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Cesc Fabregas to return to Arsenal?

All Arsenal fans were understandably upset when Arsene Wenger gave Cesc Fabregas his wish to return to Barcelona a couple of summers ago, but at least we all understood the reasons for his departure and would probably welcome our old captain back with open arms.

Well today Wenger has told of his belief that he could see Fabregas returning to the Emirates in the future, although he doesn’t think it will be in the next couple of years. He said: “I’m not convinced that he won’t come back here one day,”

“He is really an Arsenal man. He loves Arsenal and watches every game of Arsenal.

“But of course Barcelona was his home town where he grew up and you have to accept that will come into it, especially with them having the best team in the world. [Fabregas would not come back] in the next two, three years, certainly not, because he is linked with Barcelona. But maybe later.”

Perhaps, like Thierry Henry he could make a hero’s return once he has made his millions with Barcelona, and gets a bit long in the tooth to make the Catalan’s first team, but would Arsenal fans be happy to accept him once his career is practically over?

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31 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas to return to Arsenal?

  1. macca

    No. Once you leave the club that should be it. I was happy to see Henry come back of course but at a point it’s just pathetic living in the past. Also we have Cazorla now and it’s not as if we’ll need Fab4egas back with him here.


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  2. S.H

    Cesc Fabregas – Now that is what i call a world class player. Not Theo ‘Dumb Dog’ Walcott! Get real people!

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  3. Graham

    This is going to sound strange but I get the feeling that a deal to re-sign Cesc in the summer may have been agreed, or why would Arsene suddenly start talking about it. I hope I am right.

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  4. Sharkseven

    He A true Gooner Always Watching Arsenal Game even he in barcelona Not Like The other Id*ot Etc(Adebayor,nasri,clichy,cole)

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  5. georgegooner

    If he came back within the next four years, preferably by 3 years time, when he is still in his prime at between 26-29 then yes I’d accept it, because no matter what team we have by then, he can bring something to it no doubt. But anywhere after that it’d be a pointless signing.

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  6. Gunner

    Yeah he will prob come back by that’s in the future lets focus on the present and get a win today COYG

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  7. StarbornGooner

    Y did he leave us if he z rili a Gooner…he shud hv left us wen he z around 30’s bt 4 nw i tink he wud wish 2 kam bk cz he didnt find wt he epectd at barca (game time) wyl at arsnl he ws our captain…diz playrs nt only play wt balls bt dey play wt our minds 2…n’way lets smash shitty 1st COYG!

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  8. Alex

    If we bring fabregas back ill drop my pants and run around the streets screaming my head off. True arsenal legend and it will be an honour to see him play in the red and white again

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  9. Big Gun

    Why should we have to rely on has beens all the time? It really pisses me off that people can say “oh this player has Arsenal in his blood and is a true Arsenal fan”, yet they piss off to other clubs and still want respect afterwards? Cesc was great and still is, but he left Arsenal and is dead to me. Henry did exactly the same thing, even at a time when Arsenal were still really good. I have no respect for any of them, if they loved Arsenal so much, they would have stayed. It’s like having a gf or wife cheat on you, and still want your love and respect afterwards? Seriously, you fans need to grow a pair of balls. I’m tired people praising Henry every time there is talk of him returning. It’s almost like we have become such a sh*t team now that we wait with bated breath for the return of 33 year old Henry and Fabregas in 6 years time. Have some integrity please. You are making Arsenal look desperate – and PERHAPS WE ARE.

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  10. adi

    i fully agree with graham. Wegner is strategically preparing supporters for the homecoming of Cesc.

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  11. StarbornGooner

    Yea imagine fans cud also leave a club 4 smtym jst cz its nt winnin trophys…its nt bout hom 4 cesc…if arsenal ws winnin trophys wud hv cesc left??

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  12. Matt C

    I would welcome him back with open arms. If Barca owe us money still, this would be the best possible way for them to pay us back.

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  13. Arsenal1Again

    I think it was always his intention. I hope a return as a player will have as big an impact as Keown. Knowing Wenger like I do, he will be 80 years old when he’s seen in the Newspaper saying, “I am delighted to see Cesc Fabregas has been appointed the new Manager at Arsenal. I did say he will return one day, just like I did about Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry.

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  14. Lol123

    A couple years ago i liked Barca not as a fan but an admirer of thier style of play and club in general. But i have lost a lot of respect for Them. Because i dont Think it is fair that they Can get all the players they want for an much lower Price than Any Else. Barca is without doubt the best club in the World over the last 5 years and because of that every players want to move to barca and clubs like arsenal have to accept their too low offer because you dont want to keep a player who wants to leave Its for no ones good. They will Not be that pasionate anymore

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  15. RT

    I agree that he really WILL make a comeback to us somewhere down the line. The benefit is even when reaching the 30yr old boundary – you can still be a world class midfielder (Xav/Iniesta/Pirlo etc). I think Fabregas is looking like becoming a player of that calibar. If we can give him a greater reason to come home like him actually playing for us when we’re competing for EPL/CL (hopefully when stadium debt is removed) I think it’s pretty obvious he will.

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  16. Tomo

    I do not blame him for leaving, I mean it was his boy hood club. He played with passion and always tweets about arsenal. He still loves the club and AW. I’d happily let him come back when ever he wants!

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  17. RT

    The only worrying thing is, he’s not in the regular XI NOW, but don’t you think he’d be most likely to replace that Iniesta role?
    My only concern, but yes he truly is a Gunner and shows us a great deal of respect. Always loved Cesc, I mean anyone who personally calls up players and advises them our way (as he did with Santi, and I heard tried to with Mata?) certainly shows something doesn’t it!

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  18. dean c

    Wenger will move upstairs, Guardiola become manager, Cesc come back to his second home 🙂

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  19. Kemp hater

    oh pi$$ off wih this stupid artical. heading would suggest this summer or even now

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    This has Mr Wengers finger prints all over it. He has put this rumour out himself to deflect the fans attention away from the fact he has not signed anyone in this transfer window. The man is very clever his next move will be to say he tried to sign this player and that player but it not easy. this rings a bell he does this every year to try and keep the fans on side.Mr Wenger has lost his way and is useing every trick in the book to pull the wool over the fans eyes. Mr Wenger is no longer a MANAGER he is an
    accountant. The Board love him because he spends nothing and the money is rooling into the club so they can collect their big dividends. Wake up Arsenal Fans take no more of their bull. Give us back our Arsenal.

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