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CONFIRMED Official Arsenal team at Southampton – BFG in for Mustafi

So here we go again. Another must-win game for the Gunners, and Arsene Wenger will be taking very few chances at a venue which has traditionally been a banana skin for Arsenal in the past.

We already knew that Mustafi was not available and I’m not surprised that Per Mertesacker is put in his place to help deal with Charlie Austin’s threat in the air..

So here was my predicted team this morning and (surprise!) I actually got it right for change!

Koscielny  Mertesacker  Monreal
Bellerin  Xhaka  Ramsey  Kolasinac
Alexis  Ozil

CONFIRMED team just out…..

This should be enough to give us the three points today, as the Arsenal go marching in to St Marys!


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140 thoughts on “CONFIRMED Official Arsenal team at Southampton – BFG in for Mustafi

  1. Ronny

    Sanchez how many times he loses the ball stats must be high!
    Can’t wait for the January window alexis has got to go freshen it up.

  2. Ronny

    Point it is, rubbish.
    What the he’ll was that all about first half?
    Think we can see Jack has got to start over xhaka.

  3. Rkw

    The only positives … Ozil excellent again … Xhaka and bellerin can no longer start … The difference between wilshere and Ramsey and xhaka is he drives forward so the lateral drudgery is broken … People wanting ozil and wilshere out are beyond idiocy

  4. Break-on-through

    We score from a cross then decide to not throw crosses in after getting four minutes, why so long for Giroud when it was plain to see. If I see our fullbacks getting ball in space but hitting back inside centre one more time I think I’ll go mad.

    1. Clive

      I have said it time without number and I will keep on saying it. with Wenger in charge Arsenal will never be close to winning the league.
      #Wenger out

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