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CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Liverpool – Alexis keeps his place

There are no surprises I’m afraid and although I wanted Alexis to be dropped, as I predicted Wenger is still hoping that he will come good one day. Personally I would have him training with the reserves!

So here is the team I predicted earlier…

Koscielny Mustafi Monreal
Bellerin Wilshere Xhaka Maitland-Niles
Ozil Lacazette Alexis

And here is Wenger’s pick…

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>One hour until kick-off – here&#39;s how we line up for <a href=”;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw”>#AFCvLFC</a> <a href=””></a></p>&mdash; Arsenal FC (@Arsenal) <a href=””>December 22, 2017</a></blockquote>
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The only difference is that Wenger changed to 4-2-4 and has picked Iwobi in place of Mustafi so the boss is going for a proper attacjking side,, and trying to confound Klopp I am guessing!

What do you think?

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116 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Arsenal team to face Liverpool – Alexis keeps his place

  1. sfgunner

    wow, can get used to friday nite football, and the boys look like they came to play, just wish someone would tell xhaka that he does not have to shoot from 40 yards everytime he gets the ball

  2. Muff diver

    Why is the beast kola not playing ?
    Jeese maitland Niles vs salah

    Bellerin an xhaka in this game .
    Don’t deserve it at all

  3. rkw

    when is this club going to wake up … its been in a state of football deriliction for 10 years now … with one constant factor … ffing sad …. there is simply no way with starting layers like xhaka bellerin and iwobi can return us to the top or even the top 4 …

  4. Mitch Connor

    Wenger is like “maybe i should not have benched 2 of our best defenders after all” and “maybe i should have played Kolsanic on the left instead of a midfielder who has only some experience as RB” or “Maybe Xhaka wasn’t worth £35 million after all ”

    Unbelievable….. 0-1

  5. Mitch Connor

    If we lose this match, you can only blame one person. Wenger relies too much on versatility of players. Play players in their best positions and play our best players unless its a cup match. Ive been asking Wenger this for a decade now

  6. Ronny

    Anyone surprised?
    Man u and now pool beating us at home.
    This place hardly could be called a home venue as it has the atmosphere of a library or neutral place such as Wembley.

  7. Muff diver

    Almost a coutinho wonder goal

    Wenger has massive gaps here and what’s he doing …nothing

    U blame Ivan for this ?
    Stan for this ?

    This is wengers coaching

    This is poor . Very very poor

  8. Avenger

    34′ minutes in the first half not a shot against
    Liverpool goal yet how they want to win the game
    just tell me no creativity missing passes time fior
    changes Wenger out

  9. wWolf

    sad to see this team can’t eek out a good attack. Laca no service. Iwobi and Sanchez terrible. I saw that goal coming and where it would be coming from why didn’t Wenger?

  10. Waal2waal

    sanchez ain’t on his game but can salvage us a point at any given moment – iwobi should not start over welbeck imo – of course id be happy to be proved wrong… doubt it tho

  11. Invincibles49

    Iwobi is such an unidimensional player. Can’t dribble past defenders, Can’t pass, Can’t win tackles. Just knows how to run in one direction with the ball at his feet till he is in space.

  12. Ronny

    This won’t change until the manager does along with a wedge of transfer money.
    AMN at left back when we have two in Monreal and Kolasinac. At least playing the beast at LB might have intimidated Sarah if he growled at him a few times.
    What other manager consistently tries in big games playing players out of position?
    The guy is nuts!!

  13. sfgunner

    sanchez showing why when a player demands to leave, you sell him, xhaka and iwobi belong in the english championship league mid table,

  14. Ronny

    A few years ago I decided to have no expectations for this current Arsenal side knowing that it may all change when Wenger leaves.
    It’s much healthier this way and occasionally they play well abd suprise us.
    Sad sad sh*t though!
    Next thing Ox will come and score 🙁

  15. Avenger

    39′ minutes in the first half not a shot against
    Liverpool goal yet how they want to win the game
    just tell me no creativity missing passes time fior
    changes Wenger out

    1. Break-on-through

      Niles has been one of our biggest wink links so far. Ball over the top could have destroyed us on a number of occasions, a free kick went over there which they should’ve scored from. Goal came from that side because they keep getting joy out there, even though Xhaka and Wilshere were the ones who let Coutinho go completely free for the goal. Cech and Laca are the only ones who cannot be totally ripped on, but there’s time yet, and I only say Laca because he isn’t getting service ..not even from Ozil buddy.

