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Chelsea have made Arsenal’s job much easier!

Arsenal fans should give a great big thankyou to Roman Abramovich. Nothing that happens this year will do the Gunners as many favours as the crazy billionaire Russian has done us this week. It is common knowledge that Abramovich was desperate to get his hands on the Champions league trophy, and the man who finally did what a host of other very well paid and expensive managers failed to do has been rewarded with the sack.

Arsene Wenger said this week that he was sad about what had happened, but he must also be delighted at the opportunity that Chelski have now presented to Arsenal. Basically, we have one less team to worry about. Chelsea will now drop quicker than Audley Harrison in a title fight. Rafa Benitez may have a decent record in the Premier league, but he wants things done his own way.

Maybe, just maybe, given three years, Rafa would produce a Chelsea team that was to his liking and could seriously challenge for honours. What is going to happen is that Rafa will go in all guns blazing and upset almost all the players. Abramovich is obsessed with Fernando Torres and that is why he has brought in Benitez. Ask any Chelsea fan and they will tell you that the best thing to do would be to get rid of the Spanish striker, cut your losses and admit that it was a huge failure, but Abramovich is doing another Shevchenko, trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole.

As Arsenal fans, we can only look on and laugh. Maybe we are too committed to the Arsene Wenger philosophy, but it must be better than seeing a new man in charge every year. Why will the players even listen to Benitez when they know that somebody else will be in charge next season? Plus, the fact that many of the players had a good relationship with Di Matteo and the feeling that the player who is responsible for his sacking is much more important to the club than anyone else will surely not go down too well.

So, for Arsenal, we are just looking at Manchester United and City as the teams to beat. Champions League, here we come. Hopefully, Leeds will beat Chelsea in the Capital One cup, or we will get the pleasure of doing it ourselves. A trophy would be nice, even the least important one, and Mr. Abramovich has just made it alot easier for us. The only down side to the whole affair is that Tottenham might come fourth and get in the Champions League, but we can’t have everything I suppose.

Let’s all laugh at Chelsea, let’s all laugh at Chelsea na na na na

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43 thoughts on “Chelsea have made Arsenal’s job much easier!

  1. Dave

    @Admin I have read today that we are set to announce the first of several major sponsorship deals today, and rumours are its adidas for 30 mill a year and we could be wearing them at xmas as the nike deal will be bought out. Have you got any news on this and the possible other deals? would like to have a sponsor for our training top like utd do. can be an extra 15 to 20 mill a year 🙂 can you do an article on it?

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  2. thiery

    No problem, let’s keep our fingers kross as we wait 4 our 1st trofey of d season. In arsene we trust.

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  3. Gunnerineverylife

    With some help from luck and good signings in January I think we still have a chance for a title challenge even though we lack the consistency to win it.Man Utd’s defence is as bad as ours,Chelsea will be unstable for a while now,who knows Benitez mght tweak the tactic to get the best out of Torres which may cause others bit of trouble to get used to it,Liverpool are one injury away from another tumble down the table,only team that looks good is Man City,their failure in UCL will help them in the league.But well this has always been the case since last 4-5 seasons,sometimes we lack good keeper,sometimes we lack a good fullback,hope Wenger makes up for it this time.

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  4. Dave

    I wouldn’t laugh just yet, were not exactly on fire ourselves this season. we have struggled in the champions league in an easy group and been really poor in league, we have won what 5 in 12 games? Now im not saying torres is going to score bag full or start pulling up trees now the spanish waiter is there but a team with mata and hazard in can be dangerous and when terry is back they wont be lacking leadership. terry and lampard basically manage that club on the pitch

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  5. leo

    arsenal have a great chance to win capital one cup chelski also has to play in fifa club cup 4 which they will be travelling 20 hrs to asia & they are likely to put a second string squad against leeds + they have back 2 back games they could easily drop points if we can win till jan we have some decent games + invest in squad we could even challenge 4 the title

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  6. Sank

    I realy feel bad for RDM

    He brought good players, won them champions league and fa cup.
    i watched their game with juventus and they looked good plus wherdm unlucky to concede 2 defected goals and buffon made good saves.

    however i wish they fall out of carling cup and lose league points.

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  7. leo

    i hope this pepe reina & walcott deal is not true we do need a gk but not necessairly him if they want a swap deal they can have fabianski 4 reina else arsenal should look elsewhere like kenneth vermeer (another verminator) of ajax available for 5m or valencia gk as well theo ain’t going nowhere

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  8. ThosiGooner

    Rafa did some good things with Liverpool, and Torres had his better EPL days under him. Alonso, Mascherano, Reina did well under Rafa. I, therefore, would like to think Rafa is well capable of pulling off a few tricks with the current crop of Spansh-South American talent. It’s quite a gamble really… and it may see Chelsea make a quick turnaround, or it may smear egg all over Abramovich’s face!!! It’s too early to tell, but I hope for the latter…

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  9. OW

    No offence but i just don’t agree.

