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Confirmed Arsenal team for Bournemouth encounter

The teams are out for the upcoming Arsenal v Bournemouth match-up, where we will be facing former youth product Benik Afobe, although Jack Wilshere is not allowed to face his parent club.

Mathieu Debuchy is a surprise inclusion in the starting line-up today, making his first league start for our club in just over a year, while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is also selected ahead of Aaron Ramsey or Alex Iwobi.

The official team is as follows:

It will be interesting to see Debuchy returning to the side, while we had been expected Olivier Giroud to get his first start of the PL campaign.

This team should have more than enough fire-power, and I look forward to rubbing Wilshere’s nose in it, after he expressed his wish for his temporary side to snatch victory today.

Any complaints?

Pat J

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88 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team for Bournemouth encounter

  1. Arsenal_Girl

    Seems quite solid to me
    I would have played Coquelin instead of Eleney but other than seems good

    3-0 to us

  2. Jim A

    Yes let’s put a player on the bench who has scored in the last 5 matches while his team has produced 1 shot on goal the last 2 games.

  3. Break-on-through

    Forgot all about Debuchy, hope he’s ready. I think it’s smart not playing Jenk after that last performance, also he might have looked a bit sluggish.

    Come on Xhaka, make a play for that position starting today.

  4. goonerboy

    Am not comfortable seeing Giroud on the bench again…
    He should be starting our matches by now as we have difficulty in scoring goals…

    One would expect Arsenal to win this but its not gonna be as easy as that, especially with a manager that doesn’t react quickly enough…

    1. Fatboy Gooney

      Super lamppost sub ⚽️?

      I’m just glad to see Arh-me-hamstrings Ramsey on the bench,
      I bet that hurt Mr wenger ?
      No doubt that he will be the first player that is subbed on.

    2. Godswill

      Yes because we’ve been player with no shot on target these days and Giroud would want to impress (fans).

      1. luvdaguns

        nothing wrong, we gave him 4 yrs of chance at feature striker, last yr as an example, we were in first place when olivier went dry for 10 straight matches, inthink wenger finally realizes his best fit,

  5. Break-on-through

    I thought Ramsey might have started but considering his burn out history leading to injury, Wenger probably right to take him out. Similar with Coquelin, he played allot of games this season and straight after a CL game players can become sluggish. I’ve no complaints with this line-up, some might say Giroud, but that could go either way, and Giroud is a useful substitution to have in the Arsenal.

  6. Jerick

    Everyone blabbing about Elneny starting. In my book, he haven’t put a foot wrong since he joined us. He always work hard pressing and defending. You don’t always need a midfielder who will always play long diagonal balls. Sometimes u just need that “one” who will keep it calm and simple playing to the sides or to the wing backs just to clear the ball from the crowded midfield. Had he came with a hefty price tag or from a bigger club or more popular country known to football then we would have hype him up. Give the lad a break.

  7. Godswill

    Giroud on the bench? Wenger is giving in to fans. He’s on form now. Why not try him until he fails?
    Well, I want a good win.

  8. Uzi Ozil

    Am just glad Ramsey is not starting….I don’t hate Him but wanted a change in that midfield. Would have preferred Coq – Xhaka but Elneny should be fine. I know what Wenger did there.

    Come on gunners.

  9. Break-on-through

    I like the bench, 1 box to box player, a pacy and tricky winger, our very own super sub. Also a strong DM, top GK, and some good defenders.

  10. Juhi McLovin

    Nice. Can’t remember the last time we had a clean sheet.

    And can’t remember the last time Cech actually saved a penalty.

