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Chelsea and United give Arsenal big problem

It seems that things are conspiring against Arsenal and their challenge for a top four finish in the Premier League. The Gunners are doing their bit, with six wins and two draws from the last eight league games, but results elsewhere keep going against us and we are running out of time.

Tottenham have got seven points from the last three games, when it looked like they would get nothing out of any of them for most of the games. They are now sitting just two points behind Arsenal but they have a game in hand. That game in hand, against our other Champions League rivals Chelsea, is played at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday. The outcome could be crucial as to which two teams gran the last two spots.

Arsenal really need the result to help us out, but the way things are going it probably won’t. Chelsea played one of their two games in hand on us today at Old Trafford. The difference between Manchester United today and against Arsenal last weekend was extremely noticeable. Chelsea did not really have to work hard to control the game and some sloppy play at the end let Chelsea grab the winner. Ferguson made five changes to his side and they looked like they didn’t really care.

That result puts Chelsea above Arsenal and means they can lose to Tottenham on Wednesday and still finish above us if they win their last two games, away to Aston Villa and at home to Everton. The fact that those are two tough games does, at least, work in our favour as they cannot rely on the points and so should give everything against Spurs.

A defeat or a draw for Spurs would put our destiny back in our own hands, but if they win it make Arsenal third favourite. It really is going to the wire this season.

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178 thoughts on “Chelsea and United give Arsenal big problem

  1. Gigi

    Chelsea plays the europa league final on May 15th, they have villa on the 11th and everton the last league date. They play spuds on Wednesday.

    If i were benitez i d try to secure the 3 pts vs spurs, before going to villa just 4 days before a big game. And then more relaxed or angry, beat everton at stamford bdg.

    Not for doin us a favorof course, but thats a fact.

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  2. ken

    Dont understand why arsenal fans are so negative? All i know is there are still fixtures yet to be played and i always knew it will go down to the wire and arsenal and chelsea have the goals advantage which might come into play for all we know. It is beatifully posed and every game from the bottom affects the top 4 race,Its sad that we have to rely on other matches Sunderland play stoke tommorrow night and sunderland & Wigan have 37 points while stoke have 40 points so that means with aston villa,newcastle and norwich having 38 points and southampton have 39 that means safety points for the last relegation spot might be 42 points so sunderland v Stoke will determine how teams play on the weekend. A draw will make both teams play for their lives this weekend and a win for sunderland would mean stoke have to win against tottentham to guarantee safety. Arsenal,chelsea and tottenham all play these teams so the top 4 race and relegation battle may go down to the wire where results will affect the both half of the EPL table. Whatever happens arsenal should now spend some money and get us competing again in regardless we make top 4 or not.

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  3. moneytalks

    arsenal need to spend all rumoured 70 million next season
    on quality players:
    1.lewandowski 30 million
    2.wanyama 15 million
    3.eriksen 15 million
    4.adler 7 million

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  4. Liam-Jenko


    I agree that Kronke has done Arsenal no good and i would love to see the back of him but he isn’t the ONLY reason we have dropped some silly points this season and have failed to win in big games especially the Everton game which has came back to haunt us!

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    it’s becoming really frustrating and sad that we need other teams to do badly so we get thru’.. but it’s true to say that’s where we have become now.. NEXT SEASON WE HAD BETTER GET SOME GOOD PLAYERS IN..

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  6. moneytalks

    wenger and board make me sick. every year we should be challenging for titles but we have to fight for top 4.
    if we dont make quality signings next season we will have to play in europa league.

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  7. vyash

    guys we r sstill a gunner in bad or good time

    the board is the fault and not wenger

    wenger is frustrated because of the board

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  8. Liam-Jenko

    Tackling success in Europe:

    RAMSEY 91%
    J. Martinez 82%
    L. Bender 82%
    Gonalons 80%
    Capoue 78%
    Ramires 76%
    Schneiderlin 73%
    Vidal 70%

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  9. moneytalks

    @liam- jenko
    ramsey’s tackling success in europe might be higher but we still need a defensive midfikder.

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  10. moneytalks

    arsenal need to sign a world class striker this season.
    falcao and cavani will cost too much so they will go to
    chelsea and city but we can sign lewandowski for 30 million
    i dont know whether he will come to arsenal but he should
    be our top priority.