    I have a feeling a lot of Chelsea fans who hate Rafa will be eating humble pie come the end of the season (if he hasn’t eaten it already). Remember this guy wins trophies, despite his short spell at Inter, He is especially strong defensively and will get the best out of the Spanish boys. He also has premier league experience and will dela with the media pressure.

    Roman won’t stop till he has his own little Barcelona. It may take him 20 years but in the meantime I bet Chelsea win more trophies.

    As for us Arsenal fans, We need to be honest, Would you not trade managerial stability for even just the Champions league trophy let alone everything else they have won in the last 7 years? Everyone talks about no manager/player being bigger than the club yet at Arsenal we seem to be the complete opposite. It’s all about Wenger and his philiosophy, What happened to Arsenal Football Club. I like Wenger by the way and believe he is the right man for the job but he makes mistakes especially in the transfer market. We lack squad depth and he continues to sign players like Chamakh, Park, Squillachi e.t.c.

    Attacking Chelsea over the way they are run is just ignoring the fact that we are run even worse.

    Highest ticket prices in the world..
    Selling our best players to our closest rivals..
    No trophy in 7 years..
    No acquisition of world class proven players..

    i could go on. Until we start producing winners at our club with our new financial model since moving to the emirates we have nothing to shout about when looking at others.

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  10. micro

    the only reputation I like about Rafa is that he is a wholesaler of players, at anfield he managed to buy and sell 88 players in total, I believe no body has beaten that record and now he is in real money. If he lasts like 4 yrs he can break his own record. Good luck to him, as for football, the only advantage you can have is having committed players who are on form, dont worry about the other team, just do your part well.

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  11. henrychan

    But I think.. we are also in danger losing Walcott to Chelsea.. They play 4-3-3.. And Walcott is very good (I must say the best) RW in EPL rightnow..
    And I sure Benitez want to regenerate his team especially Torres.. and Walcott will be one of the best stuff to bring..
    And Chelsea can play Hazzard more as an AM pairing with Oscar..
    And you know that they will easily agree with 100.000/week wage or more..
    The only thing that maybe walcott be consider is he want to play as CF.. and only team with 4-4-2 form fit to that need.. And that could mean City or MU.. but they have already 4 striker each..

    And I don’t really agree if we can easily dropped Chelsea from the racing.. They still very dangerous team with a lot of good stuff.. But playing for Chelsea is a stressful way of football.. hehehe.. LOL.. And not easy to win if you were stressed.. hehehe..

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  12. DanJohn

    Is this article a joke? Chelsea aren’t just going to fall apart because of a change of manager! I can see there is a small chance that this may happen, but run the risk card the other way. Benetiz moves to Chelsea, Torres belief come back… Torres starts knocking in a few goals, all their world class midfield are getting amongst the goals to and all of a sudden they start to click.

    They will make a few decent additions in January to make the squad stronger and suddenly you have a team who are hunting for the title.

    At least Chelsea have ambition, I’m fed up of looking forward to finishing 4th!

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  13. vp

    laugh all you want, but i’d rather have an owner who cares then one who don’t. Lets just focus on how we can close the gap on the teams above us by getting better, rather relying on the other teams to get weaker!

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  14. Big Gun

    I wouldn’t say anything yet. We all know how unpredictable this game is. For all you know Chelsea might start thrashing every team. But yes, Di Matteo was a players coach, I feel they did well because of their relationship with him. Very sad that he played for Chelsea, won two major cups in the space of 1 season as manager, and now he can’t even be associated with Chelsea anymore.

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  15. auzy

    It was written all ova b4 the season got off.even pep won’t stay there 4 2 yrs.abronvick should get his badges and manage the team himself

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  16. Amol

    Of course chelsea are outta the title race…

    Arsenal should take advantage of this
    not only by playing well n winning as much as possible

    but this January

    arsenal should lure players that rafa benitez doesn’t need
    n would be of use to arsenal

    such player is marko marin
    he’s freezing at chelsea

    if benitez doesn’t need him
    than arsenal can
    try luring marin

    many eyez r on holtby but no ones at marko marin

    if theo leaves
    marin can be brought in…

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  17. Mr Lean

    why are we discussing chelsea on here,i dont give a sh#t what they do or with whom my only concern and love is ARSENAL FC

    because we don’t live in a bubble

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  18. Bradster

    I don’t agree, there’s plenty of quality at Chelsea. If Rafa can get the right formation and attitude there, they will be very dangerous.

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  19. ahmad

    bad news arsenal without walcott in villa park as he is injured…..which means gervinho will play om the right flank or ramsey will be involved.
    hope he makes it and be fit against everton

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  20. stephen187

    vilas boas ruined chelsea last year yet we have a dodgy west brom keeper to thank for CL football….so let’s forget chelsea just need to concentrate on our games and make sure we get 3 points every week..can’t afford anymore slip ups…

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    well they still have more quality players so let not laugh to soon. that what we thought last year with AVB and look how that turned out.

