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Could Arsenal really make a profit on Gervinho?

I had to do a double take when I saw this story in the newspaper this morning, then I checked the date to see if it was April Fool’s Day, although that does not necessarily the story true. Apparently, the Turkish champions Galatasaray want to sign the Arsenal and Ivory Coast forward Gervinho in the summer, and they are willing to pay £12 million for the privilege.

Arsenal paid under £11 million to the French Ligue 1 club Lille for him in July 2011. Gervinho had just scored 18 goals that season as Lille won the French title, but it is fair to say that he has not really replicated his form since coming to the Emirates.

He has shown flashes of brilliance for us, but not enough end product. His confidence is fragile and has taken a bit of a pounding in the Premier League, leading to the 25-year old’s disappointing tally of 10 goals in 57 games for the Gunners.

Gervinho has always produced for the Ivory Coast, however, including the recent African Cup of Nations. With his international team mates Didier Drogba and former Gunner Emmanuel Eboue playing for Galatasaray, it is probably his international form that has sparked the club’s interest, along with a few good words put in.

If this story is true, then Arsene Wenger must surely accept the offer, accept that it didn’t work out and put the money towards a new striker. Oh, I really hope it’s true, because after his comedy miss against Bradford that put us out of a realistic hope of a trophy, I have lost all faith with him, and I’m sure that I am not alone.

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65 thoughts on “Could Arsenal really make a profit on Gervinho?

  1. always a gooner

    no dont sell him ………..never underestimate any player Mr Admin

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  2. Tobias

    lol i wrote about this a couple of days ago and everyone told me i was stupid and to stop making up stuff loool

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  3. Rory

    Sorry i misput that, I forgot that Gervinho does actually score the odd goal

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  4. juhislihis

    Replace him Deulofeu of Barcelona B.

    His contract expires next year and despite his young age, he’s killing it at Segunda. Though he has Barca DNA :/

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  5. Tobias

    we should invest that money in a striker wouldnt mind hernandez from united or gomez from bayern

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  6. dom

    i know that i will get slated for saying this but i actually quite like gervinho.

    he is so good at getting past defenders with a flash of skill and getting into dangerous positions in a way that no other player we currently have at arsenal can do.

    granted his end product is generally disappointing but that is something that will improve with practice.

    i think he should be given more time at the very least and we can always sell him later on if he fails to improve.

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  7. gunner4life

    Off Topic. This is why i laugh at some people here. Yesterday Arsenal fans on here saying Jovetic is not worth 20m+ judge him by one game. He came alive into the game in the 2nd half and helped the team get a draw.

    It’s good that he didn’t play well cause if he did then he’ll attract interest from clubs meaning a bidding war and Arsenal will run away if that happens.

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  8. colin

    If it is true, this is great news please do not be greedy just get rid!!!!!

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  9. gunner4life

    Sport Bild is reporting in Germany that Barcelona are going ahead with an attempt to sign Borussia Dortmund star defender Mats Hummels as a replacement for Carles Puyol. Germany international Hummels is under contract until 2017.

    People on here shouting for Hummels need to be realistic.

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  10. ks-gunner

    dom…yes he is very effective with his dribblings on the left.. his shoot accuary and power are horrible…but besides that he desicion making is horrible and that is what a player cant practice on the pitch……good bench player though

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  11. tamergooner

    off topic but i rekon we bring back song i was looking through his assists from last season and he was awesome

    i rekon keep gerv i think he could get alot better with confindence

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    He is very inconsistent,one game he plays like Messi,next game he plays like Heskey.

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  13. Gunner

    I have a question for the keepers of this website?
    Why do they have to blot people out because nobody else likes a particular opinion? This is beyond me??? As long as the opinion is written ethically and within the rules expected by Justarsenal then that view should not be blotted out by anyone, especially just because the majority of readers disagree.
    They are wrong to interfere??
    To whom it may concern would you please stop doing that! Fans have freedom to rate the comment but just because a lot of people do not rate it positively does not mean it should not receive equal coverage??? Maybe it is accurate sometimes and everyone else is wrong?
    Could you please revise your policy on that.Thank you!

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  14. Gunner

    And onto football matters!
    The opinion I usually get slammed on is this.

