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Crystal Palace v Arsenal – Eagles rip embarrassing Arsenal to bits – Top 4 gone? Wenger?

This was a dark day for Arsenal, with our recent mini revival washed away in a tide of disappointment as Crystal Palace inflicted more misery on our season with a thumping victory. The Wenger debate will be back in force and any hopes of a top four finish are looking optimistic to say the least. BY the end of the game the whole team had gone. It was embarrassing.

To be fair to Arsenal I thought we started the game pretty well against a very pumped up Crystal Palace roared on by a vocal home support, as well as being in good recent form and fighting for survival. The Gunners stood up pretty well and showed the sort of effort that was needed, but with our own confidence still low the nerves were on show and the fluency was hard to find.

There were chances for both sides and with Arsenal dominating the ball and the home side lookingh dangerous on the break it was well poised but when Palace scored the balance tipped heavily in their favour. There was an element of luck to their goal but that’s football. Lost confidence, increased pressure and having to chase the game was not going well for us to say the least.

After the break it was horrible and seemed just a matter of time until the emergised Eagles increased Arsenal misery. We managed to survive for 10 frantic minutes though and started to threaten ourselves but Arsene Wenger had seen enough and made two chganges much earlier than usual.

Giroud for Welbeck and Ramsey for Elneny seemed the right move, although it would have been Xhaka for me as he was not doing much. There was no time for these subs to impact the game before Palace hit us with another hammer blow, with another slip in the build up working for them. I am not saying they did not deserve it because they were much the better team.

Now was the chance for Arsenal to show their fighting qualities. Was anyone really surprised it did not work out that way? MInutes later it was three with uncertainty at the back giving Palace a debatable penalty. I do not want to say much about the rest of the game, except it was awful and just about the worst support for an under fire masnager you could imagine.


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90 thoughts on “Crystal Palace v Arsenal – Eagles rip embarrassing Arsenal to bits – Top 4 gone? Wenger?

  1. vish

    I hate to say this but Wenger is for sure a Specialist in failure.
    Lets face it. We are not finishing in top 4. Will be 5th if we are lucky.
    Man City will dump us out of the FA cup.


    Alexis will leave for Chelsea
    Bellerin will go to Barca
    Ozil? Who cares? Nobody will offer him what he needs. He will still be lazy in games.
    No Cazorla.
    Mert is old
    Wilshere isn’t coming back.
    Cech is Old. Ospina is leaving. Szczesny isn’t coming back.
    Monreal and Ox will leave as well.
    Walcott is a burden
    Giroud is just an impact sub.
    Welbeck is starting to become like the headless chicken Gervinho was. I blame wenger for this.
    Xhaka- Needs one more season
    Lucas/Gabriel- Did not get enough chances.
    Elneny/Ramsey/Gibbs/Coquelin- Who cares? Below average players

    Until something major is done I see Arsenal falling out of top 5 for the next 2-3 years.This is what Wenger has done to us. Even the incoming manager(a big if) will have major problems in making us comparable to the Bayerns, Barcas and Madrids.

      1. SoOpa AeoN

        hahaha…….who are the real cowards?
        Aren’t they those who are so scared of change while putting blind faith in an incompetent manager and his disoriented team?

        1. Budd

          It is not the fans changing the manager, it is the players. Always been like that, always be. But you keep dreaming. It got you only so far.

    1. Jabroni

      And the most important thing: no top manager wants to come to Arsenal. Toxic board, stingy transfer kitty, not going to get CL football anytime soon.

      Arsenal will be lucky to finish top half of the table next season. Everton and other mid table clubs are steadily improving.

    1. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime

      Not a hope he’s staying for two more years
      Contract all but confirmed

      No matter what we want or cry

    2. LagosGunner

      Arsenal fans deserve better, we deserve some form of respect.

      This is worse than Bayern Defeat, Wenger please go now, and i mean RIGHT NOW!

    1. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime

      Which also means no yearly butt violation by actual quality sides in europe

      Every cloud kid 🙂

      1. RSH

        Still a chance we can get embarrassed in Europa League. Better to just not make it to any of the European competitions.

