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Could Calum Chambers be the centre-back that Arsenal have been waiting for?

All Arsenal fans have been rightly worried about our defensive performances this season, and we have had some very strange line-ups for our back three at various times this season, but now we have Calum Chambers back at full fitness we could possibly have a future Arsenal and England star in our midst.

We were all raving about Rob Holding last season, but Calum Chambers was out on loan at learning how to be a centre back at Middlesbrough, who were eventually relegated, but at least he gained a lot of experience at defending!

This summer he even kept Rob Holding out of the England U21 side that went to the World Cup semifinals this summer. He said while he was `playing in that competition: “This season has been so important for me, playing games as a centre-back,” he said. “The experience I have gained in that position just from playing is so valuable to me. I just feel it’s just pushed me on another level.

“I want to have a good tournament anyway and I’m focusing on here. If I have a good tournament it’s great and I’ll be going back to Arsenal for pre-season and doing the best I can and seeing what happens.

“It’s been a very good season for me. I gave absolutely everything to try to get results and keep Middlesbrough in the Premier League. Unfortunately I couldn’t do that and I was gutted.”

Arsene Wenger gave Chambers a new contract when he returned so it shows that Le Boss was impressed, and he is now totally recovered from his hip injury and tonight he was actually played in his preferred position although he had very little to do at least he got some more gametime under his belt.

Could Chambers be an integral part of the second half of our season?


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11 thoughts on “Could Calum Chambers be the centre-back that Arsenal have been waiting for?

  1. Declan

    He played out well from defence with some lovely passes forward but Bate were poor and he was not tested defensively.

    1. Neo Malefane

      Totally agree. Would love to see how he does in a more competitive game, but his passing was great. He is probably one of if not our best defender technically. Only thing against him is his lack of pace, which is troubling because Arsenal always plays a high line so he could easily get caught out.

    1. Neo Malefane

      Yeah I agree. The only thing he lacks is pace, which could be a problem because we always play a high line. But yeah he is probably our best defender technically.

  2. Prashant

    I think Krystien Bielik would be an ideal Central Defender instead of Chambers.He wins lot’s of header’s and also his distributions in also nice

  3. gotanidea

    Arsenal like to give second chance. Chambers was a part of the relegated Middlesbrough before heading back to Arsenal and Mustafi was a part of the very poor Valencia before purchased by Arsenal.

    Let’s hope that the other players that were given the second chance to prove themselves (such as Wilshere and Coquelin) would be able to use the opportunity to bounce back. But the last thing that Arsenal need is a player that failed to shine twice, such as Andre Gomes (Valencia, Barcelona).

    1. Neo Malefane

      Yes Chambers was part of a relegated Middlesbrough side but if you actually watched football you would know they didn’t get relegated because they can’t defend. Its because they couldn’t score any goals! I think they had the best defense in the bottom half last season but scored the least goals. If you can’t score you obviously can’t win any games. Chambers, along with Ben Gibson were fantastic last season. Do I think he is our best defender right now? Of course not but he is only 22 years old and I can only see him improving. As for mustafi, I don’t know how poor Valencia was before we bought him but I do know he is a good player. He is definitely rash at times but most of the time he times his tackles well, he puts his body on the line with great blocks. We should just want him to be more consistent like Koschielny.

  4. fritzy81

    A new CB chsmbers in middle and Kos, Monreal sharing oter position is our future. Mustafi is soft

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