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Could Jenkinson join Arsenal team mate Frimpong in limbo?

The Arsenal right back Carl Jenkinson has pledged his international career to England, despite having appeared for Finland at under 19 and under 21 levels. He is waiting for FIFA clearance, but he could have a long wait if the case of Emmanuel Frimpong is anything to go by.

20-year old Frimpong played for England at under 16 and under 17 level, but decided to pledge his future to the Ghana national team. He made his mind up back in 2009, when he said this.

“No matter what, I will always play for Ghana because, at the end of the day, from what I believe, I am a Ghanaian.”

In 2011, Frimpong got a call up from the England under 21s, but had already stated that he was determined to play for Ghana.

“I have always told my family that if Ghana calls me, I will personally ride my own bicycle from England to Ghana.”

Ghana did call later that year, and Frimpong accepted and the Ghanaian FA announced it. More than a year later, Frimpong has still not received clearance from FIFA to allow him to actually play for Ghana. FIFA are blaming the GFA and say they have not received sufficient, correct documentation about the player.

FIFA absolve themselves of all responsibility, but it is a concern for both players. There seems to be a certain amount of confusion in the England FA as well. It was reported weeks ago that Jenkinson was to receive clearance, but nobody seems absolutely sure when this will happen.

Frimpong has already missed the AFCON with Ghana at the start of this year and looks set to miss the next one in South Africa in January if it is not sorted out soon. Someone is going to get Frimponged!

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22 thoughts on “Could Jenkinson join Arsenal team mate Frimpong in limbo?

  1. Adam

    I love frimpong but he absolutely bottled it by choosing Ghana over England, he could’ve made a spot his own for years in the England setup! Carl will be an awesome rb for England as there’s very few good English rb’s in the prem to challenge him

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  2. Laurentkboi

    Bottled it how exactly? What re you saying about Ghana mate? He chose his true birthplace so I don’t see who he bottled it there!

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  3. jk

    Frimpong if anything did the opposite of bottleing it by choosing ghana im sure it would be alot easier and a better lifestyle to play for england than travelling to africa for matches and playing in sub standard conditions. I have alot more respect for the choice he made i wish more players decided to play for there true birthplace rather than exploit loopholes in search of an easier life!

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  4. Adam

    Why not choose the better team, the nation that’s given you the very good that you have acquired. Especially when they are crying out for a decent player for that position

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  5. Aussie Jack

    With all the talk of rotation we still only replace players when there is injury or suspension. This indicates, to me, that we don`t have an in depth squad and that we are carrying many second rate players. As the season progresses the players will burn out and we will be struggling to hold a place in the upper half of the competition.

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  6. FC ARSENAL THE BEST(difficult to be an arsenal fan)



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  7. DrPepper

    I personally think he should have played for England, that is for selfish reasons though.

    I winds me right up that that pointless African cup of nations is played in the middle of the bloody season. Should be between leagues or not at all.

    However I am prepared for the down votes as Im fully aware there is a large African contingent on this site.

    But seriously, that cup is a joke.

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  8. Martin

    Personally I couldn’t care less whether he plays for England Ghana or any other nation….I would however like him to stop acting like a super star and get in the Arsenal side!!!

    I worry about his attitude….fashion labels, twitter blah blah…what about football?

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  9. OhToBeAGooner

    @DrPepper how’s the trophy a joke ? Most African premier league seasons end/start around the beginning of the year . Myself being an English African , he chose the right choice . Ghanaian blood runs through him , he chose his heritage . So let’s support him with his choice .

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  10. DrPepper

    It is fair enough he plays for Ghana – i did proffer that my reason were selfish – not nationalistic

    The exact same reason it is a joke that England choose Jack Wilshere for England for a pointless midweek game – it is a joke that players go missing for a month, three months before the season ends.

    They end up coming back tired and under perform for the remainder of the season. a la Gervinho last season, and again this season because they are bloody running it two years in a row

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  11. Rent

    Seriously I am disappointed at the careless comments we make at times. Most of these flow out of either selfishness, ignorance or total disregard for fellow humans. The AFCON trophy may be meaningless to you out there, but it means something to us Africans. We are proud for being able to add value to the EPL somehow. Same God created all of us.

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  12. Dan

    I wouldn’t say he bottled it. But at the same time if he was brought up in England and played for an English club since he was 9, I don’t think the decision should be so clear cut, especially if he made the decision 3 years ago.

    It also means that he’ll bugger off to the African Cup of nations at a time that the club might need him.

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  13. bob

    NO… will not take as long because it is England and not Ghana and Jenkinson is white not black.

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  14. S.H

    Sagna hasn’t much time left with his age so Jenkinson looks set to be an Arsenal first team player in the very near future. In fact, his current form suggests he’s really vying for that RB spot. Last year so many gooners were slamming Wenger for buying Jenkinson. I actually liked Jenkinson from the get go. He just needed time to improve which he has. His pace and crossing ability impressed me from the start. It was just a matter of Wenger fine-tuning his game and positional play. Besides Sagna, Arshavin, Cazorla, and Podolski, Jenkinson is one of the best crossers in the team.

    Giroud finds himself in the same testing phase as Koz and Jenkinson went through. I see so much potential in Giroud. He just needs to improve his technical ability more, but that takes time. We forget he was only playing in French Div 2, two years ago. Training with better players around him will make him sharper. I like the fact when Giroud does crack it from outside the box, at least most of those shots are on target. Same with his headers. To be honest, he could have got at least 2-3 more goals already had it not been for some excellent keeping from various teams. He just needs a little luck. We should invest patience and belief in Giroud. He’ll get better and better, but by the start of the 2013-2014 season, we’ll see a whole new Giroud!

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  15. Th14

    Who cares who he plays for??? At the end of the day he’s a tough tackler with no passing ability and thinks he’s already made it, the way i see it he wont be good enough for arsenal or england, he’s got a very long way to go before he’s an arsenal regular starter let alone an international. And if u follow him on twitter he comes across a bit thick, so I can see him being in the spot light a lot if he makes it.

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  16. james

    carl, jack, gibbs, the ox, walcott is the new first team core. i say go for charlie austin and butland. english baby. add a few spanish flair players and german rigidness. team of the future.

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