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Could Lukas Podolski REALLY return to Arsenal?

Although Lukas Podolski has played quite a few games at Inter Milan since he was sent out on loan, it seems he has failed to impress Roberto Mancini and is running out of time to persuade the Italian manager to make his move permanent at the end of the season.

Now Podolski’s agent Ali Pektas has been discussing his clients future: “Anything could happen,” he said. “Last summer he could have moved to Galatasaray, but it never materialised. Every summer Lukas and I go on holiday to Turkey.

“For the moment he’s on loan at Inter, and when it ends at the end of the season he could return to Arsenal, where he still has a year on his contract.

“With regard to his future, all I can say is that anything could happen, even a transfer to Turkey. Why not? He appreciates [Turkish football] a lot, and he wants to keep playing at a high level.”

As time went on it became obvious that Wenger had no intention of playing the German international in his last couple of years at Arsenal, so it was little surprise that he was allowed to go out on loan and it would be even more of a shock if Wenger brought Podolski back to the Emirates in the summer.

Lukas did himself no favours when he said that Wenger had disrespected him by not giving him gametime or even saying goodbye when he left, so personally I can’t see Wenger bringing Podolski back to sit on the bench for another season. Can you?

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29 thoughts on “Could Lukas Podolski REALLY return to Arsenal?

  1. Gunner

    Was surprised to see “Defensive minded” Mancini even took Podolski on loan…
    The reason he sat on bench at Arsenal was cos he didn’t work hard enough defensively.
    Miss his long range goals – added dif dimension to arsenal game though.

      1. jonestown1

        Not many comments on here leave me speechless – but you have managed it. Incredible statement/hypothesis.

  2. luvdaguns

    Lucas is just inconsistent, he is either brilliant or you dont even know he is on the pitch, same happened w German Nat team, that said he should go play in germany, he can bring value to a mid table club.

        1. ArseOverTit

          No, they aren’t.
          Neither are thet giant powerhouses with perhaps the exception of Kos who despite his relatively slight frame can hassle and out muscle players..

          I thought goals were kind of important as well and Poldi scores them. His goals could have meant we were 2nd or dare I say 1st instead of where we are. Food for thought..

          1. jonestown1

            “Food for thought…..”. LOL. You keep scraping around at the bottom of that barrel – you must have hit rock bottom by now with that ludicrous statement – with Podolski we could have been top of the PL!!!!?? Come on, tell us you are joking….please.

    1. KickAssFan

      Amigo, every superhero needs a mask. I call this superhero of ours_______________________________




      __________wait for it___________




      The Furious Cock!!!

  3. ArseOverTit

    Yeh, bring Poldi back to sit on the bench and let him add to our wage bill whilst he plays 1 game in 20!

  4. davidnz

    Deadwood .
    Flamini Ryo Diaby 2015
    Podolski Arteta Sanogo
    and Campbell all 2016
    Jenkinson 2018.

  5. misoko_gooner

    Podolski should finally look at
    himself and ask himself why he
    was not a success at big clubs,
    at Bayern Munich and now at
    Arsenal and at Inter

  6. leo

    Lyon’s Alexandre Lacazette: “My aim is now to do my best this season and at the end of the season we shall see.We shall see. At the moment I cannot say if I am staying or not.”

  7. JAmerican

    We should have sold him after the World Cup to get maximum money for him but it’s too late for that now and he isn’t doing us any justice at Inter either.

    Replace this summer with either Dybala, Vietto or Lacazette.

  8. fred cowardly

    If we sold Podolski, Campbell, Jenkison, Sanogo, Mertsacker and added the proceeds to £50 million war chest, we would have over £100 million to sign Top striker, Top DM and Top defender and a youth player or two.

    Also, release Flamini and Diaby to free up wages

    We can keep Arteta and Wilshere for another season. We still have young players like Bielik, Hayden and Akpom

    1. Podolski- has to go. Wenger doesn’t like him (I love him because he loves Arsenal
    2. Jenkison is surplus
    3. Sanogo is not good enough
    4. Mertsacker has lost it and sometimes a liability. It would make sense to sacrifice him to get a top defender.
    5. Diaby is always injured. Why pay his salary?
    6. Same reason as Mertsacker

  9. Wilshegz

    I also feel he was unfairly treated.. IF he had gotten half the chance Giroud gets up front; he would have been “RVP 2.0” with his positioning,clinicality,shot accuracy and shot power.

    1. Conman

      What are talking about? He has terrible positioning. Wenger admitted he’s the best finisher but he doesn’t know where to be to score. Giroud might not take all his chances but he knows where he needs to be. Rvp was giroud + podolski.

  10. GoonAR

    I’m a huge LP9 fan… but after seeing about 4 Inter games since he moved on loan to them he needs to be sold. Sell him to Fenerbache, Gala, or Besiktas for 8 mil and let’s move on.

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