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Confirmed – Official Arsenal team to face Watford tonight

There are few surprises really in the line-up for Arsenal’s home game against Watford tonight, and there are very few survivors from the 5-0 win over Southampton at the weekend.

Wenger already told us that he was unlikely to pick Welbeck again as he has just returned from a long lay-off, and the same applies to Theo Walcott, despite the pair scoring five goals between them against the Saints.

Also Hector Bellerin and Oxlade-Chamberlain are also relegated to the bench after being extremely impressive, so perhaps Arsene Wenger is saving all four for the massive game against Chelsea on Saturday…

So here is the official team….

Cech, Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Alexis, Giroud

Here is the Watford starting line-up as well….

Gomes (GK); Cathcart, Kaboul, Prödl, Britos; Behrami; Janmaat, Cleverley, Capoue, Niang; Deeney (c).

Are we all happy with this team? Surely we should win easy whoever we play, but it looks like Wenger is taking no chances at all tonight. Every game is a must-win for us now….

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120 thoughts on “Confirmed – Official Arsenal team to face Watford tonight

  1. mobaygunner

    love the team..need this win to make chelsea game that much bigga..need belerin for chelsea so gabby will do the job tonight

    1. Luko Bratzi

      So much for an easy match you all should shut the Fu:: up. There is no easy game it’s all about how the other team plays you. Sutton will be rubbing there hands in glea. Ozil Sanches Girioud drop for Chelsea and play same team that played Southhampton. CB

  2. AndersS

    Clever team. Extra defensive aerial coverage (gabriel) is a good precaution. I would have liked to see the OX centrally again instead of Ramsey.

  3. Juhi McLovin

    Damn, wanted to see Perez or Walcott but I’m sure we will see either one of them starting against Oilski.


  4. Solerdeus

    Our team should be okay though i’d love Bellerin on the RB spot as he offers too much going forward as compared to Gabriel, on the contrary Watford have got themselves some experienced players to cause an upset. Fingers crossed, i hope Wenger knows what he is doing coz anything less than a win we gonna have a serious long week until we go to Chelsea. Maybe it may not matter anymore (Chelsea Game)….. COYG

  5. Okayblack

    I don’t care what team plays.. We pay them all afterall. All I want, gimme three points, but the Southampton performance would be appreciated if replicated tonight !!!
    GOYG, Come on Boys!!!!!

  6. Fatboy Gooney

    This is the first time that I’ve seen our opponents lineup included on here ? Be afraid… Be very afraid lol ??

  7. Godswill

    Happy now that we would have players on the bench that we would not mind if they are on the pitch.
    The team is okay and a good win that would make Chelsea shiver (as they would be drained against Pool) is expected.

  8. Juhi McLovin

    What a horrible start. Marriner has made 4 mistakes in 9 minutes already. We in for a tough night.

  9. Juhi McLovin

    And NOW Ramsey makes his graceful exit hahah. Reminds me of Arteta few seasons back who came on, cost us the match and limped off “injured”

    1. TH14atl

      Is it exactly what came to my mind as well. Ramsey should never be allowed to play a game of consequence for us again. Time for him to move on.

  10. bran99

    The effects of OG and Ramsey overwhelms the effect of Mustafi. We never lose with mustafi in the lineup, but with Ramsey and the lamppost, anything is possible.. and we are at home

      1. muffdiver

        did i jinx us wtf??!!

        or did mustafi have a shocker

        ring now to vote..

        on 228- wtf arsenal…thats 228 wtf arsenal

  11. arsenal_canada

    When did our first team turn into non-league players??? Can’t even pass the damn ball. Should’ve play the fa cup team.

  12. ras911

    Just praying we dont concede another goal anf for half time to come. Thats only when it seems we wake up

  13. vinie2000

    What else can we expect.? Miracles? When will those who think we can win the EPL realize we’ll not? Why the coach didn’t go with pace up front instead of static move from OG? Theo and Lucas on the flanks if welbeck injured an Alexis up front? People trashing Chaka an LeCoq and Ramsey ball watching. Anyway, I’m always realistic fr day one. This isn’t good enough. Tonight we trash watford? Well we need a miracle now.

    1. Juhi McLovin

      I gave up the league months ago, 3 points lost against Watford at home might be crucial in our hunt for the Wenger Trophy. Surely no one here has had hopes for the title run!

  14. Ronny331

    Shocking that ox plays a game of his life and starts on the bench so liability Ramsey can start. Shockingly crap. 0-2 to a team thats not won 7 games in a row and we’re at home. Maybe the lads are thinking about the transfer window? No balls/no grit this team at times. # disillusioned

  15. vinie2000

    Believe me losing tonight and those fainted hopes are gone and if playing like this..chelski will humiliate us badly. Get OG out and iWork the bring Lucas and Theo for second half.

  16. Arsenal_Girl

    Wenger confuses me sometimes
    He rests bellerin for Chelsea but played Alexis in FA Cup when there was no need and he plays full match tonight and against Chelsea. Three matches in a week

  17. RSH

    people were still thinking we had a shot at the league? That’s been over, it’s just about putting in not horrible performances now and keeping Alexis happy. Both seem like they aren’t going to happen, uh-oh!