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  11. Liam-Jenko


    Oh yeah totally agree, bright future for Ramsey though 😀

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  12. londongunner

    lets break it down in simple terms! this is my squad ratings

    talent level goes world class, very good, good, good-average, poor

    chelsea have players

    mata world class
    hazard world class
    oscar world class
    peterchech world class
    moses very good
    ba very good
    cahil very good
    cole very good
    luiz very good
    ramirez very good
    lampard very good
    ivanivich very good

    city have

    yaya toure world class
    aguero world class
    tevez world class
    silva world class
    kompany world class
    hart very good
    zabillita very good
    clichy very good
    Nasri very good (was poor but is showing skill again)
    barry average-good
    milner average-good
    nasatic average


    santi cazorla world class
    koz becoming world class
    wilshere good! potentially world class
    walcott very good or very bad
    arteta good
    mertzacker good
    naco monreal good
    ramsey good
    gibbs good
    oxlade average (potentially very good)
    podolski average (potentially very good)
    giroud poor (potentially average)
    sagna poor on the decline
    scznery average (for this season nt jus last match
    verm poor
    gervino poor

    our squad is massively inferior to that of our rivals!

    and chelsea intend to buy falco and other markie signins
    as well as ciy want cavain and other markie signings…

    we need a drastic improvment

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  13. londongunner

    we have a good squad but just look at mata hazard and oscar tevez aguero yaya silva play…

    then compare walcott and ox ramsey arteta…

    even people our over hyping jack wilshere yes his got alot of potential! but his no way there yet… and it could take at least 4 years before he is… as his only 20

    only santi is world class!

    people wonder why cazorla is having such a great first season and playing so well well derrrrrr his world class maybbe we should get some more of these world class types!

    compare our squad to bayern and bvb…. be even worse

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  14. FrankinTas

    Look’s like 3rd is gone. As long as Spurs don’t beat the Chavs and we win the last two games, we’re in.

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  15. Jimbeam

    I really think our luck is about to run out. We have not been good against Fulham and QPR who really had nothing to play for now we need to play Wigan who has everything to pay for and Possibly a Newcastle team that also might need a point from our game.
    If we win these games we deserve to be in the CL, If we do not win them then we dont it is as simple as that.
    Either Chelsea or Spurs will drop points, the question is will we get all 6 ahead of us.

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  16. Wazzzimbo

    Buy: Begovic (£10m), Debuchy (£5m – if Maggies are relegated), Jagielka (£10m), Gonalons (£10-15m – depending on Coquelin player-transfer deal) & Cavani (£35m)

    Net Spend: £75-80m

    Realistic team for next season:

    Debuchy – Jagielka – Koscielney – Monreal
    Wilshere – Cazorla
    Walcott – Cavani – Podolski

    Subs: Szczesney, Vermaelan, Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho & Giroud

    Others: Fabianski, Mertesacker, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Coquelin, Eisfeld, Rosicky, Miyaichi, Gnabry & Campbell

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  17. Dilan

    LOL as a die hard Arsenal fan its sad to see the club in this state. Last 8 years have all been all about financing the debt selling world class players every year that AFC developed.

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  18. Big Gun

    This is why I made such a big fuss over the open goals we missed during the season, goals that would have put us comfortably in third, maybe even second. Now we must sit and bite our nails and rely on other teams results so we can finish fourth? Not good enough, not the Arsenal used to know.

    Quite frankly I’m tired of a few players who just don’t have what it takes. I have had patience with Ramsey and tried to see what everyone sees in him. Besides him being hard working, he has nothing much else going for him, LETS BE HONEST. He had 2-3 good games all season. That is simply not good enough and his stats prove it. Giroud is another mediocre player. He has played almost every game this season and our RW and CAM have more goals and assists than him. Again, NOT GOOD ENOUGH. He missed too many chances that have put us in this predicament. The guy is 27, if he isn’t good enough now, he never will be. You get some fans who will say I TOLD YOU SO after he scores a goal after like 4 games. Look at the guys stats and tell me he has been a good striker. Cazorla has more goals than him, what does that tell you of his finishing capability?

    Not trying to be an ass and slag our players, I just think it high time Wenger got rid of all the mediocre, never will be’s and buy some decent players that can actually contribute to us mounting a challenge for some titles.

