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Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Stoke – Captain Jack!

Arsenal have named their starting line-up to take on Stoke City today, with a number of first-teamers left out.

Petr Cech has missed out due to a slight groin injury, while the likes of Koscielny, Granit Xhaka and Henrikh Mkhitaryan look to have been rested ahead of Thursday’s Europa League tie.

Wilshere is taking the armband due to the admissions of Cech and Kosc.

Will this team have more than enough to roll over our opponents? Are Stoke the ideal rivals to play before the EL?

54 thoughts on “Confirmed Arsenal team to take on Stoke – Captain Jack!

  1. Sean

    Jack as Captain is a good thing, should make it permanent with a new deal (along with ramsey), Arsenal man through & through (Plays for the badge, not many about)If Elneny gets an extension then these boys do too…. Put a real CDM along side Wilshere & he could become the player we hoped for! Ramsey is a no10 tbh, Ozil can play wide in a sort of free role to drift in, as he does for Germany but is the no10 for us & the forseeable!

    Be a tough game today, have to be at it from the get go…. 2-0 Arsenal my shout for today. Auba & Ozil to score!

  2. reddb10

    in a perfect world ramsey gets a hatrick shawcross gets sent off and this vile team get relegated

      1. Gab

        The team is too slow and poor, playing without any motivation. Is it that there is no one available to motivate them?

    1. Rke

      How many do you need before you understand that wenger has to go … this has been a 40 minn advert for a new manager … only spurs fans can what this guy to stay … utterly clueless football of a mid table team

  3. Me

    The first 35 minutes of this game read the entire season and last season.
    If there was a club that needed a new manager and a fresh approach its Arsenal.
    Tired and insipid.
    They cannot even say they play nice football now…

  4. Adam Criniti

    Nothing more boring than AFC atm.

    Bang on average all over the pitch


  5. Innit

    I was happy that we didn’t start Xhaka and Iwobi. I prefer Jack, Aaron, Eleny, Welbeck. But then i realised and asked “does that mean Wenger will start them in Europa League?”. A match that is more important
    I hope we don’t rest Jack and Aaron or Eleny or Welbeck for Xhaka and Iwobi.

    Looking at the match so far, it may not make much difference. We are a bit weak in midfield

    I wish Wenger could play both Aubameyang and Lacazette but it may not be possible as they are both strikers.

    Hopefully Wenger will play our best players on Thursday

  6. Break-on-through

    The passing has let us down, Ozil in particular is just not on it. Hopefully the second half will improve.

  7. Tatgooner

    Xhaka haters now do you understand he is our best midfielder in the team.
    Ramsey wilshere elneny and ozil are all frauds.And yep auba is walcott 2.0

    1. Dee23

      Are you crazy? “Walcott 2.0”? How can you speak such nonsense? Aubamayang didn’t just do it for Dortmund he did it for his national side as well scooping both African player of the season and player of the season for the German league. He is still one of the fastest players in our league and can finish clinically . You can’t criticise him for not getting the service that would be as crazy as calling Sanchez a fraud since he has only scored 2 goals since joining United and he plays every game where as Aubameyang can only play in the Prem because of being cup tied and he has scored 3. Make that 4 since he scored whilst I was typing.😆😆😆

  8. GanjaMan

    What kind of team are we trying to be?

    We have absolutely no identity on the field…
    I’ve absolutely never in my life see a TOP team so clueless.
    We are the complete polar opposite of what Man City are now.
    What’s the most disturbing thing? Is having the entire footballing world see the writing on the wall and we act sentimental to players and manager alike.

    New chapter so desperately needed Arsenal

    1. Rkw

      Obviously we watched a different game … they have a style well organized and a serious attack … everything we don’t under wenger which is why if he stays for another year we will be just another mid table team at the end of his two decades in charge

  9. Me

    Lots of Arsenal supporters dressed up like empty seats.
    How can any manager survive such a public rejection from the club supporters?

    1. bran911

      I wonder what Welbeck trains everyday, coz he can’t dribble, can’t shoot, bad first touch.

  10. Break-on-through

    An idea for another pole –
    – Is Wenger a legend vs Has Wenger lost legendary status –
    Me, I believe once you reach certain heights you are a legend, a has been yes, but they’re all has been’s or are on their way to becoming has been’s. I think it would take epic disasters to strip someone of it, winning cups instead of league titles is certainly not enough to deprive him of it, nor is finishing in top four for almost twenty seasons.

  11. Ackshay

    We lack any sort of intelligent play yet we have intelligent players like ozil, wilshere and runners like Ramsey, lacazette and aubameyang. This is all down to wenger coaching, the players cannot play intelligent if they dont train these play. Give this team to pep and we make top 4 without too much difficulties. He wont win the title without big investment but atleast we would play beautiful football again. We need a coach like pep or poch.

      1. Avenger

        what about the elbow against P. Crouch
        that was a penalty minute 83 lucky Arsenal found the second goal
        now to save Wenger face the second penalty a gift from Stoke
        a game that supposed to be 0-0 finished 3-0
        Wenger Out

    1. Dee23

      Are you sure you want Arsenal to win at all? A wins a win dude. How many games did Leicester win through Vardy’s diving? Those wins won them the league. I’m sure their fans weren’t complaining. World Cup matches have been won through the dark arts. As long as it’s you’re team what’s the problem? I’m pretty sure you would feel differently if you had a large sum of money coming to you from the bookies as a result of the win.

    1. Lexynal

      @Innit….good man, good fan. Some fans just don’t see anything good in our team…it’s all negativity.

  12. Rkw

    Only lesson for me is that we can play lacazette and aubemayang together with ozil and miki feeding them that should at least lead to goals

  13. Sue

    We were better when Lacca came on…. that was good seeing him & Auba play together 💪
    Bye Stoke, enjoy the championship 🖕😄

    1. Me

      I don’t think we have reason to gloat.
      Arsenal were horrible for eighty minutes and really struggled.
      It was a good result but will count for nowt if we don’t win the EL – which is a massive ask for a poor team like Arsenal…

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