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Could Arsenal appoint Englishman to replace Wenger?

Ian Wright has claimed that Sean Dyche should be considered to take over from Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager.

The Gunners boss signed a new two year contract this summer, but has to surely be closing in on the end of his reign some time soon, and it will be tough to replace him.

Ian Wright has praised the performance of Dyche as Burnley manager, and insists that he should be in the running for the job, but unfortunately doesn’t foresee him being considered.

“I believe he is somebody that needs to go, at some stage, to the next level,” Wright said.

“Yeah. The fact is would they give Sean Dyche that job?” Wright stated. “In respect to how his team sets up when they’re defending, he’s obviously got acumen — but will he get a job like that? I don’t think he will.”

All this talk has of course stemmed by his impressive organization of his side, which has seen them beat or draw with four of the big seven so far this term, including wins over Chelsea and Everton.

Burnley now sit only one point behind the Premier League champions and Arsenal after seven matches, and are looking like an outside bet to earn a spot in Europe for next term, although the Champions League would surely be too tough a task.

Dyche is being talked about for bigger jobs however, and he could well find himself on the shortlist for more established jobs in the division.

Would you include the Burnley boss for the running for Wenger’s job? Does he deserve a shot at the top jobs? Is this all getting a little out of hand?

Pat J

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13 thoughts on “Could Arsenal appoint Englishman to replace Wenger?

  1. lcebox

    Not with us not yet anyway Burnley could still go down this season ….No one can tell as we seen it all before.
    They most likely wont now but come on lets be real.

  2. arsenal4life

    Dyche is as qualified as Wenger and
    far more qualified than Wengers
    predecessor George Graham.
    So anythings possible.
    Remember Wenger managed Nancy in Ligue Un
    for 3 years and was relegated and sacked.
    7 years at mega rich Monaco yielded but one title.
    Ten years, one title = Arsenal Manager.
    Graham was only 3rd choice behind Venables and Ferguson.
    Graham only won the English 3rd tier title with Millwall.
    Yet Graham guided Arsenal to the clubs first title in 18 years.
    The ’91 title winning side lost just once in 38 games.
    Grahams 2 titles in 9 years is actually much
    superior to Wengers 3 titles in 21 years.
    Dyche for Arsenal cha cha cha cha cha.
    “Yeah but can he make me money” … Stan K.

    1. Tony

      we dont remember wenger being in Nancy.u must be a 50yrs old who watch nancy(never heard of nancy lol)

  3. Thenry

    Lol lol lol joke of the century dyche for Arsenal job what is Ian Wright smoking down at radio 5
    Burnley play dire football as for his defensive acumen lol
    Ex Arsenal players say anything that get coverage we have a moronic fan Base
    And moronic ex players who spend their days talking down the club

  4. Grimlar

    Could Dyche do the Arsenal managers job, probably. He could even be good at it, but realistically like other young managers, he needs a bit more time, and possibly to manage another club for a few years before taking one of the top jobs.
    To be honest though, I wouldn’t wish the Arsenal managers job on anyone at the moment. With Wenger having been there for 21 years, the club will be very set in its ways. The next manager needs to be certain enough of themselves and how they think things should work and have a big enough reputation to force the management to make the changes that are going to be needed.
    To be honest I don’t expect whoever the next manager is to last more than two or three seasons or be that successful, even if it were someone like Ancelotti, simply because I think there are too many things wrong with the way the club is run at the moment.
    Hopefully after that period of change Arsenal will be in a much better place and they can take on a longer term manager again.
    By which point maybe Dyche or Howe wont seem such risky choices.

  5. Gunner4Life

    C’mon now.. We all saw what happened to United when They appointed David Moyes.. N He was a manager of a Good Everton team.. But He couldn’t handle the expectations of a Big club.. So.. Better live in the present and keep hoping We do great this season.. No one knows If Wenger will leave.. N even if He does.. Hope We get someone like Ancelotti rather than Dyche.. #COYG

  6. Uchman

    What brand of football is dyche playing which trophies has he won? We have dumbs as ex players,if u r looking for Wenger replacement we should be talking about d likes of monaco coach and pep Gardiola for long term and d likes of anceloti for short term,

  7. GB

    I like Dyche but he is definitely not a yes man. Stan will appoint a yes man after getting Usmanov shares which he has just bid £500 mil+ for and when that happens it will signal the end of Arsenal as we have known it and know it now. With Stan then owning the club it will be delisted from the stock exchange and he can asset strip the club and even move the ‘franchise’ to the MLS. Fairy story?, possibly, nightmare?, definitely.

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

    Unfortunately if Usmanov sells his shares to Kroenke, Usmanov will then invest more in Everton, which will be a double wammy for Arsenal.
    Kroenke will bleed Arsenal dry!

  9. Jimmy Jazz

    I think the board are lining up Mert to be Wenger’s successor. Wenger will hold his hand for a year or two before letting him loose on his own. Liverpool did something similar when Dalglish first became manager and Paisley came out of retirement to provide support and words of wisdom. It worked well for them but it’s a different football world now.

  10. Vlad

    I don’t know what’s going on with Ian Wright lately. It seems like he has a grudge against Arsenal and Wenger for whatever reason (like many other ex-players). First, he proclaims his love and gives his unconditional support to Ox after his move to Pool; then he tells his Twitter followers to F off when they told him that it’s not the right thing to do; and now he says that Dyche, who’s done absolutely nothing so far with Burnley with the exception of a couple of decent results, is ready to take over Arsenal FC. I’m not sure if it’s sheer arrogance, or just plain stupidity.

  11. Grandad

    Sean Dyche has done a great job at Burnley with the lowest budget in the Premier League.He has created a team in the true sense of the word. A team which is difficult to break down. A team which is gaining the respect of other Managers who know they are faced with eleven fighters who work prodigiously with and without the ball. In other words a team which is well managed. Ian Wright may get carried away on occasion but his heart is in the right place and he is absolutely correct in flying the flag for a decent, articulate hard working British manager Sean Dyche and Brendon Rodgers should both be on the short leet for the next manager of Arsenal.

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