  18. gunnerman8701

    As long as there’s Wenger, all I hope for is CL place and to finish above Tottenham. Anything more, is a bonus.

  19. Ronny331

    What was good about the saints game was we didn’t have a front man as such. Perez, walcott, and welbeck all interchanged which caused major confusion to the defence. Bring giroud in and we have a predictable obvious front man.

        1. Fatboy Gooney

          Hahaha ??? Spot on.

          ? Good old Bottlers ?
          ?we’re proud to say that name?
          ?while we sing this song?
          ? we’ll win this game?

  20. TH14atl

    So what’s frustrating is with Giroud up top right now, Alexis is predictable on the left, and we lack the pace necessary to counter to back into the game. To make matters worse, when we do switch and put theo in, Watford will sit in a set up shop, which woulda been the time to bring Giroud on.

    Just can’t get it right when Giroud and Ramsey start.

    (also wouldn’t be surprised to see the ox pick up a knock from playing too much)

  21. Fab

    With OG upfront don’t expect any miracle, yes he can score one or sometime two in some matches but his presence destructs our free flowing football. He is not what we need, we have started with Alexis and Walcot at the beginning of the season, they did very well both scoring goals but suddenly, we changed the lineup because OG scored goals when brought in as substitute. This is very poor decision, if he can score even ten from the bench let him be.

    Don’t be like a chick which tends to ignore what is available above soil.

  22. Me

    What is the point anymore.

    Season is over.

    I just want Wenger gone. As far away from Arsenal possible. The guy is a f**king dinosaur.

    If they offer Ozil and Wenger a new deal then its years of crap like this…

  23. Juhi McLovin

    Somebody asked where we would be without Alexis. Well, there we are. This is how we look when he goes absolutely missing. A Pub team.

  24. Suman

    Is there any point watching second half now? It always happens. We get ourselves into trouble when everyone and their mother thinks arsenal will be too much for the opponent. I should probably just sleep. 2.20 am here.

    1. Juhi McLovin

      Got school in about 8 hours. Will get a good night’s sleep if I go to bed right now.. You do the same mate.

  25. stubill

    Shots: Arsenal 3 – Watford 9
    On Target: Arsenal 0 – Watford 6
    Yellows : Arsenal 2 – Watford 0

    This is Watford, not Real, Barca or Bayern FFS.

    League title, my arse!

  26. Ronny331

    I know it’s a different sort of material that ozil had but Oxs long balls against the saints puts his 250k per week demands in perspective.

    1. RSH

      against Southampton’s kids. Ox is a serial underperformer, and Ozil plays well when he wants to. Underlying problem remains the way the squad is managed and the poor mentality. Only way to change that is to let a certain somebody go. Unlikely to occur though when he keeps making top 4 and bringing in money.

  27. Fatboy Gooney

    No doubt, We will have the delusional Wenger fans celebrating the 3-3 draw by the end of the night. ?

  28. jamaicanarsenal

    personally i think arsenal are over achieving we are too close to the team to realized the players are over rated Ramsey ox wollcot iwobi Francis even ozil on Sanchez would be ob the bench fo some of the top club

  29. stubill

    I know Alexis is a quality player, but I’m sick of him taking on too many players and losing the ball.

    I know I’m going to get red arrows, but against Southampton, we played better before he came on, more like a team.

  30. TH14atl

    And look how much better Alexis is through middle where he’s not predictably coming off of the left side? Team selection.

  31. Onochie

    Giroud should have started from the bench,play Sanchez through the middle since he’s been comfortable there. 90% of Giroud’s goals comes in the second halves so I wonder why he as started. The time frame that we conceded those ought to be us scoring. How did two watford plays play a counter against four arsenal players and still scored.

  32. Ronny331

    Obviously the substitutions helps but why does it always take a half time team talk for us to wake up?

    1. Admin Post author

      At least Liverpool have equalised against Chelsea and Sunderland still holding Tottenham.
      Maybe a draw will be enough?

  33. rkw

    oh dear 4th place junkies wet their pants with performance against shampton b team… walcott the greatest winger in the history of the game iwobi a revelation ….. until reality bites …epl season over and cl will be come early march … but we still have wenger for another decade of underperformance … pathetic really pathetic … time to hope we drop out of top 4 as it seems the onoy way to get rid of this geriatric bufoon

  34. vinie2000

    Disgraced, the coach should leave with no more excuses. What a team he brought out just clue ..I cannot take it any longer. Not good enough, no shots on target in first half said it all. Changes needed made in second but watford packed the bus. Out, out, out. No more hurt for us devoted fans . Spuds draw and we lost against a team who haven’t won for i games. Embarrassing

  35. Kos-tafi

    Well bottlers is De word to describe them.
    I was here when we trashed soton, the joy and optimism was very hi cuz I didn’t want to spoil De mood.
    Wenger has Neva been good enaf. Get pochetino b4 he goes to Barcelona

  36. Me

    Wenger makes me cringe and want to be sick.

    The guys a failure and an embarrassment – why the club sticks with him is beyond me. Oh because he won something 13 years ago…

    No hope for Arsenal fans….


    Leicester is fighting for their life to avoid relegation, but even them with a team of nobodies can say they where at the right place and at the right time and grab the title that was for us to take, only if this penny pincher would have bought some quality players….

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