, acmilan, intermilan nd juventus all want kondogbia. I dnt want to criticize wenger but wat the hell is he doing???? Since we finished the league, the only transfer news we keep hearing is peter cech. Should one be worried

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    1. Big Gun

      You should be used to transfer windows by now. For Le Prof, it’s a game of poker and he plays his cards close to his chest. What we need to realize, is that this is not the Arsenal of four seasons ago where we would most likely be getting nothing, and if anything a youngster with ‘potential’. We have entered into a new age where Arsenal are no longer handicapped by money, so please guys expect to see at least 2 top signings this window, maybe more. Wenger has been building a decent squad and he is not done yet. I trust Wenger’s judgement to bring in the right players. Every window goes by when we beg him to bring in the flavour of the week, then silently we are all grateful he didn’t (I could mentioned dozens of names.) Recently, he bought in Ozil and Sanchez, two names I don’t think many gooners would like to see different. Look at United. 250m worth of players bought last season, and they still finished below us and got knocked out of the F.A cup by yours truly.

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      1. Tas

        Big Gun We are all quietly happy and belive that there will be big signings but If we don’t have a moan then this site will collapse and no more Justarsenal

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  7. Tomiwa

    Cech next week, Vidal after Copa America, and a surprise foward. #WengerKnows

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  8. Uzi Ozil

    No Need to panic guys. I believe Arsenal will sign the right players. I am not worried as am already used to Wenger transfer dealing…We got Ozil and then Sanchez. Two top players I never believed will be playing for us. Even Santi, used to love him during his Villareal days. I remembered his freekick against RealMadrid (Cassilas) and how he performed in Malaga too…but now he is a gunner. We will sign some players…..I miss watching Arsenal play every weekend. Oh Mayne!!!

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  9. rowlandfas

    personally, i dont think we ar in despirate need of a goalkeeper. though, i must agree cech as been good for chealse so as been ospina for arsenal since his arrival sezzzny is a good backup what arsenal need in my view is 1. a solid consistent defensive perfomance from our defenders 2. A quality backup for coquelin 3. Injury free season to some of our players like wilshere, theo, ozil, chamberlain 4. A striker that can offer what giroud lacks though we have that in both alexis and theo already that is why a fit and inform theo will be a bonus to the title push in conclusion cech may be nothing but a distraction in the transfer window wenger alreday said once that he’s not interested in cech that he has 3wordclass keepers in ospina, sezzny and matines

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  10. win_withstyle

    Signing Vidal is equal to signing an already made captain, a true team leader, before even considering his enormous talent. Not to mention d fact dat himself and Alexis will speak spanish to deceive English defenders like JT and Cahill… and chase every lose ball. Mehn I see dis guy playing for arsenal in my dreams and I don’t just want to wake up. I don’t see any reason why such a player should be out almost priority.

    I really wish Gabriel will get d chance to show what he is made of this season. He seem to me as a rugged street footballer.

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  11. win_withstyle

    Sorry I meant ” I don’t see any reason why such a player should not be our almost priority”

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    1. stubill

      I get what you mean, but I think you mean “utmost priority”.

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