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Chelsea v Arsenal review – Gunners get the blues – Title gone – AGAIN

Artsenal fans knew that we had to do what the Gunners have not managed to do for a very long time if we were to have any hope of winning the Premier League title this year, and even if Arsenal could beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge it would have been unlikely.

As it is we can stop dreaming because, although Arsenal started this game well and managed to create some good chances and opportunities, not much went our way and after Alonso scored in the 13th minute, taking out Bellerin and forcing the Spaniard off in the meantime, Arsenal were always chasing the game and having to take more and more risks.

Hazard scored a great second on the counter attack in the 53rd minute and we ended up with no defensive midfielder and Giroud, Welbeck, Alexis, Ozil, Iwobi and the Ox in friont of the back four. THose lack of midfield options Arsene Wenger was left with because of Xhaka, Cazorla, Ramsey and Elneny being unavailable really hurt, as did our failure to take at least one of the good chances.

The misery was complete when Petr Cech gifted our former captain Fabregas the chance to make it three. Giroud did get on the scoresheet afterwards but it was nothing more than a consolation.

Chelsea go 12 poinbts clear and once again Arsenal are left fighhting for a place in the top four. Will Wenger accept that he will never win another title for Arsenal? Will the team be able to pick themselves up and salvage something from another disappointing season?


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109 thoughts on “Chelsea v Arsenal review – Gunners get the blues – Title gone – AGAIN

  1. muffdiver

    arsene wenger we love you. but if you love us – leave in the summer- dont be selfish and let your addiction inhibit our success. two decades of loyal service an we thank you- but please leave in the summer- bow out with our thanks and respect-

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    1. RSH

      I really wish he left after FA Cup win in 2014. He deserved to leave with silverware. Now it will inevitably end on a sour note, but it’s time, and it’s been time for a while. Still no certainty this is his last season though because we’ve thought this several times, and then he springs up with a new contract and we go through this tiring process all over again.

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      1. Juhi McLovin

        Wenger can’t leave. If a new manager comes along and wins the title right away, or at least challenges for the title, can you imagin what kind of stain that leaves on his legacy? Wenger won’t allow it, he’s too arrogant for that. Besides, who wouldn’t turn down easy 8 million a year?

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        1. Gurrosco

          You make sense. Could it be that wenger purposely extended his contract to a point where almost all superb young managers signed a contract? Conspiracy worthy eh.

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          1. Wonder

            A typical dictator will make sure that there is no obvious successor to keep them relevant!

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      2. muffdiver

        feel like winning for once?
        ever think whats the point..of anything?

        arsenal ladies are in the 2017 world netball finals!! sponsored by stavros kebabs

        whos with me!!!!!!

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        1. Juhi McLovin

          Heyoooo McMuffin, some of those ladies are ffffffine. Count me in!

          Baumzika wow wowwww

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        2. Fatboy Gooney

          Kebabs? 😋
          Count me in mate,
          I’ll bring the Joker~Cola (the Bottlers choice)
          To wash down those greasy meat wallets.😂👍

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          1. Juhi McLovin

            Soo it’s Fatboy, Muffin-man and McLovin, the greasesome threesome!

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    2. Dee@ease

      Wenger’s time has been up for a long time,he’s the only manager with a squad made up of players that are 100% his own not inherited but he can’t motivate them so let’s realize that nothing will change until he leaves!

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    3. Luko Bratzi

      How on earth did Ozil and Sanches finish the game. They were awful,Sanches couldn’t pass to save his life Gervinho was better, as for Ozil he has no balls can’t win a ball. The back 2 koshelny,Mustafa are so ordinary. Well done Oxy man of match. Wenger should have took off Ozil and Coquelin and bought on the 2 youngsters from the Southhampton game. There has to be something that we don’t know why the team gets picked on not giving a performance that the money they get requires them to earn. Tell me I’m wrong that Sanches Ozil should get a new contract on there performance after this game. Wenger has know more to offer the club, time to say fairwell. CB

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      1. RSH

        Sanchez had a rare horrible game. How many times have we lost and Sanchez was the only respectable player. He’s probably tired of always being the one that has to be relied upon. Notice he tried to do everything by himself today, that’s why he kept getting beat and wasn’t passing. He knows his teammates will fail. The trust isn’t there anymore. Ozil, is always a letdown in big games, and even most midtable games now, don’t compare the two. Don’t forget everything Alexis has done this season just because of one bad game.

