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CONFIRMED Arsenal team to take on Watford

So we are back on the domestic front again as Arsenal take on Watford at the Emirates. There are a few injuries to contend with but here is the team that I picked earlier

Chambers  Koscielny  Mustafi  Maitland-Niles
Xhaka Wilshere  Ramsey
Mkhitaryan  Ozil

And here is the official team that Wenger chose to face Watford….

Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac,
Xhaka, Elneny, Ozil,
Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Aubameyang. are saying that Koscielny and Ramsey are being rested, and Wenger has gone for Holding instead of Chambers at centre-back, but as Chambers suffered from cramp on Thursday it is probably a sensible precaution.

Iwobi and Elneny chosen instead of Ramsey and Wilshere? I wonder if that another precaution or Wilshere’s absence is anything to do with him speaking publicly about refusing to sign his contract?

This team should be more than enough for Arsenal to knock the cojones out of Watford, and I want to see our 1000th EPL goal, and Cech’s 200th clean sheet. It’s about bloody time!


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63 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Arsenal team to take on Watford

  1. citrenoogeht

    Wenger is playing a dangerous game. In resting players he has to find the balance that will make us strong enough to win or at least be competitive. However I feel that this team is beatable. If we lose then we risk losing the momentum of confidence gained by the Milan win.

  2. muffdiver

    no kos jack ramsey chmabers
    hes going all out for europa league
    my guess he wins it he sees out contract
    he doesnt he leaves in the summer

    ivans comments today too…hmmmmmm

    both teams to score – cant call the result
    on paper our starting 11 is miles ahead of watford
    but u never know
    – how many fans will be in the stadium?

    1. John Ibrahim

      this is our 6th game in 17 days…

      im pretty sure if you are a player you will be burn out…

      icey bath everyday doesnt mean…one can recuperate 100%

    2. jon fox

      The club will announce the usual lie of 58 or 59 thousand. Hoping for an almost empty stadium , as that will alarm KROENKE more than anything else. Hit the monster in his grotesque pocket.

  3. Arseneout

    wenger said we are an attacking team right? why he is starting with xhaka and elneny? it seams more defensive. I don’t care really and hope we will loose ✌🏻

    1. Dee23

      We are winning and I’m happy. I hope we win this game.

      Some fans here tickle me. They complain when we drop out the top 4 but they want us to lose games that could potentially get us back in the top 4 providing other teams drop points. SMH

      Wenger won’t be sacked just because we have a poor season so you might aswell support your team regardless and if he moves on it’s a bonus. The cherry on the cake.

      I would like for us to go on a winning streak, finish 4th, win Europa and then say bye to Wenger at the end of the season. Better than us losing games and he stays any way. I’m tired of Arsenal being the butt of the joke.

  4. Kenneth Noel

    Get it right admin
    Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Holding, Kolasinac,
    Xhaka, Elneny,
    Mkhitaryan, ozil Iwobi,

  5. John Ibrahim

    wenger does not have a choice in resting players

    this is the boys 6th game in 17 days….

    they are pretty burn out

    icey bath everyday….

    if you have played a sport you will know

    konstantin might as well get ready his article

        1. GunnerJack

          Wow – a John Ibrahim post without the words ‘6th game in 17…’ blah blah blah. FFS WE KNOW! And we don’t freakin’ care!!!!!!!

    1. AndersS

      Well, not many players have given 100% in the matches before Milan. Proper training would have been harder than what they used in those matches. Bad excuse already.

  6. jon fox

    I am thrilled he has picked a weaker team as I want us thrashed every game UNTIL his sacking is achieved. I will not be a humbug and pretend like so many on here do, that they are happy for him to remain by winning the Europa. Oh, we will get past a bloody awful ACMilan and then, the first decent team we meet, OUT WE GO. And then bingo, HE IS SACKED . CANT WAIT. Counting down the hours now!

    1. John Ibrahim

      its very obvious u have never play a sport b4….

      some of these players do need a rest…

      this is our 6th game in 17 days….

      the players have been having icey bath everyday…

      not everyone of them could recuperate fast

      1. jon fox

        You arrogant know all. You are quite wrong too. These players have been resting all season , in the main. Real work is an alien concept to them and this arrogant damaging manager too. Stop making excuses for faint hearts!

        1. Krish

          LOOOOL the irony.. everybody knows you are the most arrogant on here.. even though you dont even seem that clever

  7. Godswill

    Hope we win but this man is a joke.
    Resting the key players for which game?
    They can play today and on Thur.
    Does he mean none of those playing today will play on Thursday?
    Just hope we win.

  8. Footballistrivial

    Ramsey, Wilshere, and Ozil in the same team!!! If Watford decide to press and bully us then it will be another tough game. When will Wenger realise the need for balance and play some wingers, and a defensive midfielders ffs. Even if we win today it will not change the fact that for consistent results a team needs balance, and Wenger just doesn’t think that it’s important.

    1. Footballistrivial

      Oops I misread. But yeah that other team will be played when all are fit. Today’s team looks okay except that we still need proper wingers and a DM.

  9. Slickrick the ruler

    Stop this bull about resting players we squaddies get up and go every day tabbing for miles on end or days I the peanuts we get paid wish someone would tell to have a rest

  10. Rkw

    Who knows … Could click and given that watford are a below average EPL team we could run away with it … Or the opposite… But that’s the point we are simply a mid table outfit where any result is possible … That’s wenger’s legacy and why he needs to go preferably now but for sure at end of season …

  11. AndersS

    Stadium looks no more than half full – great.
    Hopefully another nail in Wenger’s coffin.

  12. Eat Pie

    Iwobi only 2 goals this season, definitely not good enough not even for a relegation team.

  13. WiserthanWenger

    I don’t think any EPL manager wants Iwobi except senile Wenger ! Can’t he see how useless Iwobi is ???

  14. Rkw

    Half that exposed how much maitland Niles needs to improve if he is to start for a top epl team … absurdly lethargic

  15. WiserthanWenger

    I m sick of watching Iwobi these days ! He doesn’t even make an effort , other than losing the ball , passing the ball to the opp players , he offers nothing !

  16. GanjaMan

    Jesus is Iwobi trying to match Alexis for most turnovers in that position? So frustrating…

  17. Adam Criniti

    Miki is quality but he and Iwobi have been so careless on the ball in the first half.

    Speaking of Iwobi, dude needs to be loaned out to a Championship squad ASAFP, has no business featuring for Arsenal or any other EPL squad.

    Solid halfs for Ozil, El Neny and Mustafi

    Like MN but he needs to develop a little edge to his game, a tad bit casual on the ball at times in the first half.

    WTS Wenger Out

  18. Rkw

    They r completely dominating but the fossil and his lumbering side kick just sit there like a couple of pensioners waiting for the 69 bus …

  19. Rkw

    Like I sad maitlnd niles should be learning his trade at Brentford … law of averages Czech had to save one eventually but a good save nonetheless and critical

  20. Avenger

    Looks like Wenger got the message my God Finally 2 games won in a row
    now that his future is a stake he is acting with a half stadium empty

  21. jon fox

    What actual crowd do we think was there? Not the lie given out but the actual truth. I reckon 32000 and around 12000 at final whistle. This will scare Kroenke and is the best way to force Wenger out.

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