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  19. Jimbeam

    @Big Gun, I agree with you, most of our team should be second string to better players.

    If We had players like Henry, Bergkamp,Pires,RVP,Viera,Cesc and yes even Nasri, how many of the players we have today would make the team?

    We are constantly going backwards. I read somewhere today that Liverpool needs 200 million to compete for the title, I think thats right and we dont need much less than that.

    Falcao or Cavani alone are 50 million, Isco is 30 million, Hummels is 25 million, and we still need a goalkeeper and a defensive midfielder. If we dont dgo for these type of players they will end up at Either Chelsea or Man City or United, and our second string team will have to play against them.

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  20. mojo

    People (more a person) saying we should buy lewandowski* … reason being we cannot get a player like cavani* but should be able to spend 30 million. I would just raise one point there and that is, even if we have the money, why would they come to us? Lewandowski* is attracting bayern, playing for a club about to compete the champions league final and also attracting interest from united and im sure other clubs. If we are going to be realistic then we should lower our standards a tad.

    I would have no problem playing in the europa league… all i want to do is watch arsenal and europe league means i still get a weeknights fix of the gunners! We are fans, we want to watch our club! I never understood people hating that league. It would also be a great opportunity to test out some of the younger players like esifeld; ryu, gnarby, miguel etc Hell even bring back campbell and wellington. Plus, it is a cup we very realistically could possibly get to the semi finals in 🙂

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  21. Liam-Jenko


    The Europa League doesn’t attract top players, how are we going to compete with other clubs if were not even in the champions league, we would be signing sub par players which would turn us more into a sub par team!

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  22. Jimbeam

    @mojo Sorry mate but you have the vision and ambition of a Spurs fan.
    Arsenal was the top team next to United until Chelski spent a billion to get up to our level and then City did the same thing, what did we do in the same period?

    We sold our best players year after year after year after year…

    So if this is all about watching young Gunners play on Thursday nights go watch them in the reserves or something.

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  23. mojo

    Said it a hundred times, do not need champions league to attract the types of players we need… Everton got kevin mirallas, swansea got michu, fulham have emanuelson and i could on and on.

    We have technically gifted, skilful players (not as many as we did) but thats not the type of player we are desperate for… defensive players with grit.. now don’t tell me you need champions league and an extra 30 million to get one of those? And as mentioned above, there are plenty of strikers who seem to work out very well for other clubs and they went to those clubs without the prospect of champions league… where as we got pod, giroud, chamakh, gervinho…. i mean, not all bad, but if thats what champions league attracts :/

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  24. mojo

    Now do not get me started on selling our best players… thats something i have been ranting about for the last couple of years. Suffice to say, im not happy about it.

    But, the topic at hand was europa league… the same league i may add chelsea and benfica are competing to win. Now i cannot remember the last time we played benfica, but chelsea handed us to defeats this season and took home the champions league last year. Don’t turn your nose up at a competition, because thats what the spuds have been doing all season. So your a little bit more like them, whereas i am happy to watch my club pla and want them to win… the glory days didn’t make a snob out of me.

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  25. Jimbeam

    @mojo please stop comparing Arsenal to Everton, Swansea, and Fulham.

    We are having a bad year, I accept but we are still not at the level of the teams you mention.

    But if your type of thinking is also prevalent in the Arsenal boardroom, we will soon be fighting for players with the teams you mentioned above.

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  26. mojo

    Ok jim. Lets chuck reality out of the window (hell its bank holiday tomorrow, why not drink back a few)

    ”Falcao or Cavani alone are 50 million, Isco is 30 million, Hummels is 25 million, and we still need a goalkeeper and a defensive midfielder.”

    Now thats over a 120 million right there… but, you know what, logic dictates that if we don’t buy them, then chelsea or city will so lets get the cheque book out

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  27. @onlyoneicefm

    Realistically Arsenal did play like a very good middle table team throughout a majority of the league but I don’t think this debate should be about so called class & level, it should be about effort & where we are going! Times are changing, rubbish teams that didn’t use to win anything for years like Chelsea are starting to become european giants and if Arsenal don’t change NOW we could be left in the dark! So ill say this finally! Its not about Who we sign but WHO makes a difference! I’m tired of average performances and players shining at the wrong times like Walcott how about players that shine when it matters like Messi did for Barca or Ronaldo did for Man U & Madrid! Arsenal need to show the world of doubters that we are far from started! COYG

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  28. Jimbeam

    @Mojo no definitely the glory days did not make a snob out of you but the barren years have made you accept mediocrity.