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        1. Luko Bratzi

          What about thevWatford game both ordinary. Sanches,s game is too predictable you know he wants to cut inside, bring on the youngsters at least they want to play. CB

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    4. zion

      This is what a crumbling looks like! End of season for me! Next season wenger leaves… Sanchez and ozil follow… New players get bought…The team becomes manure… 10 years will pass…. We become Liverpool… The face of Crumble!

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    5. ThirdManJW

      I said 3-1 before the game, wish I had bet now!

      Wenger’s tactics were shocking today, as always! Chelsea could have easily scored 7/8 goals on the counter, they had that much space to work with. Yet again in a big game, no win, and an horrific performance!

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    6. ThirdManJW

      Cannot wait to see Arsenal Fan TV today! Proper fans with, and uncensored opinions.

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  2. Gurrosco

    Sanchez: the better Pedro in the wrong team?
    Ozil: the big name signing in the wrong tactics?
    Giroud: an always full giant. Caroll and crouch hungrier.

    I can go into every player but it all highlights one problem, the manager.

    Danny welback: showed passion
    Iwobi: all these string of defeats is starting to make him better at defending. Lookout for this boy next season.
    Ospina: it’s fair time for someone to realise he is better than cech

    All in all, I feel we did better in 442.

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    1. Adienl

      Cech deserves to be dropped. Opsina is a brilliant goalkeeper; we already know that.

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      1. Gurrosco

        My bad. Meant to say a certain someone. Ahem arsene ahem. Gotta get me some cough syrups.

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  3. RSH

    The saddest part of thing whole thing is that nothing about the result, or performance is shocking anymore. It’s become expected. Yet again out of the title race in February. How many times have we heard this the past decade?

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    1. bran99

      We will bounced back.. the line I’m craving to hear in a very very near future

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  4. Wayne Barker

    After we beat hull you can again write an article about how we can win the title. Stupid idiots.

    Pathetic and gutless performance to say the least.

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  5. Juhi McLovin

    Wenger just fock off. And take Cech, Özil and Monreal with you. They are weak and entitled players who can’t get dropped and have no spine.

    I bet us to loose 2-0 because we are so predictable and for a long time it looked like I would make little money out of our inevitable defeat. But Cech had to give it to Fabregas. Fn helmet wearing c**t.

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    1. dee23

      Juhi Mclovin Are you touched? How can you blame Monreal,Ozil and Cech for not getting dropped. They don’t pick themselves. Their not entitled players, the manager is choosing to pick them a head of the alternatives. Chill! Those players don’t need to leave the club, only the manager. If we had Conte we probably would of signed Kante or someone of his quality and Conte would have improved our team the way he improved Chelsea’s. It’s the manager that needs to move on,not the players from our starting 11.

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  6. muffdiver

    nothing surprising
    dont care who leaves
    we wont win anything of real merit in current regime

    sanchez deserves better and will find it away from this – wishing u well alexis- sorry we couldnt meet your demands of success
    ozil- pfft like i care- score a hat trick against hull u will always be a bottle job

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    1. rd_gunner

      Everyone in the arsenal shirt was second best today and no point in singling someone out.

      But i will still go into the ozil enigma. He is only second to Sanchez in this team skill wise but why he he under performs almost always is beyond me.
      For us to play well he has to play well and Without him we look so devoid of class. But when push comes to shove he just capitulates. I always wonder if another coach could get the best out of him and make him mentally stronger.

      The only way i see it is putting Alexis in the AM with someone else playing the striking position. Did he not play there last year or last to last year. That means we have to sell Ozil

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  7. reddb10

    we have nothing to do with sport anymore. the club has been turned into a money making machine where all us gooners are being taken for a ride. koenke gazidis and wenger are destroying the history of the club and I wish all three of them the worst.