    AOC is a talented young player for sure but! That does not mean anything. Until he really shows that he can work on and build on that talent how can anyone say that he is going to be the answer to everyone’s prayer’s.
    Hopefully he will, same for JW, but these players have to deliver the goods over the longer term before we can say that for sure. Yes they are young and they need time. But to be honest I have been disappointed with AOC this year. He has had plenty of minutes but goes missing for long periods. Please God that will change and he will deliver 15 Premier league goals and as many assists soon.However right now he remains a great young prospect. Beyond that we will have to see!
    Is he a replacement for Gervinho? Not necessarily? Maybe? Again we will have to see? Gervinho is not very popular but he is the one wide man who has the pace and dribbling ability to hurt teams. True he is inconsistent but I think Arsenal should keep him because of his ability to hurt teams in an instant!

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  15. Sharkseven

    @Leo you want robben???.he is so selfish and dont like to pass the ball not surely the type of arsenal player and we dont need that type of player.

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  16. nickw

    I’d take half of that and consider it a good deal, he’s technically very poor not premier league class let alone Arsenal class. Same could be said of Denilson, Chamackh, Bendtner and so many others. Take the money and run.

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  17. Sizindan Gooner

    Who still remembers the F.A cup match against Liverpool about a decade ago when the king was killing defenders with his pace but failing to find the back of the net until a very young and confident Michael Owen hit us with a late strike that got them the cup in the end.Guaranteed Gervinho has been misfiring but i would rather have him in my team than to play against him,his pace and dribbling skills are up there with the best(kinda reminds me of Thierry Henry’s early days @ arsenal).What he needs the most is to regain his confidence that he had @ Lille and what Chelski’s Hazard saw in him.A good squad player to have around pliz stop slating him.

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  18. Vlad

    I like Gervinho. He’s a good player, with a decent set of skills. Unfortunately, he’s way too inconsistent, and I think he is not very well suited for BPL. It’s more physical, and a bit faster for what he’s used to. If we can sell him for a good price, and put that money towards buying new quality players, I’m all up for it.

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  19. davey

    Can’t understand why people want to sell him. Ok so he hasn’t been great but lets face it what he has actually become along with ramsey is simply a scapegoat for why we are doing so badly. It’s not their fault it’s a team thing Gervinho has been here 1 and a half seasons and I for one think we should at least try to get the best out of him as his best form is incredible just look at him for the Ivory Coast and Lille he was class. He can change a game and bring it to life don’t write him off yet we need squad players like him who have that something special and can push for a starting place but won’t demand it and destroy moral like Bendtner. I mean if we do sell him who will we get and where will that person play will a top class striker be happy on the bench would most of our players no but Gervinho for now is accepting it and i am glad we have a player of that attitude in our team.

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  20. adon

    dont sell gervinho…he is good…wing important role is to assist n support not to he has done a great job at his role..he is a good player

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  21. feverpitch

    He’s not the worst of our players that we want to get rid of, I’d get shot of bendtner, park, Denilson, djourou, squid, chamakh, arshavin ect first. However with gnabry tearing up the next gen competition I think gervinhos definitely expendable.

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  22. leo

    a fan was called 4 times to renew his club level & now offering 16 month at 0% payment spread with credit card
    the pressure from fans are working

    bottom line stan is desperate people we would have never been in this situation had we invested or spend some money the club fears dropping out of top will make them go lfc way

    this summer ican see some big spending expect our transfer record to be broken at least twice

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  23. Gunner

    Seems like quite a few fans are in or around the same opinion as I am with Gervinho!

    I hope they keep him as he can really make an impact coming off the bench!

    Someone said his dribbling skills are up there with the best, I would agree with that for sure.

    The one thing I don’t like is when Wenger moves him into the middle or over to the right, I just don’t think he is effective there.

    Gunner4life I am not on AOC’s back! All I said was he is a young player with a lot of potential!! Some of them make it some of them don’t! Jury is out on that!! He has the talent but that is not all a young players needs. He was great last season, but if you are to be honest you would have to say he hasn’t been as good this year? So we will see!! That’s a fair comment?

    The fact that he is 19 is somewhat relevant, but this is a young mans game, and it moves fast. If he wants to be great he needs to pick it up a notch.

