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Could Captain Jack find some Treasure for Arsenal?

Arsenal seem to have learnt their lesson from previous mistakes with Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and Theo Walcott when it comes to renewing contracts. The Gunners are preparing to tie down one of our best players, Jack Wilshere, with a new and improved long term deal. The young midfielder still has over two years left on his current contract but Arsenal want to make sure there is absolutely no chance of losing the star and will tempt him further by promising him the captaincy.

Arsene Wenger made Thomas Vermaelen the new captain just this summer following van Persie’s move to Manchester United, but since Jack has been back in the team he has shown a commitment and drive that is clearly bigger than any other player’s. He would make a fantastic captain and will definitely hold that position one day, the only question is when. The Mail reports that Vermaelen is not going to lose the captaincy straight away, but will be promised it in order to show how valued he is at the Emirates.

Both Cesc Fabregas and Tony Adams became captain of Arsenal at the age of 21, and Wenger might be thinking of offering Jack the same. His wages are set to increase significantly from the £50,000 per week he is currently believed to be earning, but he is worth every penny. With the new revenue starting to flow into the club, and the stadium debts nearly paid off, Arsenal should be able to compete with the big spenders again. With Wilshere leading us, surely there is glory on the horizon.

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23 thoughts on “Could Captain Jack find some Treasure for Arsenal?

  1. Always a gooner

    yes absolutely glroy is on the horizon ….with little patience we can rule the world

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  2. Arsenal-999

    “In Wilshere we trust”…the future has never looked BRIGHTER!!!


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  3. craig2500

    We only give the armband to players we’re scared of loosing Henry,Fab,RVP im surprised we havent given it to Walcott but judging by what iv herd on the calendar im guessing we dont care if he leaves. The big worry is how long will jack putt up with Arsenal and the 4th place philosophy when Utd and Chelsea will wade in with promises of £200k per week and the chance to win trophy’s???????????????

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  4. Arsenal1Again

    I expected Wilshere to get the armband before Vermaelen. There is nobody better at the club to be Captain than Jack. I have known this now since Cesc was still playing for us. He will also be the England Captain.

    Instead of giving the armband to Vermaelen, it should have gone to Arteta because Jack was injured, but Wenger has proven he know’s jack about captain candidates, Cesc, Van Persie, Gallas instead of Silva, shoot me already.

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  5. Th14

    Tried to renew walcotts and vanpersies with 2 years remaining but they both stalled

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  6. SKeeza

    Don’t get me wrong as much as I love jack to finish a long an successful career at arsenal I just don’t feel that the security of a long term deal will guarantee that!

    We signed cesc on a long term deal and all that proved is that we could sell at a decent price once a player had enough! I rather think the money men at arsenal are wanting a long term deal just for that scenario,

    That’s why Walcott is gone in jan otherwise if the future was really about youth then why let theo go! He will come back to haunt arsenal!

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  7. Faruq

    Thank God TR7 is back in full trainin jst confirmd on twitter……finally santi’s gonna get sum rest which he desperately needs b4 he got worn out…..beta stil they can both be playd 2geda with one of dem playin d pires role….,.

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  8. Steve.

    If Jack Wilshere as got any sence he will leave Arsenal
    when his contract runs out,he’s far to good for Arsenal,he
    want’s to get with one of the big club’s who will pay him
    top money £200,000,+ a week,and he will be playing with
    quality players,not like the bunch he’s with now,also a
    manager who knows what he’s doing,not like the poor excuse
    of a manager like Arsenal have got, “DON’T LET WENGER KID
    YOU JACK”.

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  9. ripple

    Jack is an awesome talent and worth every effort to secure his services for a long time.

    However, Wenger has repeatedly used the Captaincy as bait to hold on to players – it is rarely worked. Additionally, the captaincy should go to an experienced player with leadership skills. I am not sure Jack has that yet – maybe I’m wrong on that.

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  10. albanian gooner

    Wenger made big mistake with vermalen making him captain it shows he vermalen has lot of preasure and his not as gd as before because i dont blame him bern arsenal captain u need players that have spend more then 5 years at arsenal he should of made sagna captain my opinion but as we can see come next season belive me wilshire will be our new captain no offence to vermalen his better with out armband come on you gunners

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  11. Dave

    there wont be any glory while we continue to boo our own team and slate young players. Say ramsey has an epic season next year becomes the best player in league (unlikely I know) and then man city or utd come calling. Why would he resign for us when we slate his every touch for 2 years. Lets get behind the team

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