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Confident Arsenal ready for anything says Walcott

Theo Walcott is certainly enjoying his best season as an Arsenal player, and he has revealed that the whole team is in a great mood after coming through two tough games against Stoke and Sunderland. The belief and confidence is high and Theo is sure that the Gunners will ensure an amazing 16th year of qualification for the Champions league.

23-year old Walcott has already surpassed his previous best totals, with almost a third of the season left. His 18 goals and 12 assists make him Arsenal’s most dangerous attacking player and put him right up alongside the best players in the Premier league. Since renewing his contract, Walcott has bagged four goals in six games, although he is the first to acknowledge that Arsenal are all about the team.

“The three points have put us on a high and we’ve got a nice week now without a midweek game.

“We’re very confident. We can battle through any sort of situation. The teams around us are winning as well, but we’ve just got to make sure we look after ourselves and try to win as often as we can.

“We’ll see where we are at the end of the season, but we’ve got to show the belief we did at Sunderland. I felt there were a lot of winners in that dressing room and the boys were fantastic.”

Arsenal need to keep that confidence going and build on it, and Theo suggests that it might be better not to rest many top players against Blackburn on Saturday.

“A lot of players are back from international duty and need a bit of a break. Some may be rested for the FA cup game, but that’s just as important as we want to go as far as we can in that competition.”

Wenger has some tough decisions to make this week, but that’s why he is the boss. I just hope that injuries do not have too much of an influence on the coming games.

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20 thoughts on “Confident Arsenal ready for anything says Walcott

  1. Greg

    Confidence is the key towards the gunners season! Keep the fight going gunners! For we are arsenal! Coyg!

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  2. mrinal

    we need to win our home match vs bayern to have a chance to go into the quarter finals
    come on walcott
    i have belief in this team

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  3. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    Win against bayern will make totenham sh!tspurs change diapers everyhour B-):-P

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  4. Aziz

    Santos deserves respect since he has only positive things to say about Arsenal. We need to give him our support, hope he does well in Brazil and comes back a much better player. This guy took flak from Arsenal fans, yet did not resort to criticising the club, unlike Bendtner,Nasri,Cole,Adebayou. And he says he will be following the clubs fortunes from Brazil. A true fan and I wish him the best of luck.

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  5. Gunner

    1 thing I know is that kit we want to we can beat Balcburn like 7-0, trust me I seen em play h they are terrible, they got a few good players such as Rhodes but not doing us damage. 1 more thing is it quarter finals if we win or another round. Sorry I’m confused. Ccmmooonnn Yooouu Guuunneerrsss

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  6. jjohn

    It’s the story of the 3 ‘S’s! Swansea (cup), Stoke, Sunderland. The 3 best performances by Arsenal all Season. Well done to the lads in those games, they refused to be muscled out of it and also didn’t show their frustration at missing chances but instead kept on going until they got what they wanted. The belief was there and so too the determination. If we can keep that up for ALL the remaining games, it may still be a successful season!

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  7. CUT

    Theo is quality player and getting better and better with hard work he is putting in after every training sessions.

    To think the board nearly sold him just because had one left! This businnesmaen need appreciate that quality cannot be replaced by mediocrity!

    Next season he will be unplayable like Bale.

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  8. neil moxon

    A confident Arsenal team are sure to stop giving stupid goals away or i would like to think so.

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  9. Absolute prince

    Team against blackburn
    Jenk sagna mert monreal
    Ramsey. Rosicky
    Walcott podolski gervinho
    Sub. Diaby,eisfield akpom,giroud,miguel,ox

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  10. true goon

    Theo will have to learn how to control the ball properly b4 he’s anywhere near Bales level.Bale scores freekicks and sprays crossfield passes,Theo’s not capable of this on a consistent basis, no matter how much he practices.

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  11. Cannon Balz

    Walcott isn’t the finished article and has to learn to defend from the top end of the field
    If you win the ball in the attacking third how many more goals would you get?
    Picking defenders pockets is an art but it really helps you and your teams chances and the work rate is respected and appreciated by your team mates.
    Walcott has the tools but not the steele yet to be a great plus a complete player can head the ball well and this is non existent at this point
    Walcott is a lighting quick average player who can improve but needs to take a leaf out of Jacks book and apply himself in the areas that are lacking , he’s very good against the average teams but quality defenders shut him down
    Just my opinion

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  12. Blackbody

    I think wallcott is correct. If we keep our game tight with the kind of form we ve got. We can qualify for the champions league.

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  13. eposs

    Why is it that some guys refuse to appreciate their player and the omorovement they make on a daily bases rather comparing them with some players.where was Bale in the last thre seasons try and give credit to ur player if รน are a tru fan

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