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    That’s why we have coaches to correct mistakes of players. Let the coaches in Arsenal do their work that is build his confidence instead of selling him. We sold Vella and now we want him back.

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  25. Ahmed

    what s wrong with Leo these days…suggesting Robben to arsenal. LEO do you even know what type of football we(arsenal)play? by d way there are other deadwood players at arsenal than gervinho. lets rid-off them first.

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  26. leo

    i know robben is selfish but his class can’t be ignored we need exp if gervinho misses or goes tumbling down in the box you guys will again come out crticising him started with ramsey now it’s gervinho & if not robben maybe draxler/sanchez we need exp/winners not kids

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  27. ks-gunner

    Gunner…ur way of judging players is kinda silly if u think about how many under perormers Arsenal have…


    what is ur openion about Aaron Ramsey who do have over 34 starts for Arsenal…..1 goal one assist….is that good enough for ur taste….

    ox is not at fault….it is the coach who chooses to play players out of poz and bench good players as chamberlain…..lack of gaming time makes people like u doubt in ox abilities…..

    ox is a talent we can feel lucky to have….he is extremly talented and can only be better and better…..

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  28. Wadders

    Get him gone 12m + 8m for bender+10m Ramsey +10 santos squid djouru+ 10 mertesaker+ 8? Scz + 10 chamakh n arshavin. Then the apparent 70 we have. Coyg

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  29. Paulligar Akuom

    If you sell him,who will buy?.ooi im sorry, i didnt remember we have a certain sell him and bring back bendtner.with him and arshavin,we are epl and ucl champs…MORONS!!!.

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  30. sippy

    Oh no! Don’t sell Gervinho. We slated Vela, sold him and now we wan’t him back, but he doesn’t want to come back. Gervinho is a good player and if you are observant you will see that he is humble. I believe he will be a great player for Arsenal soon.

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  31. akie

    Don’t know what to think of Gervinho, sometimes he shows moments where you think he can be a top player, but then sometimes i wonder what is going through that watermelon sized head of his. if we can make a profit and Wenger thinks its a good profit to make, he will be sold, but if Wenger thinks there is more to come from the Ivorian miss hitter he wont be and of all people Wenger can get it out of him.

    since 2005 –
    cole – cole has got better
    Henry – performed worse, but won the champions league
    Flamini – Benched at AC Milan, getting more appearances now they’ve sold a lot of them
    Hleb – won things, now hes back in belarus
    Adebayor – city, madrid and now spurs. and this season, hes been SH*T
    Vieira – left because of Fabregas taking his spot when he was injured. arsenal got 20m and thats hard to refuse.
    Toure – transfer request, left. took drugs banned for 6 months. benched and was looking for a new club in January.
    Clichy – left, gibbs came through. had a good first season at city, but kolarov is back and helped city win the title.
    Nasri – wow, left, won the title. now benching. rumours that hes leaving.
    Fabregas – legend at the gunners, will be loved by everyone for a long long time. yet to be replaced. went to barca and was and is brilliant.
    RVP – winning the title, hopefully loses the great form hes shown this year.
    Song – started 3 times at barca since 2013. again, like nasri rumours he wants to leave.

    so if gervinho leaves, chances are hes going to do worse, and it will let oxlade get more game time, who is 10 times the player already and deserves more time.

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  32. Wadders


    Hu sed start arshavin n bendtner??????????
    Buy any 1 better than gervinho it’s not hard your the Moron

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  33. Pius G.

    You ungrateful idiots should get off Gervinho’s back!
    What has been Ramsey’s contribution to the Arsenal squad???
    How many goals did Van Persie score in his first year or two with Arsenal. RVP never made half the impact that Gervinho has made, for crying out loud!

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  34. Uche

    I don’t care if he stays or goes. I am really tired of waiting for our new players to click while spurs, everton and liverpool are breathing down our necks. I like Gervinho as a person but I am sorry. I don’t have that kind of patience anymore. We need players who can produce right away. This team is suffering because of the absence of clinical strikers.

