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Could Arsenal beat Man United to Baines?

Arsenal are lining up a bid for Everton full-back Leighton Baines this January by AM

According to reports in various English media, Arsene Wenger is looking to sign Leighton Baines in the January transfer window. The Everton left back was previously linked with a move to Manchester United. Baines was supposedly earmarked as the perfect replacement for Patrice Evra, whose form has not been up to expectations in recent past.

But now it seems that Arsenal could join United in the chase for the England international, according to the People, as Arsene Wenger has been looking to strengthen the left back slot. Gibbs and Santos are considered to be the weakest link in the Arsenal defense; both are inconsistent and injury prone. Although Baines would be a great addition to the squad, it would be interesting to see whether Wenger agrees meet Everton’s demands of £15million for the left back.

These rumours comes days after Baines said in an interview that although he wants to get more minutes on the pitch for his national side, he understands why it is hard to look beyond the former Arsenal left back Ashley Cole in the left back slot. Baines said that, he and other young left backs in the squad, can learn a lot from Cole.

Ashley Cole is certainly not getting any younger and a move to a big club like Arsenal or Manchester United can also help Baines in claiming a more regular spot in Roy Hodgson’s starting eleven. The Gooners would no doubt love to see Baines at Emirates in January although it is probably just speculation. Also, Gibbs is starting to grow into his role and look the part. Steve Bould really does seem to be working wonders with all the Arsenal defenders.

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41 thoughts on “Could Arsenal beat Man United to Baines?

  1. Robin Van Payslip

    Gibbs is not a weak link! He has played very well. Have some respect for the AFC players.

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  2. mutihaha

    by now the fact someone else wants him, we already have two fit leftbacks, and he costs 15Mill, you should Know IT WON’T happen! not with Wenger.

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  3. eazy

    i think we should get him….but we are f***ed on the right side cause jenkinson is like 10% bac and he´s propably going next summer….

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  4. maddy

    looks like we will raid everton next summer..first it was fellaini and now baines..and i would love to see both of them at arsenal.

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  5. rich

    Nothing against Baines but even if this is true he still wouldn’t be first choice left back I reckon Wenger would choose Gibbs first

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  6. Malik

    no need for defenders (although baines would be awesome!!!) bouldy’s got us covered

    we do however need a Complete winger (like the Ox) and if walcott leaves a striker, this will warrant us a serious contenders tag 4 the title, i really want us to win this season, i want to piss on all the haterz (Cashley, cashri. ade, Pur$ie, clichy, song exc.) and want everybody to scream arsenal in the streets, i want to tempt the kids of parents who go 4 the scum, united, chelsea exc. to become GOONERS, i want the emirates to be a sanctuary, a fortress of football where we play by the rules and get the results


    suggestions for winger: Navas, Isco, Schrulle, Muller, Farfan, Ben Afra exc.

    suggestions for striker: Ba, soldado, Cisse,bas dost, de jong, Damiao

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  7. Ryan

    I didn’t read the article before making this comment!
    Brained should of been bought in years ago and developed under wenger he would be in the England squad by now if this was the case

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  8. Nzgunner

    Wtf? What a joke. Have some faith in Gibbs and santos. We definitely do not need a 3rd left back! It will never happen! I will bet that Gibbs will become England’s first choice very soon!!

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  9. oladipupo

    Baines will not be coming to Arsenal because we have two left backs and Gibbs is not a weak link. We should concentrate on the squad we have at hand. I believe Arsene will be looking for a striker. Up Gunner!

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  10. KickuPtheArsene

    Won’t happen. We would never pay that much for him. Also, now that it’s in the media, it certainly won’t happen. Name one player who the media said we are interested in, and then said player, we bought. Simply not going to happen. Sorry people, just a rumour spread to sell papers.

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  11. Zak

    Baines isn’t really that good. He’s overrated, I think if Gibbs manages to stay injury free and sorts his positional awareness out, he would be our best choice. I wouldn’t mind Bertrand coming though, I think he will be Coles long term replacement in the England team.

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  12. COYG Malaysia

    Never gonna happen. We wont even sign him if no club was even chasing him.. Besides, at the moment our defemce looks inbincible. Lets talj about this in januaru ok @admin

    How about you start posting about teams,injury news,players instead of this type of bullshit news.

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  13. Nir

    sorry do people actually think gibbs is better than baines? what football do you watch? but anyway i am not saying gibbs is bad. i rate him highly nd i do disagree that our left backs are our weakest link. with podolski helping in that wink there is no weakness.anyway i dont see wenger buying him.

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  14. jk

    Ok baines is a far better player than gibbs right now but when gibbs is 27 who knows he has definately improved from last season if baines was going to be bought it shud have been 2 years ago, wenger has santos to cover gibbs aswell dont see this happening, also everton would want 15 million plus!