  16. Muff diver

    Embarrassing they should be 4 up
    Luck has saved us here

    Has wenger got the balls to change things an salvage this game
    8 million a year

    Prove it arsene ..

  17. Me

    Its a sad day when the selfish needs of the manager comes before the welfare of the club and its paying support.
    If he had any decency he would walk away…
    Anywhere else he would have been fired years ago..

  18. Clive

    I hv said time without number Arsenal problem is Wenger.
    If Wenger doesn’t leave Arsenal will keep on going down.
    Wrong team selection ,no tactical know hw.
    D man is just useless.
    Notining good comes out of Arsenal.

    1. rkw

      come on there are three men on him when he gets ball … which is how serious teams press … even so he is only one driving things forward from back need to bring on coquelin who can give him time and kosalinac who is more of a threat down right than bellerin … but this starting every game with iwobi is just pitiful management … he gives no outlet for wilshere has no football brain and cant defend … another walcott in the making

  19. COYG_CA

    Poor lineup, but OMG, AW will keep Ozil out there even if he only had one leg! The 2 “holdouts” are doing their best to help Liverspew by passing to them over and over . . .

    1. COYG_CA

      And some people claim Ramsey doesn’t belong in the lineup?? Really are missing him, at least knows how to feed Laca . . .

      1. Break-on-through

        He causes problems for defenders by being in the box and he occupies their minds which takes attention away from someone to be found unmarked. People don’t see it though, in the final third he is our most dangerous CM player. Lately he’s been all round very good.

  20. Ivan

    Sad stat from the BBC “Arsenal have won two of their last 43 Premier League games in which they’ve gone in at half-time behind”

  21. Durand

    Get Iwobi off stat. Absolutely no RW threat at arsenal. 4-2-3-1 could not be worse. Jack will sit with Xhaka, Ozil at 10 maybe we can become dangerous.

    Currently Liverpool press has Arsenal all 6’s and 7’s playing like scared of anfield bullies

  22. Goonerboy

    Watching Arsenal play is now so agonizing to the eye.
    Midfield pairing of left footed Wilshere and Xhaka is so awkward.
    Iwobi shouldn’t even start the second half at all, I will even prefer Walcott at this point

  23. Bur

    I am sick sore and tired seeing Arsenal being destroyed by a motivless pathetic individual who is an excuse as a manager. Pure dung.

  24. sfgunner

    its when we play top 5 teams that it exposes how poor certain players are at that level, if you want to compete to win the league you ask the obvious question, would iwobi or xhaka start on city? united? spuds? i dont think so. so how do those players help you beat those teams? this team over the last 8 yrs or so always has 6-8 players that deserve to be on that pitch, and 2-3 that do not. the great players know that and they want out. what other big squad has so many players that demand to leave?

  25. Goonerboy

    Why Montreal at CB for f**k sake, if you don’t wanna use Kolasinac for whatever stupid reason why not play Monreal at LB and Mustafi at CB

  26. COYG_CA

    The big question now is – will a lot of scotch help forget this seit, or would it cause me to throw my remote at the tv and kick my dog?

  27. Gunners

    I think Sanchez is deliberately under performing, and he has been like this for since long ago but do we have a coach?

  28. Goonerboy

    We can’t build up play,we can’t counter, team is packed with midfielders, no proper wingers
    Why have we made simple things look so difficult?

  29. Break-on-through

    Not that surprised really considering Xhaka’s not a DM player, Ramsey’s not a DM player, Wilshere’s not a DM player. Our three main CM players, whilst the other two are nothing to write home about.

    Come on FFS, stop arsing about.

  30. Waal2waal

    …bout time (2 – 2) ….nobody should come here from the north-west and have things there own way. we woken up at last… this is London … we are the ARSENAL

  31. Ronny

    Who are you?
    ‘To be precise’ smart ar*e comment really need to argue over 15 seconds.
    And yes we are hypocrites can you blame us with the roller coaster ride this team gives us.
    I could explain the psychology behind comments but not enough time or inclination.

  32. mogunna

    Once again, team on pitch is not right and players as Bellerin looks lost all season with this guessing out of position. Alexis should be benched ages ago. Giroud and Lacazette would work best today..; Same shit over and over Crazy! Like betting!

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