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Could underdogs Arsenal cause a shock against Chelsea?

Failing to reach the top four for the first time in twenty years is a true indication into how the 2016/2017 has unravelled in front of our eyes, with yet another mid-season collapse proving fatal as the team were unable to claw their way out of the hole they dug themselves into. It has done little to dampen the growing disharmony at the club, with fans continuing to be divided over Arsene Wenger’s future as manager as he remains silent over what his plans are. His perceived stubbornness and arrogance has left everyone in limbo, and with growing rumours that Alexis Sanchez has decided to leave for pastures new after missing out on Champions League football proved to be the final straw for a player who has cut a disconsolate figure in recent weeks, the fallout from a hugely disappointing campaign could have lasting consequences. However, despite all the doom and gloom at the Emirates, it could all have a silver lining if Arsenal are triumphant against Chelsea in the FA Cup Final at Wembley.

Facing a team that dominated the Premier League for the majority of the season and finished eighteen points ahead of us sums up the size of the task that lies ahead for Arsenal, but in a winners-take-all match, anything can happen. It should be remembered that we beat Chelsea 3-0 at home back in September, but the contrast in fortunes following that game has been remarkable; the defeat ultimately galvanised Antonio Conte’s side who went on to win thirteen league games in a row and ultimately run away with the title, while the Gunners let old habits bite them in the backside yet again as a very promising start to the campaign disintegrated after a number of poor performances and results. Bookmaker Ratings will undoubtedly rate Arsenal as underdogs, despite the fact we have won our last five games as our valiant effort to catch Manchester City and Liverpool proved to be in vain. It should be enough for the players to go into the game with belief and spirit, but they should need no motivation for a game of huge importance for themselves and their manager. His future at the club would come under even further scrutiny if the Gunners were to lose at Wembley, and although picking up the trophy would still not be enough to convince the ‘Wenger Out’ brigade that he is the man to be at the helm next season, FA Cup glory would at least give the fans something to cheer and maybe an element of hope that things will get better.

It will take something drastic to remove the bitter taste of missing out on the top four and being comprehensively beaten 10-2 on aggregate by Bayern Munich, but you could argue that the FA Cup Final represents a potential tonic. Time will tell as to whether the result, win or lose, has any bearing on Wenger’s future, even though he has already decided what he is going to do; it would be nice to believe that if it is to be his last game in charge of Arsenal, he tells the players in private in the days leading up to the game so they give him one hundred percent on the pitch in order to give Wenger a fitting send-off and reclaim some pride after what has happened this season. It would be then down to Kroenke and the board to appoint a manager who would change the mentality at the club and get Arsenal firing on all cylinders again, and while someone like Thomas Tuchel or Diego Simeone would certainly increase the chances of Arsenal featuring in the free betting tips listed on Bookmaker Ratings to challenge for the 2017/2018 Premier League title,  we simply do not know what is going to happen after the FA Cup Final.

Our chances of triumphing at Wembley have been severely damaged after not only Laurent Koscielny got himself stupidly sent off for a reckless tackle against Everton, but Gabriel Paulista was also stretchered off in the same game. Add in the growing fears that Shkodran Mustafi will not be passed fit after suffering from concussion, and Wenger could have a real defensive crisis on his hands – hardly the best time when we are about to face the second-highest scorers in the Premier League with 85 goals. It will place even greater onus on Sanchez and Mesut to step up to the plate and produce the big moments that could win the FA Cup for Arsenal, with the former more than capable of winning the game on his own if he has to. The Gunners have no choice but to front up and have a real go against the best team in the Premier League this season, but even if some fans feel like victory at Wembley is not enough for a club like Arsenal, it would certainly provide a disappointing season with a flourish that provides hope for the future.


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17 thoughts on “Could underdogs Arsenal cause a shock against Chelsea?

  1. John0711


    Has anyone Seen wengers latest press conference ” “I have led this team to this point, I believe we are stronger now and compete with anyone. Money is not always the answer. You couldn’t make this crap up. Kronkie must be thinking there goes another £

    The man is so delusional and indefensible

  2. Twig

    If it’s the same Arsenal that defeated Everton with 10 men then anything can happen. My prediction still stands Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0 Granit Xhaka!

