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Could Gnabry take Walcott’s place at Arsenal?

Promoting Gnabry by KJ

The Walcott contract situation is dragging on now and even though I remain optimistic, we need to prepare ourselves for the worst. Walcott could potentially be sold in the January window, forcing Wenger to promote German wunderkind, Serge Gnabry.

He was bought from Stuttgart for about £100,000 in 2010. He was able to play during the 2011-2012 season for the club with the U-18s. Eventually, he was fast-tracked into the reserve side after massively impressing the staff at Arsenal football club. His ability was far beyond most at his age and deserved the dramatic step up after only a year at the club.

After that, during this year’s preseason he was moved into the first team squad for the match in Cologne. The actual season has started and he has stayed in the newly formed “U21” league. However, he has continued to impress as he develops.

I watched a bit of the U21 match that pitted Arsenal against Reading. This match included household names like Sagna, Wilshere and Santos (as well as familiar faces in Frimpong and Coquelin). Gnabry was very impressive. His movement and quick feet proved what a talent he is. He managed to score a nicely taken goal as well. All in all, he didn’t look out of place even with high octane names on the field.

The question is, is he ready for first team football? Potentially. Players like Sterling at Liverpool have made the first team debut already (even though that isn’t saying much with their standard of players). Sterling isn’t that much better than Gnabry (if at all). The German just needs the platform to show his football.

He’s already been promoted to cup football action (the first transition in the Arsenal development). If we manage to qualify top of the group in the Champions League with a game to spare, Gnabry has to feature in that game. It will be quality experience to face a team like Olympiacos away in their cauldron of a stadium.

I really like our young German and I believe he has the quality to be the next best player out of our academy after Wilshere. However, Wenger will know when it is right to promote him to the first team. He always does.

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24 thoughts on “Could Gnabry take Walcott’s place at Arsenal?


    yes he really does look a promising prospect. I haven’t seen much of him but if he is similar to sterling then arsene truly has found another gem for that price nice one arsene!

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  2. Henryesk

    Yes he could.. But just because he could doesn’t mean he should. The only way I’d like to see Serge taking Theo’s spot in Right Wing is because Theo’s been given the chance to play up front.

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  3. Gooner123

    Gnabry is good but he need some EPL experience first so my suggestion to solve walcott saga is that loan a winger for half a season as backup since we have ox, poldi and gervinho there and this is the worst case where Walcott decides to leave (Really hope it won’t happen. And then the next season we will have Ryo back and I believe by then he should be ready for Arsenal and from there, send Gnabry to gain some first team experience. Well, the best solution is walcott stay and that’s the happy ending with us winning trophies 🙂

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  4. neil moxon

    He shouldn’t have to take Walcott’s place because Walcott has done his apprenticeship on the wing and he needs to be moved up front,only Wenger can’t see it.

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  5. Laurentkboi

    I don’t know but what I do know is he will rise up to the challenge and perform well because A he is under Arsenes Wing and B this is arsenal

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  6. couldbne1

    Personally I think that Gnarby, Eisfield and Wellington (when he returns from his ‘holiday’) are all great prospects to take over the void on the bench that would be left by Walcott.
    The slight change in formation means Theo hasn’t done much more than that so far this season, so a decent purchase to give back-up to Giroud could allow promotion through he ranks for youngsters (to fill Walcott’s old poisition).
    That said, I think that if Theo isn’t sold in Jan, he’ll be given more opportunity up-front and take-over (a midget version of) Chammack’s role, therefore still giving Gnarby/Eisfield/Wellington their opportunity.

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  7. jk

    has to be given the chance why else have a youth system the same goes for eisfeld

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  8. Travis Bickle



    I have a very reserved impression of Wellington. He has been loaned out for 2 years now (this being his 2nd). Most of his appearances during the previous loan spells were from the bench, and although he has shown glimpses of quality, his attitude has been brought into question. Most notably by Levante. Wellington in my personal opinion falls under the same bracket as Pedro Botelho, a player loaned out consistently to lower leagues in Spain, while other players of the same age are kept within the Arsenal training process (like Eisfeld and Gnabry).

    I don’t think a player who hasn’t played a pre-season match is considered ready by Arsene. Eisfeld, Gnabry, Miquel and Yennaris are closer and I would not be surprised if Wellington would be released or sold next summer. Though I hope I am wrong, because he does have the potential, I just question if he has the right attitude……

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  9. Top-GuNNer

    If Walcott leaves in January then we should buy a striker. Llorente would be fantastic, and realistic to buy. offload Arshavin and Chamakh and promote either Gnarby or Ryo after his loan expires, then on the flanks we would have options of Podolski, Gervinho, The Ox and Ryo/Gnarby, up front Llorente?/Giroud. Mouth Watering

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  10. AmericanGooner

    Only if we keep Theo and move him up front since he could still cover out wide for us if needed.