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  15. TrueGunner82

    We just need cover for gibbs, and if santos is going to play how he drives, he wont be lasting long on the pitch 😉

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  16. True Gooner

    Why would Wenger sign Baines when he has Gibbs? I can understand him replacing Santos with Baines but why would Baines want to be number two to Gibbs at his stage of life?

    If Baines is happy to be number two sign him up and get rid of Santos, Gibbs and Baines battling it out for a first team place could be exactly what Gibbs needs to become a world class left back.

    Yeah ok I have talked myself into it now LOL!#

    Sign him up and get rid of Santos!

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  17. SeansterB

    Gibbs is growing into the LB role now that he appears to be able to string games together without injury and Santos appears now to appreciate that he has to defend as well as attack and we also have Verm as further cover. In short he would be a luxury and an expensive luxury at that…if we have £15m knocking about how about spending that on a striker instead.

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  18. tu la li animal

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooool not gonna happen Arsene loves his players like sons hes not gonna halt gibbs developement for no one not even baines

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  19. True Gunner

    Prefer Gibbs brought up throo the ranks younger then baines & quicker, future england LB & a Gooner he is not a weak link

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  20. Ankit

    Although….I know this is unrealistic stuff.But seriously, one can’t compare Baines with Gibbs.Want immediate results ? Baines is the answer….Gibbs still has much to prove but with the ability…one for the future.

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  21. AmericanGooner

    If this happens my smile will be bigger than Cashri’s ego.

    Not holding my breath though, that way ill be even happier if it does go through.

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  22. sean

    All Steve bold has told them to do is stop defending spaces and go to the ball..Also wen in doubt kick it out…SIMPLE..So we dont end up in the birmingham cup situation again…

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  23. Nick

    Baines will be priced out of our range. He’s a great player but I think he’s bound for United. Gibbs has the makings of a great left back but right now he’s more focused on going forward. He has however made some spectacular goal/game saving tackles as of late. I think Bould will have Gibbs whipped into shape by Jan and then we won’t need money for Baines.

    If we’re looking to take a player from Everton it should be Fellaini as he’s pretty much said he wants to move on to a bigger team. TV5 can work his Belgian magic and get him to come to Arsenal.

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  24. dan

    Dont need him trust me gibbs is going to be top draw all he needs is to stay injury free and this kid will go right to the top i go as far as saying he will eventually become englands first choice left back i rate him that highly!

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  25. true goon

    Santos is more of a midfielder not great at defending good at going forward,gibbs is also good going forward,but he needs to improve his positional play because he does tend to bomb forward and leave gaps at the back.So i think we probably do need cover in both fullback positions and baines would be a great addition and a good person for gibbs to learn from.The deal wont happen tho 15mill way to much 4 arsenal,some other more ambitious(or impatient) club will pick him up

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  26. Nakago 心宿

    I would love to see him in Arsenal shirt, but Gibbs is getting better. So whether AW buy him or not, its not an issue.

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  27. james

    would love this wanted him at arsenal for 3 years. sagna/jenkinson/bellerin baines/gibbs/behmoutine fullbacks set for ten years yes please. gibbs and jenkinson learning from the best. and for a £10m investment(+£5m from santos sale).

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  28. Gunner PMB SA

    What bull, Gibbs is a better defender, hence his early England call up. Problem is that he is injury prone which affects his progress. Plus we have some bullet left backs coming thru the ranks. Honestly we do not need more signings, that is if we have no injury issues. We will have rumours, like this site said that we signed Cabaye and so on. Guess it keeps everyone intrested and commenting like I’m doing. Arsenal will have a great season, just hate this international breaks and hope all our guys come back injury free. Also feel this is the perfect year for Wenger to blend in the youngsters, Chuks Aneke, Henderson, Coquelin, etc. Will learn from the likes of Carzola, Podolski, senior guys. Ok Cheers for now

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  29. bac2basics

    Disgraceful article showing no respect to young gibbs who has been outstanding so far weak link my ar*e, i for one am STILL loving gibbs for that last minute tackle against WBA last game last season which if went in wud place afc behind spuds and change EVERYTHING for afc from that moment on, no champs league definetly no santi just abject misery. AM whoever u are retire ur keyboard and just stick to the porn.

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  30. jermaine

    this could work because santos will be taking arshavin place as the left wing.

    this leaves only gibbs for lb meaning there is space for baines.

    as for united i doubt they would buy as buttner and fabbio are evra understudies.

    but chelsea could be intrested as ashley is rumerd to be going psg

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  31. Tamil Sundram

    International football at stake……most of u guys must have not play a sport in your life…

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  32. allan

    No, this is Arsenal we don’t sign players unless we are forced into it.

    Also Wenger loves believing in train wreaks of defenders so Santos will be getting some love.

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