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Could Ross Barkley replace outgoing Arsenal star?

With the German playmaker Mesut Ozil continuing to stall on contract negotiations at the Emirates and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s future also uncertain, reports from the media suggest that the Gunners’ boss Arsene Wenger has already identified a potential replacement, Everton’s Ross Barkley, who has also been stalling on a new contract at Goodison Park. Toffees’ boss Ronald Koeman has admitted that there is a possibility that Barkley could leave and has even given his star man an ultimatum to make up his mind.

As quoted by the Metro, Koeman said: “We need to know before the end of the season. I do feel (everything is being done to keep him), and we will offer what’s normal for the player and the way he’s improving.

“He’s going in the right direction – he’s kid of the club, kid of the town and in my opinion there’s no better place for him than Everton. I spoke to him several weeks ago, and he mentioned his ambition is the Champions League but I told him I have the same.”

Personally, I think Ross Barkley is an incredibly talented midfielder. The Englishman is good on the ball, possesses great dribbling skills, has the ability to split a defence and has a good eye for goal to go with his tireless work rate. But is he really a worthy Mesut Ozil replacement? Surely, that’s a bit of an exaggeration as Barkley is nowhere near as good as the German.

So with that being said, the focus at the moment should be retaining players like Ozil and Sanchez. Besides, we need to be looking at a striker rather than going for more midfielders. While Barkley has shown immense promise, he is far from the finished product and if the idea is to replace Ozil, then a finished product is what the club needs.

Who thinks Arsenal could be Barkley’s next club?

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17 thoughts on “Could Ross Barkley replace outgoing Arsenal star?

  1. ArseOverTit

    Let’s buy bale, griezman and messi and get my Nan to manage Arsenal! Barkley can do errands for milk and such..

    1. Muffdiver

      Don’t bring nana into this. U know damn well she has a bad hip.

      Ozil can go tired of his glamour with no fight bs
      Ox though can’t go 23 showing all the tools to be a important player English aswell

      If these Liverpool rumuors are true I will be shocked.
      Imagine with ramsey Wiltshire Walcott here we sell the youngest an most promising of the lot

  2. Fedal Naderer

    Barkley. Lol.
    Sell 4.
    Ozil 36 m Sanchez 36 ml
    Wilshere 15m Cazorla 5 m
    92 mill.
    Promote 4
    Kelechi Nwakali free. 20k p/w salary
    Reiss Nelson free 20k p/w
    Maitland Niles free 20k p/w
    Adelaide 2m. 20k p/w

    Save 21 mill salaries.
    Net 113 m profit.

  3. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip

    Replacing one English midfielder that hasn’t fulfilled his potential with another does sound like something Wenger would do

  4. John

    Everton are going places . We’ve taken moshiri and usminov and you have absolutely
    No chance of getting Barkley . Massive investment at Everton . Do a bit of research and you
    Will see that we are ready to take our place back at the top. Lukaku can go but Barkley
    Will stay.

  5. gotanidea

    I like Barkley. I think he has better ball control and the ability to be a playmaker behind the striker. If he is available under twenty millions, we should get him. If his price is above that, no need. We have got Wilshere and Ramsey in the squad.

  6. John Ibrahim

    Arsenal is not an English club and we should be signing quality foreign players

    The homegrown rules have already been removed

  7. SoOpa AeoN

    I remember when Barca were willing to fork out £50mil for Barkley

    now he didn’t Live up to expectations…. How much is he worth these days?
    Let alone who needs him……

    [But when all their form have dropped and and he have lost their feet, that’s when Arsenal needs them]

  8. SoOpa AeoN

    BREAKING!!!………. “WENGER OUT” campaign going global.
    Hits a billboard in Times Square, New york …

    The Revolution begins…..

  9. planner

    The most overrated players in modern football:

    1. Ross Barkley
    2. Zaha
    3. James Rodriguez
    4. Walcott
    5. Bellerin
    6. Lukaku (yes, put him in a big club he will be useless)
    7. Nolitto
    8. Origi
    9. Arda Turan
    10. John stones
    11. Balloteli

    The most underrated players today:

    1. Azpilicueta
    2. Mousa Dembele
    3. Mikhitarian
    4. Victor moses
    5. Toni Kroos
    6. Benteke
    7. Isco
    8. Carzola
    9. Coutinho
    10. Payet
    11. David Luis.

    The most hardworking talents:

    1. C. Ronaldo
    2. Hazard
    3. Alexis Sanchez
    4. Pogba
    5. Marcelo
    6. H. Kane
    7. Sergio Ramos
    8. Koscielny
    9. Dybala
    10. Bonucci
    11. David Alaba
    12. Vidal
    13. Busquet
    14. Dele Alli
    15. Kante
    16. Griezman

    The most naturally gifted:
    1. Messi
    2. David silver
    3. Modric
    4. Manuel Neuer
    5. Dani Alves
    6. Donnarumma
    7. Ozil ( slow, but can see ball where no one else can)
    8. Neymar jnr
    9. Arjen Robben
    10. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Football’s world genius ever:

    1. Ronaldinho
    2. Messi
    3. Jay Jay Okocha
    4. Maradona
    5. Zinedine Zidane
    6. Original Ronaldo
    7. Rui Costa
    8. Roberto Baggio
    9. Andria Pirlo
    10. Dennis Berckamp.

    You can Add yours.

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      oh well, i don’t see how this helps Arsenal get outta the mess it’s find itself in…

      But i could aid boost ya List of most shambolic and deluded managers ever
      * Wenger & his wife Moyes

    2. Puff Puff

      Great list but really Ozil must be among the overrated players,and please no one even rates Origi as much as Rashford,Rashford is the overrated one

    3. gotanidea

      Never heard of David Silver before. I would put Ozil under the “The most overrated players in modern football” list. I know I should support all Arsenal players, but I think a real great player has to perform in any team, regardless the system that team has. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo, the Brazilian Ronaldo, Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez. A good player should not rely too much on set pieces and corners to create goals and assists.

  10. Gunner 4 Life

    Whatever it is.. we don’t care as long as the manager doesn’t change.. Right now don’t U think replacing Arsene Wenger with Allegri or some other Manager is more important than thinking who will replace Ozil….?

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