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  35. Gunner

    Agree Arsenal are lucky to have a talent like that, but that is still not a certainty of greatness. It is simply a young player with loads of potential.
    If you had asked me about Ramsey I would have said the same as you. I just hope AOC doesn’t turn out the same!! Ramsey was slated to be a superstar too?? Remember?
    Agreed there are many under performers at Arsenal. That has nothing to do with the progress of AOC, and doesn’t reflect how I would rate him either!
    As regards the coach benching good players, the coach is under pressure to deliver, if he has talent that is in form. That pressure is going to make him play that in form talent!! Maybe he benched AOC because he wasn’t getting enough out of him??
    You seem to suggest that AOC has not had a lot of minutes. If you look back at what I wrote. I said the opposite, he has had significant minutes this year but in my view he was not as good as last year. If you are right and he hasn’t got the minutes maybe his performances have had a bit to do with it.
    I believe he has potential!!!! I would just like to see him pick it up a notch. Cant see what there is to disagree with in saying that????

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  36. Ardi

    Yes please sell himmmmmmm ox will get more game and with Isco an jovetic and wanmaya coming we going to win the league

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  37. prince saj

    Gerveo is not our problem, people should stop this act about him, he has always shown commitment τ̲̅☺ Thε̲̣̣̣̥ club Ãήϑ often time proved dangerous τ̲̅☺ opponents. Why will U̶̲̥̅̊ want τ̲̅☺ sell such player.

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  38. lopez

    I don’t think Wenger will sell Gervinho, he will keep him as a backup…the one that needs to go is arshavin, whats the point of keeping the russian if he is not used

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  39. Ergs

    I’d sell gervinho for half that figure if I was manager a really poor but from Wenger.
    Club level season tickets are extortionate!!
    Hell any season ticket is at the Arsenal.
    I doubt stan is that botherd especially with a penny pinching manager and a new tv and sponsorship deal all mixed in with spurs terrible form!

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  40. apc

    i think hed do wel there tbh. hed link wel with drogba. 12mill wenger should defo take and invest in jovetic

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  41. John Hannon

    I would give some team 10 million to get rid of this IMPOSTER, he is worse than USELESS!!

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  42. Cesc is my mate

    Gervinho would probably be highly successful paired up with Drogba. But with us, i believe he will always struggle… let him go..

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  43. Ralston Mckenzie

    Just to read some of these so called gunner’s fan makes me want to puke. I hate name calling but I will not let this time slide. Of all the attacking talent we have only Santi,has any skill to match gervinho. Theo, Ox has nothing on Gervinho.
    Leave the guy alone take a chill pill you ignorant people.

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  44. jermaine

    gervinho should be kept why? if he starts to find his feet podolski and wallcott will get more chances up front. he is inconsistent but then again so has his appearances he should abandoned next years acn and focus on making it at arsenal for the last two seasons that has affected his momentum. If u also look at the squad it is largely European so he may feel a little lonely, close by he would have had (eboue,toure,song,djouoru,+drogba n kalou) these type of players would have helped him to settle in london because he can relate to not saying go out and buy an ivorian but it would boost his confidence (bony??) for example look at the effect it has on nacho he has (santi,mikel,belerin +toral soon,mata/torres down the road) having friends from similar background makes a difference.

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  45. Nkosazana

    No one in Arsenal Front line is at per with Gervinho in terms of finding spaces and dribbling skill. Am quite sure if Podoski would be starting as a striker and Gerv on left.. We would be talking about catching ManU right now. I know lots of people here like footballers with direct football style. In a team you must have different types of style otherwise football would be the most boring game in the world! DON’T Sell him.

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  46. trm

    In the short time he has been here he has been off to the Africian Cup of Nations. This for a new player, in a new league is not the easiest of tasks to handle. Especially when you consider the struggles of the Team.

    There must be a reason why Hazard said he is the best player he has played with. You can see there is something there, but will he get his head down and work on becoming an Arsenal legend or another lost in the memory of the many Arsenal should be’s

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  47. khellaf abdelkadir

    it would a shame to sell gervinho. i think that it would be good for us to keep him .we must trust him .the problem with his is not a matter of skills but a matter of confidence

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  48. colin

    I think Hazard has a great sense of humour it might have been his polite way of saying “thats why I did not sign for Arsenal” Hazard is miles beyond what Gervinho could ever hope to be maybe he praised him because he is an ex team mate and not a bad bloke.

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