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Coquelin injury return bigger for Arsenal than Wilshere?

Not all Arsenal fans will remember how much of a top class player the England international Jack Wilshere can be, as we have certainly not seen a lot of evidence to that fact over the last few years. But when you consider that he scored two of our best goals ever in the two previous seasons despite all the injury problems that have hampered his progress as a player you can perhaps understand why Arsene Wenger has shown so much patience with him.#

Obviously the boss would love to be able to call on the old WQilshere who once gave a football lesson to a grteat Barcelona team which included midfield maetro’s like Xavi and Iniesta, but a large section of the Arsenal fanbase have come to accept that Jack is one of those players that may never achieve their true potential.

So while it is great news that the newly married 25-year old completed over an hour of football with the Arsenal reserves this week as he continues his comeback from yet another injury, the bigger news for Arsenal and the thing that is much more likely to have a positive impact on our challenge for the Premier League title is that Francis Coquelin also played in that match for the same amount of time.

Coquelin on form is a huge part of the Arsenal team and before the minor knock that saw him miss the last few weeks the combative FRenchman was in great form. It would, of course, be great to have Jack back doing what he does best but in reality I am much happier to hear that Coquelin could be fit to face Stoke at the weekend and almost certainly will be at Anfield the weekend after that, don’t you agree Gooners?


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13 thoughts on “Coquelin injury return bigger for Arsenal than Wilshere?

  1. Yossarian

    With the old formation our back-four needed protection from a DMF, and Coquelin did the job very well. However now that we play with 3 central defenders, a proper DMF isn’t really needed. The two central midfielders need to be able to defend and tackle, but they also need to be playmakers and be able to get forward.

    Therefore I can only see Le Coq being used when we must play exceptionally defensively, like when we’re protecting a lead. So I can’t see him getting much game time this season, but he is still a valuable asset to bring-on when things need to be kept steady to see a game out.

  2. ZA_Gunner

    Happy Coquelin is back, we need him for this season’s campaign. Wenger will probably give Wilshere a new contract since he has only a year left and then perhaps loan him out, but he’s already on 90K per week for someone who does not play in the first team and with so many injuries. If he were to sign a new contract I don’t think it is worth giving him a pay rise now, especially without having proven anything. Also on such a high wage and occupying a crucial team spot, I think it would be better to reinvest and to find players that are better else where.

  3. Sir Muda

    I still remember that wilshere’s break through season, he was on different level and thats why wenger over worked him which lead to his 1st major injury and the rest is history. how I wish he can get back to that level and stay injury free. Jack Will Power remember him?

  4. Turbo

    Getting Coquelin back soon is a big plus. He provides much needed defensive cover in the right situations and for rotation. He is still a very solid player. Remember the days when Coquelin being out was a major crisis and it was “showtime with Flamini” (no disrespect to Flamini who I like and played his heart out, but whenever he was starting it was certainly a bit of an adventure)?

  5. Sergio

    I am disappointed after first game. We need to strengthen our time. We need à very strong defensive midfielder to help our defence. Also a creative midfielder able to giving good passes to our strikers. If Wenger keep neglecting our advice Arsenal might be again out of the top four.
    Our rivals keep strengthening their squad but we are doing nothing

  6. Viera Lyn

    Just consider the state of this franchise when someone finds it worthwhile to write an article considering the age old question, Wiltshire or Coq?…trust me, if you enter a room and anyone is seriously pondering this question, quickly turn and walk in the opposite direction because that’s 15 seconds you’ll never get back…if this club has any interest in recreating what once was, neither of these players is of any real consequence

    it’s time for this club to put it’s money where it’s mouth is…no more half measures, no more settling, no more making money hand-over-fist with little to show for it, no more excuses and no more hiding behind the idea that this is “small” club that can’t compete with the “big boys”…the only real difference between them and us is what the manager demands and what the owner is willing to give…we play in the League with the richest tv contract in Europe, we have one of the largest home venues with some of the highest ticket prices on the continent, we have several major corporate sponsors, we have one of the largest fan bases in the World whom purchase a ridiculous amount of merchandise, we rake in coin on tour each and every preseason and we have banked countless millions from qualifying for and participating in various competitions at home and abroad

    we have waited a long time for this club to truly step up, which is a difficult ask…to do so properly they will need to overextend themselves and get well outside the comfort zone they have become accustomed to…at the very least they owe their fans, most of whom supported this franchise for at least the first 8 years of this 10 year plan, one real shot at the “promised” land…remember phase one was build and save, phase two was the fire sale of all our top players, phase three was supposed to be our metamorphosis, when we were literally told how we could compete with any club in the world and phase four appears to be rinse and repeat, under the guise that we just can’t seem to find any players that are better than our current lot(can you even imagine the state of world soccer if that were truly the case)…it’s time for you Mr. Kroenke and Mr. Wenger to ask not what the fans can do for you, but what you two can do to make things right again for the fans…if you can’t do this earnestly and honestly, simply move on before the only thing left in the cupboard are bitter memories and what could have beans?

  7. Waal2waal

    im happy to see coquelin’s return from injury he’s a constant reminder hard work and endeavour will be rewarded – he’s earned his place in the team doing it the hard way being on loan trail before ultimately he became rewarded.

    i understand he and lacazette are good friends this can work to arsenal’s benefit on the playing field in a similar way pogba and lukaku are pals beyond the playing field. there’s often great determination seen by friendships in a team.

    *looking at it, the returning coquelin proves arsenal for the moment are quite solid and in good shape ie pending the arrival of significant ‘new additions’ for the side.

  8. Mohamed

    let him take an advantage of Alexis in swap deal to Julian Dracula or mourn
    and if we could hv see mahrez also great deal for the arsenal fans and the team
    to claim title contenders

  9. harry

    a fit and firing Wilshire is better than all our midfielders. hoping he proved his fitness and remains. the games are many. he could play in cups

    1. Sohara

      We have got Arsene Wenger as our manager for this coming year at least. PLEASE PLEASE Arsenal fans get behind him and our team this year. All this negativity and booing will affect EVERYONE and will not help us do well.


  10. Reagabe

    When fit,no any other player in our squad can be compared to Jack Wilshere.I remember there’s a time he became man of the match 6 times in 7 games for England.He was on another level.Don’t write off Jack!!

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