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  22. Mr.B

    Don’t worry, Chelsea are going nowhere. They’ll luck it out as usual. Like last year when they were out of CL they sacked the manager then happened to scrape through. They failed to finish 4th in league last year then managed to completely spawn the CL and get a free pass this year. I remember going to Chelsea V Arsenal in the Carlin Cup final in Wales where our kids outplayed them but they completely spawned that match with an off side Drogba goal. I also remember Arsenal pasting them in league games over the years only for Chelsea to score lucky goals like Essien’s or our defense completely failing against Drogba as happened on many occasions.

    As I said, don’t worry, Romon Abramoluck will fluke it out again, and don’t be surprised if they fluke it to the knock out stages on the CL. (I’m not bitter, honest, just my observations)

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  23. Malik

    well they r gonna take a while to sort themselves out and until then arsenal should pounce and take our opportunity 4 success (in terms of the capital one cup) with both hands!!! GLORY, GLORY ARSENAL F.C.

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  24. mwenyeji

    I think we are getting ahead of ourselves here.What is so hard in concentrating our efforts to Arsenal issues like Walcott signing da ting and leaving the other teams to do whatever the “isht” they want to do with they selves??

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  25. sube

    They chop their manages more often that is true. But what is also true is that the chopping act also brings trophies if you see their record. So there is no reason whatsoever for us to be happy or sad about it. If anything, we should be more sad!
    Why should we even care about them. We must concentrate on our own performances which are way below par.

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  26. arshavin

    Stupid article.When are we sacking wenger?Now i will be thumbed down like hell.ok other teams always present us enough opportunies to move closer or ahead of them but we tend to compliment them by dropping points ourselves,so it’s quite irrelevant how oher teams are doing we should make sure that.we get all points from every game we play and only that will make a difference.At least RDM took resposnibility for his teams poor performance wenger is always like we should show mental strength and i should play gervinho santos and rambo .He makes lame excuses and he gets away with it cos some idiots say in arsene we trust.

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  27. craig2500

    Its amazing how even the Chelsea fans see sence in sacking the manager after loosing a few games. Makes no sense even if Chelsea win their next champions league game its out of their hands anyway. BUT they are winning titles and until Wenger gets back on track its easyer for them to laugh at us rather than the other way round. Last manager won the champions league and FA Cup in 6 months – get to it Arsene……

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  28. Frank

    Sorry but how stupid do you think we are? Where is your head at? I can not believe you wrote this pathetic article. 7 years of nothing and Chelsea have won the champions league, 3 premier leagues, fa cups. F$&k you! Even Benitez has won a champions league and we are suppose to think we are better off because the swisse traitor is gone. Chelsea will still be strong.
    I watched us play Chelsea and it was disgusting. When Diaby went off we were so disorganized we looked like Aston Villa. I felt so sorry for Ramsey on the wing, he was so confused on who to mark and when to defend, no wonder he looks like shit. Wenger has been playing him out of position all year and yes, I agree, he should be on the bench, as a midfielder but please not a f$&cking winger.
    Look at it this way fellow supporters. Chelsea buy stars every year, we sell ours.
    The manager doesn’t perform, they sack him but we keep ours.
    We have won f$&k all in 7 years, what have Chelsea won?
    This shit has to stop. Arsenal are the number one club in London so why aren’t we keeping our best players, buying good players and winning trophies?

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  29. Uche

    What does it matter? This team only plays well with their backs against the wall. We don’t win the games we are expected to win. Believe it or not, even if chelsea’s crises deepens, we still have everton, totenham and westbrom breathing down our necks. Even liverpool is improving. So fourth spot is by no means a sure thing. We must focus on ourselves rather than hope for the demise of others.

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  30. TrueGunner82

    I am a very big supporter of Arsenal and I’m from Leeds and i will be attending Leeds Vs Chelsea, cant wait to watch The Mighty Whites knock the shit out of Chelsea!! Plus we should have a lot of moneys for January with the £30mill a year deal with Fly Emirates and the possible Addidas deal.

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  31. snakeoil

    The reality: Di Matteo is a good coach and so is Benitez.

    Yet, there is no way to accurately predict the effect of coaching changes. Sometimes the team is lost and confused with the strategies, tactics and leadership style of the new coach – the team then struggles. Other times the team is lit on fire with excitement and energy. It is often a big surprise how it turns out.

    Grant had some success Scolari did not. AVB did not do well, DiMatteo succeeded. Who knows?

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  32. mohawk35

    Sadly, the continued influx of shiny new expensive players is the real key for Chelsea – if Rafa does not work out, have no worry, someone else will.

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