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Championship prepares to get Frimponged!

I am sure I was not the only Arsenal fan to be disappointed when it was reported that Emmanuel Frimpong was going to give up on his Arsenal career and move on to get regular playing time. The story was quickly disproved and it was revealed that the combative midfielder was just looking for a loan deal to gain experience and get match fit. Well the deal is done, and Charlton Athletic are the side that Frimpong will play for until January.

Another Championship side, Wolves, were hoping to give Frimpong his second spell at the club but the 20-year old, who has been at Arsenal since he was nine, has opted to join Chris Powell’s side. Charlton were promoted this summer and are getting used to life in the second division, having won their last three games.

Frimpong knows that he faces strong and varied competition for a place in the Arsenal midfield, especially with Rosicky and Diaby on their way back, and so his best option is to get some regular playing time. Hopefully this loan spell will go better than the last one. He was getting into his stride and impressing everyone at Wolves at the start of this year when he picked up the cruciate ligament damage that he has just come back from.

Frimpong could end up being the strong and energetic defensive midfielder that Arsenal are looking for, but he needs alot more games under his belt to show what he can do, and learn the tricks of the trade. Watch out Championship, and stay Dench.

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24 thoughts on “Championship prepares to get Frimponged!

  1. Laurentkboi

    Hope he has the best run of games so far, the thing I love is that he lives on hate and can shrug it off like its not even there unlike Torres or other “experienced” players.

    Whenever he plays you can see a physical presence I mean we don’t need tiote we need frimpong to develop into the player he can be easily.

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  2. gooner fo life

    You’ll be the future midfield. Definitely better than Ramsey. Thumps up if you agree.

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  3. k

    Frimpong looks to have a lot of potential so hope he has a good loan spell. I would also like to see Ramsey go out on loan and Eisfield promoted to the bench, he looks quality.

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  4. leo

    why can’t arsenal loan ot’s players to other pl clubs rather than league 1 in pl they will develop more than in league 1

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  5. leo

    my transfer target’s

    llorente/soldado for chammakh
    lewis hotby for arshavin
    luke shaw/jetro willems for santos
    waynama/strootman for diaby
    pepe reina/vicente guaita for fabainski
    brede hangelan(contract
    ends in summer) for squallaci/djorou

    for future wilfried zaha,will hughes(maybe in summer)

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  6. leo

    arsenal must win till jan we have some easy fixtures only new castle & everton looks difficult then invest in the squad in jan a striker,a cdm & a lb

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    I went to wolves vs Chelsea last season (best mate is a wolves fan) and saw him play, he controlled the midfield for a lot of the game, he’s gonna be a great player in the future!

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  8. Hafiz Rahman

    was disappointed he couldnt head to a Premireship club where he could build up real good experience

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  9. realist

    Championship is ideal for frimpong at this time. its not as quick as the premier league but it is very competitive. almost every team in the league has a.chance.of promotion its all so very close. i just hope he gets game time unlike ryo, afobe, henderson, campbell, wellington, galindo, boateng etc etc. of our 14 players out on loan only 6 actually played in the.last round of matches and that included players like bendtner with 6 minutes and many others failing to get 90 minutes. arsenal need to guarantees with regards to the players getting starts otherwise there is little point in loaning these players out.

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  10. Gunnerineverylife

    If Frimpong reaches his potential he will be the perfect foil for our midfield.

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  11. S.H

    He’s still very green our Frimpong. He needs to play so good man management by Wenger. The loan deal is only short term, but it’s in Wenger’s plans to keep Pong sharp if Diaby’s injuries persist. It’s hard to tell whether Wenger will buy a new DM or not in Jan. We really need one though!

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  12. amos

    people remember this is the club alex song went on looan to and became the alex song we all loved so i see the same thing happening for frimpong

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  13. Eosas

    I give this kid loads of credit. He may not be up there yet to hold a permanent starting place in the first team but boy, the guy wants to work and get better. Every time he is fit he is the first to put his hands up and ask for a possible loan just so as to play and get better and more exp.
    All the best mate. And to those who think he can’t cut it; I say give him time, all u can ask a guy is work hard and better yourself and he is already doing that

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