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Could Arsenal finally get Julian Draxler to replace Alexis?

It seems like Arsenal have been linked with Julian Draxler for ever so it is difficult to think that the German international is still only 24 years old, but he was still a teenager at Schalke when he first came to Arsene Wenger’s attention.

The winger/striker is currently at the star-studded PSG side, where he has been demoted from the front line since the arrival of Neymar and Killian Mbappe this summer just gone and has been pushed back into the midfield. But Draxler wants to be playing further forward and according to rumours it is believed that PSG are now willing to send Draxler out on loan in January, with Arsenal on top of the list as usual.

He is usually considered to be a left-sided winger, which has now been taken over by Neymar and is currently occupied by Alexis at Arsenal. I am wondering if the plan behind getting Draxler in on loan in January will give Wenger the option of letting Alexis go sooner than later and recoup a little of our transfer fees.

Draxler, who has 40 appearances for his country, is prone to injury at times, but was made captain of the young German side that won the Confederations Cup and was even given the Golden Ball for the Best Player of the Tournament as well. Considering that Alexis got the same award for when Chile won the same award at thhe Copa America, perhaps the German could be the perfect replacement?


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13 thoughts on “Could Arsenal finally get Julian Draxler to replace Alexis?

  1. Nothing changed

    I like Draxler as a player if he stays healthy. I don’t like a loan deal if we don’t get an option to buy at a pre-agreed price which we can afford. But most importantly I doubt players like Draxler would want to sign with us if we fail to secure CL football.

  2. gotanidea

    Just like Kolasinac, Goretzka and Draxler might be tempted if Arsenal offer them huge salaries. In addition to that, Ozil, Mustafi, Mertesacker, Xhaka and Kolasinac are German speaking players, so they could help Goretzka and Draxler to settle down and adapt faster.

    Imagine if Arsenal have a legion of high quality German speaking players in the squad. Wenger might as well change his system to resemble Low’s system to benefit from the German connection.

    1. Maks

      No way Wenger will buy both of them at the same time… he has all the time in the world, like he’s bloody highlander, and Arsenal will be competitve with the top clubs in Europe once again sometimes in the infinite future…

  3. Sukhjot Gunner

    I would prefer to sign him permanently in the summer rather than on loan in the winter.He is a great talent and could really shine in the epl with us.Yeah he is not the kind of superstar that ozil was when we signed him but that does not mean that he is not a top quality player.He could really be a good fit into our team.But I can guarantee you that signing draxler alone next summer will not bring us the epl title.The squad needs strengthening in at least 2-3 positions to win the title in what could actually be wenger’s farewell season.Going back to draxler though,without a doubt he will only make the squad stronger but I just hope that he is one of the many players heading towards the emirates next season to help us win the title,regardless of where MESU-LEXIS are cum next august….

  4. jon fox

    Clearly Draxler has talent BUT I question if he is really THAT SPECIAL? He is now 24, still youngish but not that young and is hardly of superstar status. Fallen in the pecking order and he is injury prone. I would take him at the right price but not go overboard as there are others out there of better value, I believe. We must be wary as we don’t want to waste £40+ million to just get another Ox standard player. BTW, good bit of business that , getting that fee for him. Glad he rejected Wengers ludicrous offer of £180,000 pw to stay. Anyone sorry he left? Me neither!

  5. Break-on-through

    Goretzka is the one we need to tie up. Don’t get me wrong, Draxler sounds a decent punt. But consolidating that engine room is a big one, we need to see what Ozil is like when supported with power.

    I liked Ramsey and Xhaka’s game last weekend in there. They played in tandem, rarely moving too far from one another, and Ramsey in particular won a fair few challenges. They guarded defence well, and released forward more so than breaking, their game looked tight.

    1. Maks

      Same like Ramsey and Xhaka are not good enough for winning the Premier League, Draxler is not replacement for Sanchez!
      It’s all Wenger forever people’s delusion!

  6. Seng

    At the moment there are none within the club to replace players like Sanchez and ozil and don’t be so sure that Wenger will buy any players with their qualities

  7. The Barrel

    Draxler is the main man. But as long as he will be playing with Giroud, Ramsey, Xhaka, Coquelin, Ozil, and Debuchy then no improvement in Arsenal will be seen as those are weakest links

  8. Yossarian

    I really like Draxler and would love to see him at Arsenal.

    I hope he turns out to be a Lacazette scenario (IE. We miss at first but then get him while he’s still good) rather than a Benzema scenario (IE. Endless rumours for years and years, to the point where he’s past his prime and we stop wanting him anyway)

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