  2. Jerick

    I’m honestly over this season. Besides Xhaka, there’s not one Arsenal player who played as if they’re after something. I see a team playing for their survival and one playing for top 4. Gutless performance and that’s the results. Who wanted it more got it!

    1. vish

      I totally agree. People slate Xhaka but i have said this before he is the only one who looks for making through balls for the strikers and passes the ball FORWARD. For how many Arsenal players can we say that?
      What does Ozil do? Goes back to the defenders in 90% of his passes. Playmaker my foot.

      Xhaka needs a good manager to work under. Some players in our team are underperforming just because of the old fool.

    2. John0711

      Wow did you watch the game
      His positional sense is shocking he passes sideways and can’t defend

      1. RSH

        he stood out because he was one of the only 2 players attempting forward passes. Besides for that he was just as useless as always.

  3. ks-gunner

    I dont care what you did before for the team, whats important in life is always the now not the yesterday. So f off Wenger.

  4. rahul

    What do do if u are stung by the same snakes whom u have milked all your life?
    Arsene needs to ponder upon this at the end of season..!!

    1. RSH

      looks like they’re going to wait until summer, when Arsenal can’t embarass themselves on the pitch. Lord Wenger is going nowhere though.

    1. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip

      No he will be given a bumper contract. His only prerequisite is to win two games in a row so he can announce it but at the minute that is too taxing him for him

    1. Kiko

      Let’s be honest Bellerin is overhyped and should be a backup for now. Shame we didn’t sign Serge Aurier when we had the chance even though there was no way to foresee the downfall of Debuchy.

    2. SoOpa AeoN

      you literally just gave Wenger an excuse to present to the media concerning bellerin
      Now i expect a headline like this soon
      “Bellerin Losing focus due to head being turned over by Barca speculations”

    1. Muff diver. Aka when I dine it's bedtime

      That game was sick!!
      Subbuteo -old skool

      That scalextric and Ian Wright banging in goals

      The good old days!!

  5. Kiko

    The manager and his players have taken the pride out of this club.

    I’m starting to believe even Gazidis thinks what Wenger has been doing is unacceptable.

  6. Ozzy AFC

    Disgusting and the sad end of a era
    Its not just Wenger it’s the board surely we can’t recover from this ?

  7. ThirdManJW

    Crazy to think that some of our own fans, and highly paid pundits (Neville in particular), strongly believe we cannot do any better than Wenger. Cannot wait to see who’s next in line to utter the laughable “be careful what you wish for”.

  8. Disturbance

    It’s just laughable how you slated Konstantin for warning you after West Ham… If Wenger leaves though, at least the defeats would show we’ve learned something.

  9. Greg

    Song for wenger: ” hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more no more no more no more, hit the road jack and don’t you come back no more!!!!!!!

  10. bran99

    AKBs where are you? This is the stu***ty you always defend in every article in this forum.. please come explain how in the hell do we get thrashed 6-1 by two mid table teams? And still Wenger will announce his stay coz he did us a favor over a decade ago? A favor that he was paid for. It wasn’t charity

    1. khangunners

      Exactly. One win and crunch talks with kroenke m foot. We are even worse than titanic we are sinking so fast. How many games will we win till the end if season? I see us in a very tough spot. Anyway its those fans singing one arsene wenger to blame . wenger is also to blame he could hve come out long time and said he will not be around and the team and fans could be back fighting but now fans are divided,players are busy thinking about holiday in the moon. Theo is a disgrace. The dude is a winger how many balls did he cross?

    1. Bilal

      And Cabaye like Bergkamp. No desire to close down and man mark. Shows no urgency in trying to avoid conceding. Reflects clubs ambitions…

  11. Reddb10

    I honestly don’t know what is worse. The fact that our club has become the laughing stock of Europe, or that we still have people who want Wenger to stay.