    I am not saying that we will spend 150 million, I am pretty sure we wont spend anywhere close to it.

    I am also sure that since we will not spend the type of money needed to compete with the top three teams in the EPL, we will be competing with Spurs, Everton and the like next year for fourth place again.

    This might be enough for you, it is not enough for me. I watched this team when they were invincibles and instead of building a cycle of success, Wenger and the board built a cycle of mediocrity and some fans like you self are beginning to accept that. It is just sad to see.

    We need to spend big to win the EPL, we are dealing with three big spenders not one big spender like Bayern that Dortmund has to deal with. If Bayern has a bad patch Dortmund can succeed.

    We have to wait for City, United and Chelsea to have a bad year simultaneously so that we can win something again.

    Or we need to spend as much as them and buy the players that they are after, it really is as simple as that.

    This is the reality you are chucking out of the window.

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  29. Ihsan

    @Big Gun, I totally agree with you.

    We need a world class clinical striker to replace Giroud, and just play our best midfielder (Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arteta, or even Chamberlain) ahead of Ramsey in our starting line up.

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  30. Darren

    Was Man U really playing that game to win? I don’t think so. it’s like when Man U has other team fans backing them to win (Arsenal fans), they don’t deliver. That was a terrible and down right lazy game from Man U. But to be fair, they played us the same way. Jus a bit more seriously.

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  31. Gigi

    You got it clear dude.
    Whatever happens we should stick the team together, adda few and take the final like our hated chelski, evryones sayin they this and that, hell theyre
    playin europa league, nothin shameful about it

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  32. Gigi

    I readitwas an own goal so i am thinkin like a paranoid here

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  33. JKBknowsbest

    Even our own supporters rate giroud as average.. do you know arsenal have one 8 of there last 9 games when hes started.. hes a game changer no doubt, scored 17 goals in his first season with many vital assists. you may not notice it but giroud has a hell of alot of potentail. To be underestimated and ctritised by many people even by his own fans on his arrival and knowing hes gotta try and fill the gap left by RvP was a big ask, and hes done above average he’ll be going into next season with the aim of beating his current goal tally BIG potentail

    rant over.

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  34. Andy

    Just a quick observation

    Isn’t it funny that despite CIty’s and Chelsea’s millions they’re still batting for 2/3/4 with us

    I personally think we slate our players far too harshly after bad spells, minor mistakes happen and that’s all part of life,
    I really dislike it when people say that the likes of Ramsey and co should leave, he’s only 22 and has come back almost miraculously from a horrid leg break of course his confidence is lacking but you see Wenger isn’t an idiot he keeps playing him to up that confidence you can’t grow over night but you will see he will become an excellent player in seasons to come
    It also annoys me when people scream the names of players that are hot of that moment, look at ba and Huntelaar I remember people were screaming their names in Early part of the season where are they now?

    I think there is a precise reason why Wenger didn’t buy a direct rvp replacement . The fact is we were a glorified Tottenham of this season we were a one man team. I recall after we sold rvp Wenger said the goals need to be shared so that the dependency on one player vanishes and we wouldn’t suffer if they were to come down with injury or suspensions and such
    We were 3rd with rvp and song and suddenly we are contesting for more withoutn
    And if we had gotten a direct replacement for rvp the pressure that rvp flourished under wouldn’t necessarily incur that another player would perform likewise, could you image if we had gotten a 30million CF and he just wasn’t working, better to get someone cheaper who would do a similar job and people would expect less hence the acquisition giroud . Yes he should be on about 25 goals this season but you can hardly falter 17 from a player in a supremely weaker league all credit to him we need to be less shortsighted and see the bigger picture I still think we can go 3rd fuck it maybe even 2nd if we’re lucky

    The acquisition of so called world class players isn’t going to solve any issues it could make things worse. Put it this way you work your ass off in your job and get paid a fair amount some other guy comes along who was supposedly better at what you do in an weaker environment and wants your instant respect and gets paid double what you do you wouldn’t be happy
    You can’t have most players on 60k then another on 250k it causes a rift in the changing room and is reflected on the pitch, why do you think Chelsea and man city struggle the variation in wages is vast and some wages don’t reflect contribution look at maicon
    I think if we buy smart as opposed to big we will succeed only stupid errors that can be irradicated have cost us trophies

    My personal idea
    Realistic options are:


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  35. snakeoil

    The biggest problem Arsenal have is Wenger’s stubborness and ego. He has clung desperately to an offensive tactic that has failed for at least 15 games now.