  3. Ronny

    With a full sqaud to pick from yes we could off course it’s a 1 off game.
    However no Kos or Gabriel not ideal.
    Both sides have the talent it’s who wants it most and who has that bit of luck on the day.

    Pretty sure Ramsey will start next to xhaka hoping Aaron plays a blinder after scoring the other day and ozil + sanchez must be fierce.

    As long as we nullify hazard, Costa, William, Pedro, moses, hang on a minute LOL, we’ll be alright!

  4. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    Winning the FA cup should count for fairly successful season for a club like Arsenal, atleast.
    You can’t really bet against Arsenal. When you expect them to win, they lose. Expect them to lose and they win!

    The game is a one-off in which the players on the pitch are automatically motivated by the sheer grandness of the occasion. I think it is more level playing field than people are making it out to be.

  5. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    If Arsenal sign Henry Onyekuru, I hope they allow him to stay at his present club on loan for a year atleast. That way he can continue his development in a familiar environment without the burden of too much expectations he’ll eventually face if he comes here next season.

    Afterward, if he does a Cortois and repeats his sterling form, or if he blossoms into an Mbappe we can finally bring him here. Otherwise we might send him on loan to another team we believe can better develop him for us.. and then hope he turns out to be the real deal.

    1. HA559

      Forget it, he is overated. If he comes to this league he will be bullied. He might be top scorer there but if he comes to EPL he isn’t scoring many more than 10. He will get similar stats to Gervinho and at worst he will be like Sanogo.

      Now get him to replace Walcott, I’ll be happy with that.

  6. HA559

    Arsenal negotiators are so bad that even Walcott managed to talk his way through to a 140K a week contract. That should give you an indication why we miss out on other players as well.

    1. John Ibrahim

      Dein would have negotiate a better deal…..Ashely Cole got 60k in his final negotiations

  7. John Ibrahim

    No Gibbs

    No Kos

    No Gab

    No Mustafic

    We are gonna get hammered!!!

    Fans need to get realistic and accept that Chelsea is gonna win the double

    The question is how many goals is Chelsea gonna win by

  8. FA Cup_The New Wenger Trophy

    It depends on your expectations.
    For me success = winning the league
    and making ECL quarter final or better.
    But Arsenal is now a 4th place franchise
    with no intention of winning the league or going deep into the ECL.
    The owners shares price has sky rocketed.
    The manager gets 8 mill salary with no pressure to win the league.
    He spouts moronic nonsense all season justifying not winning the league.
    The club keeps a large group of mediocre players
    creaming 100k p/w who are in permanent cruise mode.
    I do like a few players Cech Kos Sanchez Ozil
    and battlers like Monreal while Iwobi is promising.
    The rest have been around far too long
    2 good games 4 mediocre games 5 games injured.
    4th place glory is doing my head and heart in.
    Change is long over due.
    You say “winning the FA cup ” provides hope for the future” ?
    Really? So how many EPL titles have we won since the last FA Cup win?
    Exactly. Zero.
    With out the Wenger trophy we are now aiming for the FA cup
    to prove we are “by far the greatest FC the world has ever seen”.
    But AKB’s will say we won more than Spurs City+ Liverpool.
    we beat the Champions so we are the best team in the land now.
    Two decent signings and we are gunner win the league.
    I mean what sane person actually believes in all the lies. Seriously?
    Chelsea Tottenham City Liverpool Utd sing
    “We want you to stay we want you to stay Arsene Wenger we want you to stay”.
    Give us real hope.
    Sack Wenger.

  9. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine

    Barcelona look like they going to be letting go of 1 or 2 of their midfielders:

    Rakitic (there’s rumors Pep wants him)
    Arda Turan
    Andre Gomes

    Which of these would you like us to get to partner Xhaka?

    In an ideal world, I would love us to get Thiago or Veratti or even Naby Keita. But we’re never getting those guys.

  10. Robert Newton

    We need players with winning mentality next season. I’m really tired of our players choking at the wrong time?. I don’t really care whether we win or lose the FA cup final?. I want Wenger to be gone by next week.

  11. Robert Newton

    If Wenger stays we will be a midtable team forever. He will never change. He had no intention of signing Peez or Mustafi last season but had to buy because of injuries to Mertesaker and Welbeck. Wenger has zero ambition of winning anything.

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