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  8. Adienl

    This was a match won by tactics. Conte won the game even before it started. I’m mesmerized by Chelsea’s off the ball positioning and movement. That beautiful affinity between their players!!! Arsenal were nowhere near Chelsea. Special mention to our midfield. Might as well none of them had played.
    Chelsea deserve the title.
    Wengerout unless he wins the champions league. 🙂

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    1. muffdiver

      they dont deserve the title – they just have superior manager

      thats it

      Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 17 Thumb down 8

      1. Adienl

        I agree, sir. And with such performances I really think they deserve the title.

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    2. Wonder

      anyway its so easy to sit back and wait for a counter or for an opponent to make a mistake. I wasn’t expecting Chelsea to be that defensive at home! I am not saying we were good!

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  9. Twig

    Sanchez, Ozil or Cech, I don’t even know who’s the flop of the match 🙁

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    1. RSH

      Cech looks defeated, has not been good this season. Like many players, when you’re not around winners, your performance level drops as well. Alexis is the only team member that remains at a high level, even though he was terrible today. He’ll be gone in the summer and I wish him the best of luck. We couldn’t give him what he wanted and I don’t blame him. He has true ambition and Arsenal board from front to back, does not. And it spreads throughout entire club.

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  10. arsenal_canada

    The title was gone last week! It’s the same thing every year guys. How can anyone want Wenger to stay? What has he done to justify his stay recently? Dont tell me loyalty. You know very well this will happen again next year and the year after if he stays. Time to go bud.

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    1. AndersS

      No, the title wasn’t gone last week. the title was gone in the first match of the season, when you could see the same f…..g problems that AW can’t organize the whole team to defend.

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      1. arsenal_canada

        Don’t remind me of that game 🙁 lol. Your right though, same bottling attitude that hasnt been addressed.

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    2. bran99

      I know some AKBs in here who won’t agree with you, and they’ll be back after we beat poor hull and say you see, we gonna win the league.. I can mention them by names by I’m scared of being moderated

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      1. highbury44

        Why are you all certain we’ll beat Hull .Hull are playing a lot bettter and fighting to avoid relegation.I think it will be close

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  11. Uzi Ozil

    Petr Cech still loves Chelsea. What a good assist. 😀

    I predicted 3 goals to one. Chelsea victory and I was spot on.

    Didn’t see the game. I decided to let it pass..

    Wenger, please it’s time to draw the curtain.

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  12. Demwan Jones

    the title is gone and ozil is a brainless fart who does nothing

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  13. luvdaguns

    gutted, not surprised, beat in every position, not one good performance, that hazard running thru the whole defense goal summed it up, please dont think if we just bring back these same players we will win next year… time to get rid of those hanging around 4-5 seasons producing nothing…. Cesc was class, if Nasri scored that he would have been in the crowd

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    1. Gurrosco

      Completely agree. Massive respect far fabregas. I’m not crying. Damn onions.

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    2. rd_gunner

      I think 100% Wenger will be gone this summer becoz there is no way in hell we are getting past Bayern.

      My only worry is Sanchez and Ozil will be gone too.

      Again we will start the dreaded “rebuilding period” around who ? Giroud or Ramsey 😉

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  14. luvdaguns

    its time we finish out of top 4 to put real pressure on management, otherwise we get the same sh*t every season…

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  15. Onochie

    Its funny how an Ex chelsea player assist an ex Arsenal player. Let’s be sincere,since cech came in,what exactly has he done for the club on the positive front. I think Ospina deserve a short in the league games but only if Wenger has the guts to do it. I wonder what Wenger would give as an excuse,we have heard “no cohesion,tired legs,not mentally ready”

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    1. Juhi McLovin

      He has single handedly cost us 15 goals, not saved 15 points.

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    2. zion

      In wenger’s words they might have wanted to score against Arsenal ” subconsciously”

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    1. RSH

      along with a massive clearout, and change in ownership, yes please! What is Allegri going to win with players like Ozil, Gabriel, Monreal, Ox, Ramsey, Theo??? And Arsenal board is loyal to money, not to success. That’s a massive problem. Would the board be willing to back Allegri to form his team? We still actually don’t know whether Wenger is the reason we are tight with the purse-strings, or whether it’s upper management. Either way, management has been more than happy with not winning a thing, and that’s unacceptable for any supposedly ambitious club. Change in manager is certainly a start though.

