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Daft Arsenal transfer rumour of the day – Stop it now!

You have to feel sorry for all those football journalists out there trying to keep the Arsenal transfer rumour mill going with not even a trickle of help from Arsene Wenger. A nice early deal with the signing of Petr Cech and then nothing is perhaps why they are getting a bit desperate.

The rumours about Karim Benzema have been leapt on like a bunch of starving vultures on a carcass and they will get every last morsel of meat from the bones before the transfer window closes. At least with that story there is a chance it could happen I suppose, unlike the ridiculous report in the Metro suggesting that the Barcelona and Spain star Sergio Busquets is at the top of Wenger’s transfer list.

The report goes on to say that Wenger has told the Arsenal board of directors to get the transfer done as Busquets is the ideal man to replace the club captain Mikel Arteta. He might as well tell them to get Lionel Messi, sort out world hunger and discover the secret of turning base metals into gold while he is at it.

Not only is Busquets Catalan and Barcelona through and through, having been there since he was a youth, but he is one of their key players. He has also recently signed a new contract while Barca are still under a transfer embargo and would be even less likely than usual to sell their best players. Really Metro, you must try harder.

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32 thoughts on “Daft Arsenal transfer rumour of the day – Stop it now!

  1. ethangooner

    Rumour from Twitter today is that we are not signing Benzema. We are going for a rising star but have had 2 bids of 25-33M rejected

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      1. RedReigns

        Word on the street is that Draxler’s release clause is £17m (or there abouts). Not sure I trust that figure though. My bet’s on Reus though, and it would take in excess of £40m to lure him away I’m afraid.

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        1. gooner954

          Does anyone remember the january window where we bid 40 million for draxler only for him to reject us in favour of staying
          how come all of a sudden his price has dropped, he is not the finished article we need to help us win league would he be an improvement on the ox and gnabry as he is quite injury prone

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          1. NK

            Drax has had loads of injury problems in the last 18 months, probably the reason his asking price has gone way down. Back then, I would have been ecsatic us getting him. Now, not so much– our wingers are much stronger. Sanchez, Ox, Theo, Ramsey. Can’t see Draxler really getting much game time if he came to us now. Nor, really, could he beat out Ozil/Santi/Jack for a central midfield spot.

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  2. fred cowardly

    Could someone tell me Who scored for Arsenal u19 today against Celtic U19?

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  3. Gunner

    Forget new striker – if any gets a chance google this (found on bleacher report)
    “Koscielny Nails Class Rabona Finish”

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  4. Twig

    Arsenal Rumour Team of the Week

    _____Sanchez Ozil Walcott
    ________Busquets Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    (I’ll watch Arsenal versus Bayern with a bowl of popcorn and my feet up the table if we manage to assemble this team)

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  5. wizardry

    I feel a quote from One of woody Allen’s character in Anything Else is much better than The transfer rumors.
    David Dobel: You think quantum physics has the answer? I mean, you know, what purpose does it serve for me that time and space are exactly the same thing? I mean I ask a guy
    what time it is, he tells me 6 miles? What the hell is that?

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  6. leo

    pogba to barca so who knows but don’t think they will sell him & he doesn’t want to leave either this came from catalan media few days back we were linked with a 16year old busquets from barca B maybe they mixed it up

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  7. leo

    Arsenal have rejected all loan offers for Joel Campbell. They want to sell and for €10m+ they’re in no hurry to do so

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    1. Twig

      Hey Leo, what do you think of Benzema, Busquets to Arsenal rumours? (I know you don’t have any sources, just want to have your opinion 😛 )

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      1. leo

        ofcourse never claimed to have sources but not sure on benz he is one of perez’s favorite + he is happy at Madrid & unless Madrid get muller/aguero/reus they won’t sell him. Madrid are interested in muller

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        1. Twig

          Thanks buddy. You need to post more often, not only during transfer windows 😉

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    2. Durand

      Not surprised if so. Classic Wenger; over value own players and under value others.

      Why not €10+1 for Cambell?

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  8. fred cowardly

    I didn’t expect us to get Ozil a couple of seasons ago so anything is possible.

    We are a team that has got a wc player ever since then including Cech, so even though highly unlikely not impossible.

    I really think we need to get another top player or two. Ideally a DM and striker but at the minimum a top striker

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  9. Andrew AFC

    Good luck Diaby and I wish you all the best for the future.

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    1. fred cowardly

      Yes. He was with us for 9 years and hardly played sadly. Hopefully he will have better luck with Marseille. He was always a top player

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  10. Timack

    OT. I don’t know if you guys already watch Truly, Madly, Wembley BBC Documentary 2015, but it’s just AWESOME (I was smilling during all the movie) I’m die hard arsenal fan from Africa specially SENEGAL. but that Video increase my love for this marvellous club which was already very strong. and I can see that football is more than a game in England, it’s in the veins of every fan. COYG!!

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  11. leo

    Benitez: “Reus? I said before that I have a great team and I’m happy with them. I am preparing the final match of the tour against Milan

    so does that mena benz will stay & we go for reus

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    1. fred cowardly

      Honestly, I don’t see Benzema leaving. He likes it there. He is settled there and Madrid seem happy with him.

      Unless Benitez makes Ronaldo a CF and Benzema doesn’t like it.

      I could be completely wrong. I would love Benzema to come

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      1. leo

        yes seems the same media in Germany linking us with reus & draxler
        scenes if we sign edin dzeko/llorente on aug 31st

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    All these Rumors none of them are going to happen. Please listen to Wenger he won’t be buying an Big names in this windows . Sorry but there was a loud bang when he signed Cech that was Wengers Wallet closing. Every year we expect him to buy a few big names.He buy’a one and that’s it . So we got our big name in Cech. Great singing by the way a class keeper.

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  13. perf

    ive grown tired of hearing we should sign reus he just recently signed a new contract in February so I don’t see why Dortmund would even consider selling him and the argument that we can offer champions league football isn’t strong enough because he signed that contract when it was pretty obvious Dortmund wouldn’t be in it so it won’t sway him

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  14. realmike13

    Yo boys anyone tryna join a fantasy premier league? Its real competitive every year. The code is 403175-258509.

    GO GUNNERS!!!! Bring home the titile!!

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  15. Ronny331

    Pretty sure wenger will sign one big name before the window shuts, winger, striker, loan or permanent who knows!

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