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CONFIRMED Arsenal team to take on Milan at the Emirates

Well it looks like Arsene wenger has picked his very best Arsenal team from the players he has available. Maybe he could have put Nketiah on instead of Welbeck (did he really get picked for England? Welbeck to replace Kane? lol)

It will be interesting to see who is the most forward out of Wilshere and Ramsey but someone will have to help out Xhaka in the middle of the park.

The defence looks fine as long as Mustafi and Koscielny don’t drop any howlers early in the game. And I am very happy to see Iwobi on the bench!

Is that our best team do you think?

70 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Arsenal team to take on Milan at the Emirates

    1. Ackshay

      To be fair iwobi isnt soo bad right now but I remember hurling insults at the TV not long ago.

  1. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels)

    I looked to see if Iwobi is starting. Feel much more confident.

  2. gotanidea

    Maybe Southgate sees the energy of Welbeck and Chamberlain could be a good asset to have in his England World Cup team. Both players are versatile and usually do not afraid to take on their opponents

    I predict Danny Boy would score tonight. COYG…

  3. GoonAR

    If Welbeck doesn’t do anything can we see Nketiah (for longer than 5 mins)?

    Hopefully we finish the job since this is our legitimate shot at the UCL.

  4. qone

    i think that the first goal either way will have an impact on the result. must be careful of their counters. gooner = for ever

    1. Jaydawg

      He’s having a decent game at the moment and he is actually DEFENDING! I know right Xhaka and that word in the same sentence lol.

  5. John Ibrahim

    as long as we held them 0- 0 for 80mins they wil start to panic

    or if we score first and maintain the lead for 45mins

    gonna be tough as they are going all out…they have nothing to lose

  6. Grandad

    What has Elneny got to do,he was the best player on the pitch against Watford ?Surely be should have played instead of Wilshere.

  7. Avenger

    just I tell you 20 minutes first half… Arsenal is waiting for Milan to score 0-1 then in the second half Arsenal will be waiting for Milan to score 0-2 then Arsenal is going to the attack and Milan score 0-3 end of the game ……sorry is the way I see it right now

  8. Ackshay

    Welbeck is soo poor at reading the play and decision making that it will override his workrate and pressing.
    Thank God we have auba and lacazette and welbeck isn’t a bad 3Rd option.

  9. Rkw

    Jesus .., a couple of 6th place teams slogging it out … Neither team with a real scoring threat … Limited ball playing othenthan ozil and miki … No idea what tole wilshere is paying …spoke too soon

  10. gotanidea

    Welbeck is a f**king cheater, but Arsenal still deserve to go through

    Ozil what the f**k is he doing in the field?!?!

    Ospina’s concentration is very lame, he has to go next season

  11. John Ibrahim

    after the goal …we finally begin to take more shots

    its like we are holding back for Milan to score first

  12. ks-gunner

    No penallty and a bad way to get beaten Ospina. We will win but i am not sure if we can win this competition without having an in form Laca.

    1. John Ibrahim

      cant really fault Ospina….lengthy spell at the bench can be real rusty….

      the competition aint easy….tough teams….

    2. Muff diver

      Even with laca
      Even if we were allowed aubameyang somehow

      Watch atleticos game today
      An recent performances

      Don’t see it
      There’s miles better

      1. ks-gunner

        I am trying hard to be positive muffingman. Dont confront me with the truth. Them winning the uefea leauge before and being twice in the Cl finale is no fluke after all. 🙁

  13. Avenger

    I just dont understand Wenger tactics and that is not fair
    for the players and us we will see what will be happening in the second half
    we need some changes right now and not at 70,s

  14. GB

    I must be watching a different game to most on here because I’m seeing a good game with two teams going for it but both missing the final ball. Milan similar to us in having some good slick passing attacking moves but neither team has a decent striker playing. Don’t think it was a pen but Welbz took it well. Let’s move on and win this.
    As Keown says; Wanting Arsenal to loose so Wenger goes is nonsense.
    Arsenal to win AND then Wenger out.

      1. Rkw

        Hilarious … Only someone with wenger specs can really watch games .. Watching the game with a milan supporter both lamenting what a difference a decade makes … Neither team has any kind of footballing identity …so yes going for it like a boxing match between foreman and Frazier in the 1990s

  15. Avenger

    we are all watching the game but we expect Arsenal always playing better and always are playing
    away from our expectancy

    1. John Ibrahim

      expectations too high….

      we have a team where most players are spending their time on the sick bed…..

      not many players in the first team have played 10 consecutive games together…..

      1. Avenger

        excuses just get me healthy players with Wenger out of the way and a new
        coach we will see the difference

  16. AWout

    Where has one touch football gone?
    Just bloody slow endless passing back & forth with no end product….falling asleep!

    1. John Ibrahim

      Coutois was worth 10m after yesterday game….he was declare not world class anymore

  17. Dee23

    Bunch of Moany bast@rds😂😂😂 we are winning the game and all I can see are comments complaining about the loss of one touch football and he like. Some of you guys tickle me. This game was won at the San Siro.

  18. Gelz

    Done well tonitte, Wilshire won’t get the assist but he created that 3rd goal, Welbeck with a brace, happy tonite and looking forward to the draw, all the sh!t that happens when we are not playing goes out the window when we step on the pitch

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