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CONFIRMED team for WSW v Arsenal – Lacazette AND Giroud start

So the official tean is out for Arsenal’s second pre-season game against Western Sydney Wanderers and it looks like Arsene Wenger is trying out another new set up, with Olivier Giroud in the centre-forward role and Alexandre Lacazette and Iwobi occupying the wing positions.

We are sticking to our 3-4-3 formation, with the Ox and Maitland-Niles working as wing-backs, and Wenger is giving Elneny another chance as centre-back, although most fans thought he was woeful two days ago…

Our best midfield (well Wenger’s favourite) of Xhaka and Ramsey start together, and Ospina will start to get his fitness back in goal, but he shouldn’t have two much to do as our opponents are the weakest team we will face in pre-season…

Let’s see lots more goals for LacaNewSigning today!

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Watch all 37 goals that Lacazette scored last season - click here

31 thoughts on “CONFIRMED team for WSW v Arsenal – Lacazette AND Giroud start

  1. Gunners

    As worry grows old so is the arrogance. Why the hell should he waste our friendlies playing Elneby as a CB, Giroud as a striker and our main striker on the wings?

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    1. Gunners

      Sorry I wanted to say as one grows old. I was really looking forward to see those young guns, I know all about Giroud!

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      1. Incarnate

        Then you accuse him of being tactically inflexible, when should he try experiment? Against Bayern or Madrid in the Champions League?

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  2. Dion

    it would seem our manager is using th
    e texting tactics to influence Sanchez… nice effort…and the matic rumors is still hanging on..just saw it on sky transfer center… this transfer could be a better one hopefully

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  3. Carlos Da Silva

    Anyone notice that Giroud hasn’t passed to Lacazette at all. He’s had like 3 or 4 situations were he should just lay it off for him

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    1. Zimbo

      Saw that, even when he scored he ignored Lacazette handshake. Hope we are reading into something that isn’t there and it won’t affect the success of the team….two of them on the pitch doesn’t work.

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      1. Gunners

        I will replay and check. Its either you are so observant or a conspiracy theorist or both!

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    1. Carlos Da Silva

      You guys can downvote all you like, it still happened.. Not trying to be negative, just observant.

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  4. Godfirst

    That’s very childish of Giroud! Shake and celebrate with Laca my friend! Lacazette is not your problem!

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  5. wizardcalidad

    Would have preferred a 3-5-2
    El neny Kos Monreal
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Ramsey Xhaka Niles

    Giroud Lacazette

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  6. Arsenal_Girl

    I don’t expect Eleney (congrats on goal) to start, let alone start in defense when season starts.

    Don’t worry too much about lineups

    These friendlies serve two functions:
    For Wenger to check out players and formations
    Marketing to foreign countries

    The REAL stuff starts at the Emirates Cup (lol just kidding)

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  7. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    I can see WSW beat us to the signing of Lamar.. and then they renamed him Bonevacia

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  8. Lupe

    Sorry if it feels like am complaining, but why does wenger keep player lacazette on the left side. Shouldn’t he be playing him upfront now to see how he gels with the team in that position. We didn’t spend that much money to stick in on the left side while giroud starts. What kind of experimention is this. Smh.

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  9. Paul

    Here we go again, wenger tinkering too much and playing players out of position, I don’t care abt d rest being played or tried out of position, but lacazette?………..hell no
    This guy needs no tinkering abt, we all know his best position that brings lots of goals……upfront, nowhere else, just upfront
    He needs to adapt before the season starts upfront to ascertain goals from him, not as a winger or attacking midfielder or supporting striker. But what do I know, the AKBs and wenger knows best…..
    Still nothing about lemar…….smh

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  10. Ronny

    Giroud needs to go, arrogant di*k!
    Having the #1 and #2 French strikers in the same team was never going to work.
    Sell him arsene, if you want a sub who’s an aerial threat try for Lorente!

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