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    2. GoonAR

      Yes please. If he isn’t available try Jardim or Simeone. Sanchez looks frustrated, if you’re going to play Ozil to “create” then he needs to perform or be dropped. I am furious that I woke up to watch that.

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  16. Nebsy

    I think if Arsene got to manage Barca or Real, he’d still only reach the top four and nothing more, he forgot what it means to be a winner.

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  17. Eddy Hoyte not even hurt cus i expected this..Sanchez was shiiiit, wasteful..Ozil bettered him today..Cech is done..dont argue it. lol now d battle for top four n St spurs day will begin…LMAO!! Wenger leave pls

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  18. tweety

    sorry to say but when i expressed my opinion after the watford loss, that aw must go, i was bombarded with negatives. now we wait for Bayern and the season will be have ended as usual in feb. pls leave and take with you some of our present players, mr stubborn = gooner for ever

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  19. HA559

    Like I said so many times before we don’t have enough ball winners in the team.

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  20. muffdiver

    im taking bets ..on wenger excuses for the game

    4/6…we were not prepared mentally
    15/2- lacked cohesion
    12/1- im going home and smothering myself in nutella so my dog fifi can eat

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    1. Juhi McLovin

      4/6 Elneny is back and is like a new signing!!!!

      Wait, does that count as an excuse?

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    2. RSH

      He’s going to mention the foul on Bellerin, and how we’ll improve next time. They guy has no excuses yet again. He already took blame for Watford match, doubt he’ll do it twice.

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  21. Fatboy Gooney

    Cech had a nightmare, or did he receive a bung from the Oil Baron?
    That wouldn’t surprise me. I remember him shipping in 4 goals against Russia and was immediately rewarded with a 4 year extension from the Chelsea owner.

    Anyways, this defeat was highly expected, even though I tried to remain positive just before kick off and again at halftime but it’s plain to see that our Bottlers will always bottle it when the pressures on.
    I don’t think that Chelsea played great today, especially when you consider that we made Watford look good at the Emirates.
    As for Sanchez and Ozil 😮 these two need to take a pay cut to remain at Arsenal, judging by today’s performance.
    I was impressed with Gabriel when he came on, he was by far our best defender out there and big ups to good old super sub lamp post.

    And another thing… Why does our team only start playing football when we’re into injury time? 😮

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  22. JAmerican

    If this team couldn’t beat Watford at HOME how did we expect them to beat Everton, City and Chelsea away? Folks are getting 1 thing wrong, the league isn’t lost in February again it was lost in December. If there ever was a season that we finally finished out of the top 4 this sure as hell feels like it. Not even winning the FA cup would repair this feeling.

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  23. HA559

    When Coqulein gets physically rolled over by Hazard you know there is a big problem.

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      1. Juhi McLovin

        Wenger has probably told Coquelin to stop tackling, just like he did with Xhaka. Basically Coquelin needs to be less a destroyer and more of a p*ssy.

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  24. The Dom04

    I’m glad I quit watching our games almost two seasons ago it’s saved me a lot of agony and stress.

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  25. Ronny331

    Title has gone!? I pretty much guessed 3 or 4 games after we beat Chelsea and they changed formation that they’d win it this year. Only one thing I want to know is why do our injuries persist and why is Chelseas injury history so remarkably good ßeason after season regardless of the manager. Style of play? Diet? Training methods and pitch?
    Also today was the day we lost sanchez for sure, it showed in his body language. Ongoing fight and frustration appeared to turn to ‘whatever then’.

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    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Sanchez kept giving the ball away far too many times today and as for Ozil 😮 … the less said the better.
      These two are supposedly World class players, they should be able to motivate themselves and encourage the rest of the team to perform well but hey this is Wenger’s Arsenal we are talking about.
      Roll on summer.