    Arsenal need wingers. The lack of width is killing the attack game after game. Who played on the wing vs. the hapless QPR = nobody. Walcott goes central after 5 minutes. Cazorla goes central immediately and the rest of the team is assigned to the center. The middle is jammed up with players stumbling over the top of each other. It is a disaster offensively.

    Wenger is a stubborn moron. If he had used his best players and reasonable tactics earlier this season there would be no 4th place worries at all.

    I really can’t believe this has been allowed to go on this long. What a disgrace.

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  36. JKBknowsbest

    @big gun – Carzola hasnt scored more than Giroud actually hes 5 short. okay everyone knew that arsenal wasnt gunna be at there previous level cus of our exodus of our best players but cant anyone think of anything positve.. its pretty hard to get goal machines yuno chelsea and man city havent even got one. also does anyone think spurs are guna take our CL spot !? no chance!? 16 years in the elite competition and it will most likely be the 17th come the end of the season! f*ck yeah!

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  37. snakeoil

    @mojo: you put chamack and poldi in the same basket. seriously? when WENGER benched poldi he was scoring gobs of goals and was leading the league in assists. That sounds like success to me. And Poldi would still be performing like that if WENGER had not thrown a 3 month temper tantrum. it is a cheap pathetic trick to lump in great players with poor players because of some other unconnected issue. Politicians do it all the time.

    It would not matter who plays striker just now. The tactics are severely restricting the offense – lots of possession but no real danger to the opposition’s defense.

    WENGER is responsible for ALL of the problems this season -if he had used his BEST players instead of his favorite players and if he had actually chosen tactics based on good football instead of wanting to stroke his massive ego Arsenal would have done just fine. If we had any other BPL manager, Arsenal would be comfortably in 2nd place.

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  38. moneytalks

    arsene wenger please sell all the deadwoods and sign some
    world class players.
    santos, squillaci, arshavin, park, bendtner, chamakh,
    denilson, diaby, djourou, coquelin, frimpong, mannone,
    fabianski and other fringe young players should be sold.

    we need to sign:
    1. world class striker who can score 30 plus goals per
    2. we need big string defensive midfilder who can protect the back 4.
    3. we need an experienced keeper to challenge szczscny.
    4. we need a back up centre back.
    5. we also need one more goal scoring midfilder.

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  39. Arsenal Diehard

    I don’t care whether Arsenal are in the Champion League or not, I just want them to win the Premier League title next year.

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  40. moneytalks

    @arsenal diehard
    i agree with u. wenger said about a month ago that they
    have the money and they can compete with psg, city and
    madrid for top quaity player. i really dont care whether
    we finish in top 4 or not all we have to do is spend money
    on world class players next season and win trophies.

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  41. Neil

    We can’t compete with the Sugar Daddy clubs of City and Chelsea in the transfer market.

    That’s reality.

    However, we can spend wisely and still get quality.

    We MUST have around 100m to spend. Let’s say it’s 70m.

    If we do have 70m (perhaps), how much do you think that oil baron at City or the Mafioso at Chelsea will spend?

    This year they’ve given hints that they are spending big. FFP? They’ve got around it with dodgy sponsorship deals. Chelsea even posted a profit recently lol.

    As an expample (just an example remember), this may be Chelsea’s spending:

    Falcao: 60m
    Shurlle: 25m
    Modric: 30m
    Shweinsteiger: 40m
    Other random players: 20m


    Cavani: 55m
    Bale: 65m (they will put in an offer you can put money on that)
    Eriksen: 25m
    Other talented young randoms who will never play. Signed to stop anyone else having them: 40m

    We can’t do that.

    But we can AT LEAST TRY to do this:

    Fellaini: 25m (although Chelsea may be interested)
    Higuain: 20m
    Fabregas: 25m

    That’s the so called 70m. If we spend it wisely on CLASS and not half arsed gambles from the French League, we may be close.

