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Confirmed – Kieran Gibbs gone to WBA for just £7million after 12 years at Arsenal

The Arsenal defender/winger Kieran Gibbs was another player that would have been able to leave for free next season if he didn’t sign a new contract has finally been sold after turning down a transfer to Watford yesterday due to personal terms not being agreed.

But today he has accepted a deal with West Brom, but his selling price is “believed” to be just £7million. The Evening Standard broke the news just now….

Kieran Gibbs has completed his move to West Brom on a four-year deal.

The full back signs from Arsenal for a fee believed to be £7million.

Watford were also interested in the England international, but failed to agree personal terms with the 27-year-old.

Gibbs joined Arsenal’s academy from Wimbledon in 2004 before going on to make 137 senior appearances for the Gunners.

Considering the prices that other players are being sold for, it would appear that Arsenal are having to sell their unwanted players at cut prices to get them to leave, probably due to their excessive wage demands compared to other clubs.

Despite the small transfer fee, Arsenal are now very firmly in profit from this transfer window and have cut huge chunks from their wage bill, and we still have the small matter of income from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez to come in.

Wenger had better have a couple of very big tricks up his sleeve…..


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16 thoughts on “Confirmed – Kieran Gibbs gone to WBA for just £7million after 12 years at Arsenal

  1. Muff d

    Like I give a f###

    Serves the club right for messing up every transfer window we have had since David Dein left
    We are an embarrassment

  2. Pragmatic Arsenal Fan

    Jenkinson and Ox are also gone. Wenger’s English Core experiment failed. Wilshere and Walcott are next.

  3. Zad

    A serious club should not keep deadwood year after year. Gibbs didnt imrpove after all these years. just sell and move on even if for 7mill and save on his wages. give a chance to u23 youngsters

    btw, i like the rumors about giving walcott plus cash to saints for VVD. what a deal could it be for us!!!!

  4. Elkaissi

    Sell everyone old fool, you are definitly and intensionally ruining the club with the boards support. I pray you sell yourself too….

  5. tobby1983

    Okay. Things shaking up like this is better than a quiet stagnant water. Sell Ox, sell Alexis, sell all the ones that want to go, sell all the deadwoods being presented as quality, give Walcott away for free if you have to, find out if someone would pay any money for Ozil. Bring in anyone good and with fire in his belly you can find, and let see how we go from there.

    1. Elkaissi

      Anyone good with fire in his belly? Oh like you dont know a typical wenger signing…. Maybe you meant to say bring in Jordan ibe, or rather another Yaya SirNoGoal as they a typical wenger signing…..

  6. Mr pat

    I quite agree sell all the deadwoods but which player in his right mind would want to come to arsenal at the moment, remember people man u was in the same situation under moyes but we’re able to attract better player’s even when not playing champions league, the selling point from arsenal point of view is to tell players which they are trying to get what the plan is of getting back to top flight football by going for the Europa league over the FA cup and finishing in the top six otherwise if they go for wishy-washy arsene wenger stupid attitude of we’ve got quality all the squad we are competing for everything then I’m afraid We will end up with nothing

  7. Bigperf

    Lol good riddance, would’ve given him up for free to be honest. Are they looking for a winger? I’ll drive Theo there myself

  8. John

    Sell Wenger…….sell kroenke………sell Gazidis……seriously that group destroyed Arsenal………

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