  11. rkw

    It’s not simply that they scored a soft goal … It’s that they looked like the better after we scored …

  12. Arsenal_Girl

    See this is why I don’t think much of the “first goal is crucial” articles
    Anything can happen in a football match and it all depends on the final score
    Once we were up 4-0 to Newcastle and it ended 4-4

    Now the match is level back again 1-1
    We need to tighten our defense and score, score

  13. rkw

    They are dominant and should gave had 3 … Wtf does wenger do during the week l.. I don’t understand I really don’t …. Even if we win this there is no way this team can overhaul all of the three leading teams without serious purchases in the window

  14. rkw

    Funny how wenger waffles on about midfield …. Yet we have no creativity there …, the uselessness of Walcott continues to astound me …. The difference with Chelsea and lpool is shocking in that department

  15. josh37

    If Eddie Howe succeeds Wenger I’ll be genuinely happy… The way they play football with limited players against any opposition is a testament to how good he is. Young as well

  16. Juhi McLovin

    Out of 45 minutes we played 10 solid football. Hey that’s 10 minutes more than usually!

    Hopefully Wenger will fire up the squad with locker room talk. Oh yeah that’s right, he doesn’t do s**t in the dug out.

  17. JAmerican

    Should have brought Giroud on for Debuchy on put Ox at RB since Jenkinson isn’t even on the bench. At least keep the pace on both wings and have someone to cross it to. I do not rate Gabriel at all, sub wasted in my opinion.

    1. josh37

      I thought the same initially… Gabs is working himself into the game though! despite a few suspect overlaps.. :/

    1. JAmerican

      Giroud should have been brought on instead of Gabriel. Our right side is now dead unless we switch Mustafi to RB. He’s the best ball player of the CB’s.

  18. lcebox

    What the Hell Arsenal come on we are better than this
    So many players gone missing and why didnt Ox move to RB.
    Missed the line ups and in 31st minute i seen Xhaka for the first time now im on bad stream but i can hear and id thought we made another sub until i checked team sheet.
    Better come out fighting this half you dirty up all nights.

  19. Dr Dremotosh11

    am I the only one seeing this? seriously Mesut Ozil needs to step up! is it because of the price we bought him? he’s been so poor for us! needs to bench him and try maybe Ramsey or iwobi in that no 10 not impress with him at all!!!

  20. Onochie

    Why are the boys playing with their heads down,does it mean Wenger can’t motivate his team anymore? What’s with the sluggishness

  21. goonerboy

    No one mentioned Ozil???
    Most overrated player! Cazorla our most important player…

    Like it or not, Giroud is needed in starting 11….

    1. josh37

      Haha made you eat them words!! He created our 2 best chances in the first half other than the error by bournemouth

    2. luvdaguns

      how did that work out in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015… 14 goal per season in the EPL over 4 yrs won’t win anything… you can choose to ignor facts, but he seems much better off the bench, when he has energy and the defense is a bit spent.

  22. Adienl

    Observe that when we have a chance to break we don’t have a cazorla to deliver that one pass that sends us away. When does he come back?

    1. rkw

      But why isn’t he doing it for 90 mins these days … Press advantage now hopefully learnt from first half

      1. luvdaguns

        assume you are referring to ozil, the answer is he never has, he is a spurt player, but his low is normal and his high is sublime

  23. Adienl

    Chamberlain did well. Just need to work on minimizing his proneness to mess up the basics.
    Super Sub is in da field.

  24. josh37

    Ahhh… switched over to spanish commentary. So much relief from hearing the english commentators waffle on about ‘plan-b’

    1. Break-on-through

      Silly considering he has one of the best engines in the game and is everywhere on the pitch. Alexis and Elneny are the other two, these three put more into a game than maybe the rest of the team. If Ozil put in that sort of graft nobody at all could touch him.

  25. josh37

    Loved that clip at the end of Koscielny clearing the header like it was insulting for putting that trash into his vicinity, then spraying Xhaka for messing round with it… The Boss

  26. rkw

    Wenger still hasn’t answered question how to get best out of Sanchez and ozil … Our two world class players when on form are lethal… Need carzola back ASAP that’s for sure .. But another quality attacking option is essential in the window

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