    Remember Gervinho will be at the AOC for January. We cant be relying on unproven youngsters alone for a month or so. Ideally we should keep Walcott and look to add one more player and depending on who is added, positions can change accordingly since we have many versatile players.

    I would like to add either a versatile player who can play out wide or in a CAM role if needed if Walcott is moved up front or a wide player and an out and out striker if Walcott and Chamakh leave.

    We need to cover Giroud and have competition for him. Llorente is too similar to him IMO. I would rather add a pacy player or a fox in the hole type for variety(or we could just keep Theo).

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  11. AmericanGooner

    My ideal January buy would be Stevan Jovetic. I think he fits our system perfectly and would be a perfect replacement for that guy who used to wear Jack’s number. Giroud was supposed to be bought to complement that cash hungry traitor, not replace him.

    Jovetic would make us ask, Robin who?

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  12. gunnerss

    Its all good but just one thing. HE SAID HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR BARCELONA WHEN HES OLDER that’s why I’m a little Skeptical’ he’d better not use us as a stepping stone

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  13. craig2500

    Try him against Norwich, if it goes wrong change for Ramsey, worth a chance

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  14. Sean

    FYI Wellington has been loaned out to our Spanish feeders (a la Vela) because of work permit issues and for no other reason. Two years are standard, especially for Brazilians in the Premier League. He’s not been a standout performer, but glancing at youtube videos he certainly has not lost his promise. Don’t give up just yet!

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  15. afchearted

    Still not getting this obsession with llorente, he is so similar to giroud and from the 2nd half of the season onwards giroud will be a heavyweight player for arsenal. I’m just not getting it i would understand if it was a player in the dare i say it jermaine defoe mould, a tricky little out and out goalscorer. For me this whole llorente rubbish only serves to undermine olly G just cos his started his maiden season for afc in the epl more in the fashion of henry and bergkamp rather than a certain morroccan. We gooners should know better and get behind our players especially when their starting out and need our support instead of dancing to the tune of the media.

    In the case of theo forget about it yesterdays news, for me his already in a rivals shirt kissing their badge just like the rest of the treacherous money grabbers before him. My only hope is that he is the last of that cancerous breed and takes their ways with him.

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  16. true goon

    walcot needs to stay on the wing so we can move the ox to the centre eventually

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  17. realist

    Thing is theo is not a winger and neither is any player currently in the team as we dont play with wingers anymore just like we dont play with an orthodox defensive mid. as wenger said the other day the game is evolving gone are the brick outhouses that played in front of the back 4 and gone are the wingers that get to the byline and cross the ball. that is now the job of the wing back. lets face it we play either podolski gervinho arshavin or chamberlain on the left whilst walcott chamberlain gervinho or ramsey compete for the right. none are really wingers. all this garbage about walcott playing through the middle is exactly that. the only reason theo hasnt signed is money. walcott i believe is currently 3rd choice to play through the middle anyway and if he hasnt signed a new contract by january will be sold to the highest bidder. i expect arshavin to go as well and chamakh however i can simply see wenger giving gnabry his chance plus he might recall afobe and ryo plus bring in henry again to cover gervinho. i would have no problem with those moves. like wise if he sold fabianski i believe martinez and shea could cover adequately whilst miquel could reace squillaci.

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  18. Invincibles nice (1)

    In my opinion he could, with the more games he play’s, the more he will grow in to the team, i use to say this about Gibbs, wich is now proved to be correct, but you will never know if it is too soon, for a young player to make the step up, until he gets his break, talent alone for a youngster, is not the be all and end all, as the experience can be overwhelming for some, with them being overawed by the hole situation, however i do’nt believe this to be the case for Gnabry? (fingers crossed)

    A different note, i wish Bendtner would just pipe down listen and learn for once.
    about the possibility of a striker arriving, i have forgotten all about “Hernandez” of utd, i would love to see the boy in a Gunners!!! shirt, maybe just as much as any of our realistically possible targets, in my opinion, the boy would suit the “Arsenal’s style of play”, down to a tee, and put a crafty end product know how, to alot of our great build up play.

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  19. arsenal4eva

    Gnabry, Eisfeld shud be given their chance…n JOvetic for January transfer!

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  20. Tamil Sundram

    i dont recall Wishere, Fabregas, Messi, Ronaldo…going out on loan for few years when they were 17yo….

    they were just given a chance to play in the first team……

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  21. Dave

    @Tamil Sundram
    Didn’t jack go on loan to bolton for 6 months and nearly went back for a full season until we had a big inj in mid. I will give you cesc and messi although messi came from barca’s B team which plays in the spanish lower division so had experience. And ronaldo had played for sporting lisbon before utd signed him so had experience.

    All this talk about wellington? didn’t he get slated for drinking and eating junk, putting on weight and being poor. the striker on loan we want to watch out for is joel cambell (think thats the spelling) hes already an international and scored past spain

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