  12. ivvy

    i am one of anti wenger fan..i dont giv a heck if we hire unknown manager and he fail to deliver in his first season..atleast he is new..what do we get from 20years manager? same old sh*t every season..i dont blame the players..i blame the manager n his gameplay tactic..wenger have to go no matter what. even Ranieri can get a hold to premier league trophy in what? 2 season wit leicester? n we craving for premier league trophy for 13 season with some 20yers manager. hahaha

  13. Kiko

    I will take finishing 6th with a new manager in his first year to evaluate his teams strengths and weaknesses over one that finishes 6th in his 21st year at the club that brought this on himself…

  14. SoOpa AeoN

    Arsene fc completely Bossed by Zaha
    Watch Zaha Linked to us all summer (and to think he was a man-utd reject)

  15. Bamijoko

    To be honest, I have never a team as messed up as Arsenal of this year. The runs round like headless chicken without proper direction. I don’t know where wenger got that groundnut seller called mustafi. For his fee I expect what he brings to the team. #wengerandalltheplayerout.

  16. GoonerKev84

    Well I wont be watching anymore of that rubbish again this season, that was an absolute embarrassed I even think Ivan Gazidis was embarrassed! How many times has a Wenger team being thumped ? The 5-0s 5-1s 6-1s 8-2 10-2 over two games the list goes on. Being realistic big teams dont get battered the way we do. Last season papered over the cracks but we all knew this was coming. Be careful what we wish for? Id rather have George Graham back than watch that clown Wenger pulling on his zip and sitting on his hands! Wenger out!

  17. Goonerboy

    Do the players want Wenger out??????????

    Even the commentator said we miss Cazorla,he is the real playmaker..I have always said Ozil limits us and depends far too much on others around him….

    Anyways, other top teams have suffered their decline,( ManU still suffers) maybe its our turn…

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      Arsenal is a one man team then
      Sick and tired of everyone saying “we miss cazorla”
      Any so called big team should have adequate replacement…… Likewise others who could step up
      But Arsenal is an empire of missing puzzle pieces
      #we Love to eat our cake and have it….we deserve what we are served #

    2. RSH

      we’ve had Cazorla since 2012 and haven’t been close to winning the title. We’d be only a little better off with him in the squad.

  18. henry

    And the joke of a Board and Manager are still waiting for a better time to announce the signing of a certain contract!

    I don’t even agree with this idea of smooth transition anymore. Wenger has to go now.

    Don’t even talk about his legacy. He has erased that chapter himself.

      1. Bilal

        If he resigns in the summer he will still be a legend for doing the right thing and instigating change like he did 21 years ago. Time to go brother..this squad is still very promising just needs freshening up

  19. planner

    Bellerin is no way near Debuchy. A good coach would have bring Debuchy back bcs he’s currently okay and playing for the under 23 sides. And also, no other player who can hold the ball pass defenders like Iwobi. I don’t know why Wenger keep dropping him.

    Dhaka is the only player we have now.

    1. Kiko

      You’re right about Debuchy though, I remember Debuchy before he got injured against Man City at the Emirates. It was the same day Alexis came on the seen with that volley against Joe Hart. Arguably the best RB in the league at the time. Shame really.

    2. khangunners

      I think we are over hyping average players. Bellerin has alot to learn and he to should be dropped just as iwobi was dropped to the reserve. He is not starting 11 material yet. Only pace does not make you a starter in football this days you hve to hve alot of skils and mental aspect of the game . his crosses my oh my zero chance of it leading to a goal. Thats to harsh its only a 1% chance

  20. Bamijoko

    There is a saying that when a woman remains too long in a family she become witch and start destroying things she has built thats the story of Arsene right now. #bowoutwithrespect. This was based on logistics

  21. SoOpa AeoN

    Happy………..i don’t need it
    Let’s try our Luck elsewhere…… Thursday night football anyone?
    Azerbaijan here we come!!! Yo baby yo
    *guitar strumming Loudly*

    1. SoOpa AeoN

      hahaha….. Sorry bru
      But are you so sure you haven’t been betting on the wrong team (Arsene Fc) over the right (Arsenal FC) ?