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      1. RichSAAlao

        Well, it is only with Arsenal fans you hear ; we will lose Ozil, we will lose Sanchez but I wonder what Sanchez has done lately as a team player when he did not score. r . Since he was now being started from he wing, his traEdemark is run, run and give the ball away. The assists he has given were just determination of those who had scored them, not that the passes were good. Even, if he stays, he will not win anything for the team this way. He was broughht in as winger, if the coach says you play wing, then give your best as before.

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  26. Linsagunner

    Cech IS NOT a gooner!!! saw his wry smile after the awful giveaway goal smh.

    Credit to Fiberglass for showing some respect to his makers after that farce of a goal

    Opinions divided. What do you think? Thumb up 12 Thumb down 9

  27. BUR

    Enough is enough now all you wenger lovers it’s time you admitted he must go. Our defence was chronic can’t tacklet our keeper is pure manure

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  28. gmv8

    I am confident that we have the team to win the title, we just don’t have the manager. When he is forced to play people he usually wouldn’t, and we consistently win, he still doesn’t see the error of his ways. He would’ve played Ramsey today if he hadn’t been injured, and it could’ve been even worse. Like everyone else here I would like him to go out on a high, but his logic seems to be failing him on such a consistent basis, I don’t know if that’s possible

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  29. Linsagunner

    I think Welbz deserves a starting position ahead of Theo/Iwobi/Giroud

    While we’re dishing out the customary blame to everybody… Ozil deserves a lot of stick for being in acres of space alone in the box first half and failing to trouble TT (Thibaut Tortoise). an early equalizer ‘could have been’ MASSIVE

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  30. ras911

    Worst part is waking up at 7 am after a heavy night of drinking for this nonsense. What are the chances of us fans suing Kroenke for emotional distress?

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  31. Taiwo

    I would have been sad if i had not bet against Arsenal, honestly i saw this coming and i feel we lost this very game when Xhaka was red carded.
    My prediction for the rest of the season is the finish top of Hot spur.

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  32. Raoh

    Title was gone before that, losses at Man City & Everton from a winning situation started it. Than the Watford was clearly the nail in the coffin. If the players were actually thinking about Chelsea when playing Watford I guess they didn’t think enough. Again the 5 games that come to my mind that showed we were not contenders are those 3 as well as the 1st game of the season and the Bournemouth game.
    Lack of focus, mental fortitude, discipline and leadership. That is all it is and YES injuries. Cazorla has been a big miss.
    No matter what we do I even fear for our top 4 finish. Out of the 14 games left we still got to play against Man City, Man U, Spurs, Everton & Liverpool. That’s 15 points and as it stands I don’t see this team win any of those.
    What a joke. The board should seriously consider a new approach (manager) specially if we lose both Sanchez and Ozil which looks more likely than not.
    I mean the only thing that could salvage the disappointment is winning the UCL & FA Cup. Hence making the double for 10 years of mediocrity.

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  33. HA559

    Mustafi made a lot of mistakes today as well as some good last ditch tackles. He was the only player who seemed affected by the situation, the only communicator in the whole team.

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  34. highbury44

    This is how I see it.I think we have a very good squad and some very talented players and with the right manager would win the league.The trouble is Wenger can’t mound them in to a great team.Just look at Leicester .except for Kanye they are the same team who would the league but now 4th from bottom.Its all about attitude when you go that pitch which Arsenal can’t get right.A new Arsenal manager could get that right and gell these players into a team

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  35. V.uren

    Have we all finally seen the light … ?

    I am utterly bored , to the point that these kind of losses don’t even hurt anymore !

    I’m quite prepared for the possibility that a new manager could prove to be a bad move … I’m sure utd wouldn’t of expected it to be quite so difficult to replace bacon face. I just feel that sticking with wenger , as a fan , I’m essentially saying I’m happy with 4th place , to play in a European competition we realistically can’t win, as arsene is simply incapable of winning the league again , football has moved on , arsene hasn’t kept up unfortunately.

    A role of the dice is what’s needed , if only to give some genuine hope to a very patient set of fans , we could drop out of top 4 , absolutely … We could end up winning the league , but at least we would be making a statement by saying that this isn’t acceptable anymore !

