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Could Arsenal deal for Victor Wanyama still go ahead?

With Francis Coquelin and Santi Cazorla out injured in the long term, Arsenal are looking very short of options in midfield, even if the inexperienced Mohamed Elneny arrives this month. What the Gunners really need is a proven Premiership defensive midfielder like Southampton’s Victor Wanyama to play straight away, and to share the responsibilities with Francis Coquelin when the Frenchman returns in February.

It seems that Ronald Koeman has said that the South Coast club will not be selling any stars in this window, but that decision may be taken out of his hands by the owners who have been happy to take large profits from moving players on in the past.

The latest rumors are even suggesting that the Saints are already looking at bringing in a replacement for the Kenyan in the form of the Feyenoord midfielder Tonny Vilhena, who also plays in the Netherlands U21 side. As Southampton like to buy in cheap and sell at much more inflated prices this seems like a real possibility if Arsenal make an offer they can’t refuse.

There are also whispers that Arsene Wenger could make the deal even more appealing by offering the ex-Southampton youngster Calum Chambers back to the club until the end of the season. Chambers would easily slip back into the Saints team and has been in training as a defensive midfielder as well as being able to play as centre-back or right-back while Vilhena is acclimatising to his new team-mates. Chambers would probably also get more first team action at ST. Marys than if he stayed at the Emirates….

If Arsenal managed to bring in Elneny and Wanyama would that be enough for Arsenal fans this winter?

Is this Spanish beauty the reason for Bellerin’s drop in form?

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20 thoughts on “Could Arsenal deal for Victor Wanyama still go ahead?

  1. Greg

    With elneny on the way I’m not sure Wenger would bring in wanyama! but I’ll be happy to see aubameyang come to the emirates! Coyg!

  2. Budd

    It doesn’t even makes sense. Why buy Elnani just to bid on Wanyama? Are we going to offload Jack? Why send Chambers on loan when we haven’t announce any signing yet? What about Coquelin?

  3. davidnz

    Might depend on results
    against Liv, Stoke and
    Chelsea (24th Jan).
    Sanchez’s and Elneny’s form (if he arrives).
    Campbell Walcott Chamberlain
    Ramsey and Chambers fitness and form.
    How close Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla Coquelin,
    Wellbeck and Rosicky are to returning from injury.
    Whether Iwobi Adelaide or Gnabry are ready to step up.

  4. Dee@ease

    Every player is available at the right price,if Wenger offers 40mil for Aubamayeng Dortmund may consider accepting that sort of offer and he’d give our title chances a boost!

  5. Greg

    On the aubameyang transfer speculation borussia dorthmund’s chief executive hans joachim watzke issued a statement to german newspaper “bild” saying that when ” Robert lewandowski left we found solutions and he “aubameyang” even has three goals more than “lewa” we are so now well positioned that we can offer alternative solutions again and again”! “We can never believe a club like borussia dorthmund’s is dependent on a player”! “We are not dependent on anyone”! Seems to me that they are ready to let him leave if the “price is right”!

    1. Trevor

      I think so too, he had no reason whatsoever to come out with a statement like that yet he did? For me that was him lessening the blow of a possible scenario. Whether we try any haggling will be the making or breaking of it, also I pray Real aren’t interested because they too look like they could do with another CF.

  6. Davros

    Not going to happen, unless the Elneny deal falls through but I believe elneny is almost finalized

    So nothing to see here. Please move on

  7. goonerboy

    Argh! Why do u think Wenger will buy two midfielders huh??
    That’s not gonna happen
    Elneny is better than Wanyama believe me
    Wenger even converted Arteta who was an AMF so he will convert Elneny too
    Elneny can even play the box tobox role tooo
    So let’s forget about Wanyama plsss

    1. Trevor

      Trust you? I would except I never heard his name being championed by anyone and as far as I know Wenger seems to have spotted this fella before everyone ..Ill trust Wenger to know if you don’t mind.

  8. goonerboy

    Wanyama will cost @ least 15m
    Wenger won’t even pay that for a DMF
    I don’t want us to be scared of our Jan fixtures cos its obvious some of us are…
    That’s why we wanna sign everybody
    Elneny is ok for us,he is just like a more technical Gabriel

  9. Dav SA

    Wanyama is NOT good enough for Arsenal, he lacks technical skill. Yes he is a great destroyer but passing, range and on the ball ability is not good enough to be an Arsenal player.

  10. Nebs

    This transfer would make perfect sense. There will be vacancies in the summer. Both Arteta and Flamini won’t get contract extensions, possibly Rosicky, so yeah, both Elneny and Wanayama super necessary. Because one will compete with Rambo and Wheelchair, the other will compete with Le Coq and possibly Chambers. Squad depth here we go.

  11. Koss the Boss

    Think the Wanyama boat has sailed on by the Emirates now we have near enough signed El Nenny from FC Basle for a neat price of 5m rising to 7m! Coquelin/ElNenny/Chambers will be the main base of our team with Rambo/Santi/Jack box-box for rest of season possibly next season too!

    Main target now must be a forward then 2defenders (CB,LB) in the summer maybe?

    This P.E. Aubameyang rumour will probably come to nothing but he would complete our forward line tbh, can play across all 3positions up front. Having PEA/Alwxis/G12/Welbz/Walcott/Campbell and gnabry etc all coming through we would be set imo

  12. themadhurata

    Wanyama has been utterly disappointing this year. So’ton haven’t been great largely due to him. The only game he was good or looked good enough for a transfer was against us. Probably played for a transfer. He isn’t consistent enough to be good enough, only comes good in big games. And isn’t actually physical enough for the more physical footballers, i.e. Yaya Toure, Matic, Sissoka. Dembele. It comes off second best.

  13. damochy

    If we can get him.on board why not? He is EPL proven and just the kind of player we need….and for those talking of Coquelin and Cazorla coming back hence we don’t need Wanyama I say more fool you….you are either in denial, know absolutely nothing about the club you claim to support or the combination of the 2…as far as am concerned if any Arsenal player is out injured and a date is given for their come back from the injury its fair to add another month or 2 to the date given by the club….and am not been sarcastic or griping, just stating facts….so Cazorla and Coquelin were both given a 3 months lay off, and in my book that is their season effectively over and if we are lucky add a month each to that and we cam expect to get them if Wanyama is available I say go for him!!!!

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