    Even if the Chavs and City buy those players mentioned. Both clubs have problems as they have too many egos. Imagine that lot walking in at Chavski/Citeh (Cavani/Shweinsteiger/Falcao etc)?

    Like I said…spend it wisely.

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  42. Ken Yaw

    Let me hope Stan crook is not swooning at pocketing the 19m offer made by Bayern for Kos–since that’s what he enjoys best.

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  43. Dash.

    We need some w/class players,expecially in DM and CS.May be we should change our thinking of top 4,to trophy.

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  44. Neil


    Well, I got reds for saying that!

    Maybe we should go for Heskey?

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  45. Flare87

    Im under the assumption the the 70 million we were promised for transfers would include the 25 million uefa would provide for champions league qualification , 4th place is more than a trophy this season its the short term future of our top honors competitiveness , if chelsea beat spurs or draw then our future is back in our own hands , coyg!!! We can still do it!!

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  46. moneytalks

    we are lucky twats. always begging for mercy from god.

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  47. AJ

    Agree with Neil, the cumulative amount we have spent on duds and their wages could have been used for getting 2 or 3 very good players.

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  48. Arsenal Diehard

    Not a single player in the current squad should be sold, except the one that been loan out if we wanna challenge for the title.
    We have enough of this.
    It’s time we build and improve our current squad by adding quality players to challenge on all front.
    No more excuses from the board that we need to sell in order to service our stadium.
    We been patience for long time now and the board should know this and respect our demand.

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  49. dan

    Its a no brainer now want chavs to beat spuds and that puts it back into our own hands and cant ask for more then that. I also recon if spuds loose on wed they will drop points at stoke as well so a win against wigan should clinch 4th place for us!

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  50. Cal

    A Chelsea win on Wednesday would mean the gunners can afford to draw one of the last two games because of our superior goal difference, don’t want to say this but come on Chelsea

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  51. Big Gun

    @jkbknowsbest I was talking about league games specifically. Cazorla has more goals. Giroud needs to up his game, because he missed some easy, vital goals this season. We can’t afford that type of sh*t next season.

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  52. Ergs

    You all fail to realise is that Arsenal have never bin big spenders so competing with the financial muscle of Man Utd Chelsea and Man city was never gonna happen!
    So it’s up to Wenger to produce a side to compete with those clubs on a smaller budget.
    He’s done an ok job of it not great but I’m not convinced there is lods of angers about who could overtake those 3 teams with the budget the board clearly run our club on.
    Ps @ dan
    totally agree with you stoke have only lost 4 home games all season seriously cant see spurs winning there I think a win at Wigan will be enough for us as I also think Chelsea will beat spurs this week.

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  53. Ergs

    Our lack of results in the top 7 league table is poor tho 12 games played 2 wins only!!!
    We are just better then Liverpool Everton and spurs at beating the teams under them.
    11 points from a possible 46 against the top 7 sides is terrible by our standards.

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  54. Arsenal all the way!!!

    What saddens me is we the 5th richest football club in the world we have a shareholder that wants a seat on the board who makes abromivich look poor and he’s already said he would add 100 million to the transfer funds!!! kroenke and gazidis won’t allow it which leaves me thinking is this because kroenke doesn’t want to have to pay these big wages for world class players(which might cost him some money)?? Usmanov is an arsenal fan aswell…

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  55. arsenal forever

    it should be van pussy and Oliver giroud give arsenal big problem
    due to the fact that Oliver giroud waste the easiest chances in the earth now we are struggling
    I hate this bullshit striker OMG

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  56. Bang!

    @andy; you got it wrong mate. Chelsee and Mancity are not battling for 2/3 only.. They are also in final for FA and Caling. So big spending matters. On top of that teams like those two don’t take years to regain top position after a season of mishaps. The gunners….!! 8 years long.

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  57. Antique Gunmen

    Agree. Benitez will normally think that way. With they recent form they look capable to sweep all the games remain. So, number 4 will our realistic end. It’s not Spuds I’m worry about. I’m concern in our lack of goals performance. Poldi seemed lazy and wasted at the CF. Say again what’s injury he’s been sufered? And Cazorla for LF such a bad idea. No cross was made from him, but he had some shot on goal from middle area. Arsene should put him back to the CAM. I’m little calm that our defence still fully concentrate. Come on Gunners! Keep the faith!