  22. jamaicanarsenal

    i said two months ago that stroke
    City have three players that is better than all of our players except Sanchez they say i was a fool because i don’t really think some of the arsenal fans understand the game of football we can find twenty players for each position from the lower rank that better than all our players except Sanchez

  23. Kiko

    For the first time in my life instead of dying for the next Arsenal match I find myself dying for the season to be over.

  24. Sam 111

    It’s just not fair- you have guys like myself, 18 years old centre back, Arsenal fan who would die for the cause out on that pitch.
    You see the sky sports pundits ripping our defence apart for being weak and cowardly, the pathetic challenges the defence don’t even attempt to put in, this pathetic team representing so embarrassingly the club you love, but if you were on the pitch, you may not have the same quality, but a million times the heart and passion. It kills me


    I can see even understand why the Deluded one does not want to let go, uncertainty of what is next after 20 years and of course 8+ Mill if I was him I might not let go either……what I cannot understand not in a million years how there are Fans that still support this old man embarrassing himself and most importantly the Club…..this debacle was years on the making, this was the inevitable consequence of his refusal to spend his bosses money and buy the players we really needed while he did pocket the astronomical salary without hesitation….you love ARSENAL alright…..shame on you WENGER please leave and mind shutting the door behind you

  26. JustJoy

    I saying from Nigeria.. ” If the wind Blows you see the nyash of the fowls..”

    he who can see can see and the blind is already blind.

  27. Edward

    Right from the start tonight,why was usil and Sanchez picking up ball in their half? Never going to threaten playing that deep, defence shambolic all over the place,clueless going forward,passing sideways,wenger said plenty of possession but you can have 100% possession passing amongst yourself all match,we know for sure now time for change.

  28. Henry

    I fear for next season, with Wenger in charge. What we are seeing is a circus show, a rudderless team. Unbelievable that a team like Arsenal could drop so low to this shambolic level. The interesting thing is that no one knows how and when this is going to end. It’s it possible to buy 11 players in one season? I hear Mustafi, Gabriel individually are good players, yes certainly but not good enough for Arsenal or for the English game, same goes to Monreal, gutless. Bellerin a nightmare, I wonder why people continue to taunt him to be a Barcelona target. No wonder Arsenal continue to chip in endless preventable goals. Not a good time to be a gunner

  29. Gooneriffyc

    Amidst all the hullabaloo, it has to be said that the players have been nothing short of disgraceful. Have shown absolutely no fight. It seems to me like they dont like each other. Or some people feel like others arent good enough. Wenger should go, wether or not he leaves we need drastic changes. More than ever before the board needs to stand up to be counted.

  30. ger burke

    hahahahahahaha, laughable performance , as usual . 7th place is looking good . and you know < next year is going to be our year , we got this , right !?.

  31. hademe precious

    It is the highest insult that the board under the clueless and unambitious Kronke still want Wenger, yes specialist in failure to decide his future, this is very absurd and most insensitive to the fans. Wenger is shame less, an old archaic stubborn coach with out dated philosophy that belongs to the stone age. OUT WENGER.

  32. gmv8

    We cannot carry on the next season, the way it’s been going the last three months, because that is Sunderland form – we would be relegated, that should even be obvious to the board. The very minimum that can happen if Wenger stays is that a technical director and new coaching staff are brought in, while a condition of Wenger signing any contract has to be that he hands over the relevant charges to them.

  33. adi

    People need to realise that Wenger isnt the issue, its Kroenke. Our Ex-players has hinted this many times, particularly RVP, Nasri and Ashley Cole who refused to claim Wenger was the cause, instead its theboard who refuse to pay important player the right fee.

    Keep in mind, that Man city back then were nothing and still ofered nasri, Clichy 2-3x their wage at Arsenal. If Arsenal brought in Mourinho, Zidane, Klopp, Mancini, or heck Alex Ferguson with Stank Kroenke as main shareholder, any person would fail to manage Arsenal. EPL is stronger as ever. ARsenal remaain stuck

  34. GoonAR

    Can we just end the season on that note? I still can’t believe there are still people that support AW. And I thought I was late to wanting him fired. Someone needs to buy out that snake Kroenke also.

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