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  36. PJ

    Not surprising at all. I totally expected us to lose this match. The title was already gone before the match! Just hope Wenger gets his top 4 trophy and hopefully an FA cup trophy and leaves for good! I’ve had enough of the same thing every year!

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  37. RichSAAlao

    Just short of words. Apart of Mustafi, Giroud for the goal, nobody on the field deserved a 4point Performance rating.
    If this is a team on which Mr Wenger will get anothr conttact to manage, then it is time to attend games no more. Truth is this team is disinterested in winning any titles, even presented on a plate.
    Some fans will tell tales how Petr Cech was the clear sheet winner, cleansheet the monkeyass! Cleansheet that was really earned by the defenders.

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  38. Bigvalbowski

    Arsenal have one WC player @ the moment and a manager who is simultaneously destroying his own legacy and the future of the Arsenal we love.

    Remove the red and white colored glasses for a moment and honestly assess the team Wenger has assembled.

    Giroud- scores goals but his inclusion in the side is the antithesis of the way Arsenal should play.
    Ozil- $200K a week passenger, just doesn’t provide enough on a weekly basis to warrant such a ridiculous contract
    Sanchez–Has been Arsenal this year but deserves better than playing with the average quality around him. Will be gone to Juve in the summer.
    Ramsey- Cup level performer who is always injured.
    Jack–Hell of a talent @ 16 but injuries and off the field troubles have derailed a once promising career. Stay @ Bournemouth.
    Theo–Has is occasional moments but consistently non existent in big matches. Sadly he’s a Cup player at this stage in his career
    Monreal–Brilliant the last few years but shambolic this year and best years are sadly behind him. Arsenal can and should do better than both him and Gibbs.
    Gibbs–Cant beat out Monreal, muffed said
    Coquelin–Has the necessary tenacity and mindset that the rest of the squad, sans Sanchez desperately need. Technically improved but not the finished product.
    Boss–Getting a little long in the tooth but still a quality CB in world football
    Mustafi–Ball winning CB who will improve as he adjusts back to the pace of the PL. HUGE improvement over BFG.
    Bellerin–Precocious talent ravaged with injuries this year. Hasn’t been impressive in his cameos but I’ll give him a pass.
    Cech–Should see the bench, Ospina is younger and better ATM.

    Xhaka, Welbeck, Iwobi and Ox are all young, talented players that under a new manager would flourish but will sadly walk in the shoes of Theo and Jack as long as Wenger is around.

    Time to sell Ozil and Sanchez for $100M and blow this up or simply hire Alegri and see the resurgence of a sleeping giant.

    Top Gooner!. Agree or not?: Thumb up 17 Thumb down 1

  39. gmv8

    I didn’t think Ozil or Alexis played well today – their contracts should’ve either have been sorted out or they should go – it’s not good for the team. I’m glad Wenger isn’t a military general – he would consistently send in the cavalry into battle, while leaving his tanks and airforce in the barracks, only deploying them when the battle is lost and the horses are injured.

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    1. marty53

      Quite right, I wonder if the uncertainty about the contracts are affecting Ozil and Sanchez. They should either sign or tell Wenger they aren’t going to sign. For the money we could get for them we could bring in 2 or 3 decent players. At the moment Ozil is contributing nothing.

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  40. sam-afc

    Strong rumour going around that Arsenal will be changing the club badge for next season.
    Apparently a plastic bottle with replace the cannon.
    Somehow it seems like that would work 🤔

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  41. ger burke

    never mind folks, we are arsenal , theres always next season to look forward to when our famous academy players will step up and win the title.

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  42. wengerout54

    the league was lost in December, we will never win with wenger in charge

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  43. dboy

    Lift those banners high!
    Chants echo through the sky!
    No more bums on these seats!
    Till Kroenke and Arsene leaves!

    Change! Change! Is what we need
    Oh see, how our Gooner hearts do bleed.
    Arsenal! Arsenal! We came to see
    Instead we leave with hearts full of grief.

    Kroenke leave!
    Arsene leave!
    For the sake of our beloved Arsenal Please!

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