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Choose your Arsenal team to start against Leicester

Arsene Wenger is desperate for Arsenal to get a fast start in the League against Leicester tonight, but as usual on the opening day, we don’t have a fully fit squad to choose from yet. We have the ever-injured Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla unavailable, but we also have a few players that are simply not fit enough to play yet.

The really bad news is that Alexis Sanchez is not available, as Wenger said the other day: “He had a little abdominal strain that he caught on Sunday morning in training, before he came to Wembley,”

“He had a scan two days ago and he’s out for a while – we don’t know if it is two weeks or one more week, but he will not be available. We think he will not play at Stoke.”

The also explained about our other problems in his pre-match conference. “I have plenty of uncertainties about the players who didn’t play against Chelsea,”

“For example Ramsey, Ozil, Mertesacker… and of course Koscielny is suspended.

“I have players coming back who have not played, like Mustafi. Alexis will not be available for example, so I cannot go into the game with too many uncertainties. I can take a gamble on one, maybe maximum two, but I focus more on the players who had the right number of competitive minutes in recent weeks.”

So who will he choose from the available players that are fit and ready? I am going to go for….

Holding Mustafi Monreal
Oxlade Coquelin Xhaka Kolasinac
Ozil Lacazette Welbeck

What do you think?


34 thoughts on “Choose your Arsenal team to start against Leicester

    1. lugdush

      wtf is that ox on cm just because he wants to play there…he is not a cm, he doesnt have the tempo, the pass and cool head to play there, he needs space to use his pace. Thats on the wing, and if he dont want, he can go, just like walcott when he starttalking about being cf

      . cech
      Holding Mustafi Monreal
      Ox Xhaka Elneny Sead
      Welbeck Iwobi

    2. Neil

      I would imagine Mustafi is still short of fitness and so my preference is

      Holding Mertescaker Monreal
      Ox Xhaka Elneny Kolasinac
      Ozil Iwobi / Welbeck

      SUbs that will play – Walcott, Iwobi / Welbeck , Nelson

  1. waal2waal

    season 2017/18 game#1


    …kolasinac —-kolasinac—- kolasinac


    ozil ———lacazette——-sanchez

  2. JustJoy

    Holding Mustafi Monreal
    Oxlade Coquelin Xhaka Kolasinac
    Ozil Lacazette Welbeck

    It’s a strong line up that can give us a 3:0 win.

  3. gotanidea


    ————Holding—(Any fit DC)—Kolasinac



    OT: Chelsea is chasing Barcelona’s Sergi Roberto. His release clause is just around 35 million and he could be another option if Arsenal doesn’t get Jean Seri.

  4. Ofonime james

    Cech holding mertesacker monreal
    chamberlin elneny xhak kolasinac walcott lacazette ozil

  5. TongaBull

    ……. Cheq…..
    Holdings Matersa Nacho
    Ox.. Elneny.. Xhaka… Saed
    Iwobi Welberg.
    Let Ozil be eazed back slowly

    1. Neil

      Lets get Ozil on first half and get Lacazette runing on to his through balls… get 2-0 up and then take him off for second half and let Ox or Iwobi take that position on counter attack

  6. kev

    Hey Muffdiver,I told you the Coutinho transfer request was untrue.Liverpool have denied and other credible sources have denied.Only the “out of touch” Sky Sports are saying it’s true.Coutinho won’t be leaving Liverpool anytime soon.You heard it from me first.

    1. Eddy Hoyte

      But sir what happened to Lemar will be announced after Monaco unveil Dia whatever his name is ? ???

      1. kev

        Diakhaby that’s his name.The fact that I had that transfer right should tell you about our crediblity.I don’t even follow Monaco transfer news and I’ve never seen Diakhaby play.I broke the Diakhaby deal weeks before he signed.The Lemar deal is stll on but for now Coutinho deal is off though he wants to speak to Barca but has still not handed in a transfer request.

          1. kev

            If you think it’s crap then fine by me.Some of you are just rude yet you don’t want people to act rudely to you.The funny thing is every transfer they’ve put out including none Arsenal one’s are all happening with the exception of the Neymar one.1 mistake out of 100 is very impressive.Idon’t care what you say and will continue reporting the truth none the less.If you can’t cope with it then stop speaking anyhow.

            1. Eddy Hoyte

              I’m sorry i sound rude but we are Arsenal fans here, you know how sensitive we are about our transfers. You can’t just tell us this so we’ll keep hoping.

        1. Neil

          Wrong… you mentioned Monaco were looking for a replacement for Lemar – didnt mention any names.. anyone can work that out
          You only mentioned Diakhaby once it was also mentioned online and then said.. ‘there you go!’..
          Name your sources or provvide proof or else stop mentioning how great you are

          Or tell us one thing now about any football club which has not been in the news to prove it and Im sure we will all doff our caps if you are proved right… there simples!

  7. Sparkles

    Leciester city likes to play on the counter and as such may exploit Per. Although this is less likely with 3 at the back, it’s safer to start with Mustaphi. I also think Xhaka-Elneny worked out well the last time out, I’ll like to give it a try at least one more time. Iwobi is hungry and seems to have found his form back, Ozil is fit again and usually one of the first names on our list. I shouldn’t explain why I have Kolasinac and Xhaka in my team. Should I?
    ……..Holding ….. Mustaphi ….Monreal…….
    Ox …….Elneny …….. Xhaka…….. Kolasinac
    ……………….Iwobi ………….Ozil…………………

    1. Steve

      Per reads game so much better than mustafi. Mustafi dives in too much trying to nip in front of the forward and gets caught out or gives fouls. leaving him out of position and he is also slow or from a free kick leicester have plenty of big men for headers

  8. John0711

    Iwobi should start ahead of either Ozil or welbeck
    Ones lazy the other is just a worker
    But come on gunners let’s start with a win pls

  9. Steve

    Chambers Per Monreal
    Ox Kolas
    Coq Xhaka
    Laca Giroud
    Holding is overrated. Chambers much better suited to a right sided 3 man defence
    xhaka is too slow over ground and cant stop counter attacks – leicester love a quick break -but best available at moment until others are fit
    use giroud to flick on and play with a partner like he does for france. welbeck has lots of running and energy but is pooron the ball. Theo is theo and iwobi flatters to deceive and needs more end product

  10. sulgem

    as for me ozil is a talented and skilful player but having only that is not enough to win the ever getting stronger premier leage teams ,he has to train hard for endurance and be a fighter, he has to come back and press on the opponent defense and even midfieldes to disposes the ball when arsenal loose the ball and go back fast attacking like iwobi and welbeck are doing .otherwise it is better for me to give the chance to those guys who have endurance and fighting spirit I mentioned above.

  11. Vishaad

    Holding Mertescaker Monreal
    Ox Xhaka Elneny Kolasinac
    Walcott /Giroud ( 2nd striker ) Iwobi Welbeck

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