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  58. Ganaz

    @Bob at last we can agree on this.Hopefully the group of “In Wenger we trust” is understanding the situation.Few of us saw this coming but because a number fans are blinded with past achievements we refused even the truth.We cant depend on our rivals injuries to boost us.Those who have been the architects of our decline should be accountable.Board,Wenger,Gazidis and Kroenke out!We need our arsenal back.The one that sells the merchandise not top players.Bring in new Management under Dein and Usmanov.

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  59. mark

    Realistically, I think Chelsea will be third. So we have to hope Chelsea beat Spurs and then of course we have to win our two games..!

    The beauty is that Chelsea and Spurs play each other. It could go down to the wire this one…

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  60. Hamid

    Ferguson would do anything to see Wenger fail, he is a vain bastard and he sold the game and there is nothing in this world that can convince me otherwise. But should we go fifth it is more likely that we see the back of silent Satan and then the Scottish bastard will have his regrets when Usmanov starts pumping in transfer funds in the summer and we become title contenders.

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  61. prince

    Some clowns talking about cl and attracting players. How many world class players have we attracted or signed since we have been qualifying and playing in the cl. Bottom line is cl or no cl Arsenal don`t sign world class players and Wenger just doesn`t see a need to sign one.He wants great players for free,meanwhile he sells his own great players expensively.Bloody hypocrite!Even if we qualify for cl,no world class player is coming.Not that they dont want to come to Arsenal,but we just dont want to SPEND, PERIOD!

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  62. Matty

    No two ways about it… Chelsea have to beat Spurs if we’re to stand a chance.

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  63. mojo

    I was actually comparing the impact pod has had in comparison to the strikers i mentioned and relating that to how champions league really is not a factor in getting good players unless you want to be totally unrealistic, like some posters on here, and suggest we should be signing lewandoswki and the like.

    Thats not optimistic its simply removed from reality. Furthermore, spending massive amounts on big name players has never been sure thing, but spending wisely is. Over the last few years the myth that arsenal have no money has been accepted, but its simply nonsense. Last summer was the first time in years we have not made a profit in the transfer market. The problem is a massive mismanagement of funds being spent on the wrong players and giving the wrong wages… we do not need to spend more, we just need to spend better. On average we have spent 30-50 million a year on new players over the last 3 seasons… if you do not want me to draw a comparison to the achievements of Everton or swansea then arsenal should start spending better.

    I simply do not want arsenal to spend like city or chelsea, regardless of winning the premiership or not! Theres glory in it if you have never won the thing and im sure their fan bases couldn’t really give a toss, but if you have won it before and your the arsenal then there is no pride in buying a trophy. We have gone 8 years without, i can go a little longer if means not spending 40 million on players to compete with some oil rich billionaires.

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  64. Jordan

    Everyones discussing where Chelsea could drop points and where Tottenham might drop points but as Wenger says- we need to concentrate on our own games. We need all six points

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  65. toumazis

    Leave Giroud out of it ok miss some easy chances is only his second year with us it took V Percy 8 years 2be wheare he is 2day.

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  66. Duane Landsperger

    Stop complaining!!!! God you people are so soft it makes me sick. We bought a new stadium, had to sell a myriad of world class players and replace them with 2nd rate internationals and kids. Wenger is amazing!!! Compare the talent on United, Chelski, Spunks, Chitty, even Liverfool and the amount spent on transfers compared with money earned by selling players, and the teams profit margin, and upcoming FFP being policed. We will in all likelihood qualify for UCL again and for the first time in years, Wenger will keep his real players drop the 70 mil war chest along with another 15 mil from sale of dead wood and we will compete in all comp next season. City, United, Chelsea and even the ol chicken perched on a bball have had there time to make us irrelevant and they did not succeed for one reason. His name is Arsene Wenger. Look at all the peripherals, no one could do what he does with the talent he has no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  67. Chris

    The majority of the comments amaze me. Wait until the end of the season and see who the Manager signs. Stop moaning at some of the players, primarily Ramsay who always works his socks off and has been one of the better players recently.
    United didnt help Arsenal by playing a weakened team that hardly looked interested. I would expect that Ferguson, in the spirit of fairness would make sure that he put a strong team against Chelsea.He did not. Some of the United players looked knackered including Giggs. I hope Arsen Wegner remembers.

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