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Coquelin motivation the blueprint for Arsenal success?

When Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal team made the trip to the Midlands in November to take on West Brom it was with the knowledge that a win would at the very least keep us level on points at the top of the Premier League. However, the injury list was already growing and it was about to have the name of Francis Coquelin added to it.

Arsenal lost a key part of our spine after just 12 minutes at the Hawthorns that day and we went on to lose the match. And despite a few purple patches our season has been on the slide ever since. A lot of things have gone wrong for us in that time and Coquelin’s injury was just one of many but I do feel it was a big turning point.

There is still time for another twist or two, though, and if the Gunners are going to make it happen then we need to approach the remaining eight games with just the right attitude of defiance and determination to prove people wrong. Funnily enough that is exactly what Coquelin told Arsenal Player is his own inspiration and if he can find some way of infecting the rest of the Arsenal squad with this state of mind it would do our title challenge the world of good.

The midfielder said, “In life you always come across people who think that you are not going to do something. It is nice, it is a motivation you keep in your head. You think, ‘Okay, that is what you think. Now I’m going to show you what is going to happen’.

“I remember being with a teacher at school and in a meeting she actually said to mum that I would end up on the street – to a 10-year-old! That was over the top, big time.

“The other day, I was talking about it to my missus. I would actually like to find this teacher and show her now that I’m working hard, playing football and hoping things go well.

“You pick up inspiration from everywhere, even from the movies sometimes. I watched ‘Any Given Sunday’ the other day, with the speech. I pick up things from any sport. I think there is a great champion in any sport, so you can get a lot from anyone.

“To turn a passion into my work is not something many people get to do. This is a motivation. Obviously I have motivation from outside too, from my family who are always behind me. My missus is always behind me and the kids as well.

“I finish football and come back home and they are still playing football and want me to play or be the referee. They are always behind me and the team and it is a drive for me to make them proud of me.”

There are not too many believers in Arsenal’s title credentials around at the moment but could the team take a leaf out of Coquelin’s book and use this to produce a stirring comeback?

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6 thoughts on “Coquelin motivation the blueprint for Arsenal success?

  1. Greg

    Le coq has the right attitude towards arsenal making a fight out of the title race with a never say die commitment!

  2. muda

    My memory for that match is very painful ‘so called captain (Arteta) coming from the bench give away two goals then off again. What a twat of a captain we have.

  3. jonm

    Many of us were concerned before the start of season about lack of cover for Coquelin (plus WC striker) and we expected players to be brought in.

    We now know that payments of £30m had to be made last summer due to clauses in existing players contracts (deferred payments to their old clubs). So no money was available from current expenditure for new players, money would have to come from reserves.

    Add in recent comments by Kroenke about aim of club being not to win championships and there you have the reason why cover for coquelin was not bought during last summer transfer window.

    I am coming to the conclusion that it is Kroenke who is the problem with regards to Arsenal and lack of ambition. Kroenke has actually said that he did not get involved with Arsenal to win championships.

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