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Dan’s World Cup Diary – Scouting for Arsenal…. Lozano?

All 32 nations have now played at the 2018 World Cup. by Dan Smith

Out of love for the game, most of us would’ve spent the last week watching matches we normally wouldn’t have cared about. Technically that makes us all scouts, viewing some players for the very first time. Some owners use this time of year to dictate their whole transfer policy, targeting names they normally wouldn’t have even heard of before.

Alternatively Board’s know that asset values can double based on a few week’s work. While I’m not suggesting we buy anyone because of what they do/don’t do in Russia, now is a fun time to find hidden gems. As our recruitment team seem to prioritise value over ambition I invite gooners in the comments below to give one name you think could suit Arsenal based on Match Day 1 of the tournament.

Try to be realistic, eg no point pointing out that Ronaldo would do well at the Emirates. The criteria is someone who maybe is not a household name who you think could be a bargain. My choice is Lozano. Not just did he score to beat Germany, especially in the first half he destroyed their right hand side.

Mexico did insist this was a talent who wanted to use this platform to demonstrate his talent. I will have to wait to see against South Korea if he remains constant or if he was helped by the World Champions arrogant tactics. Having witnessed what he can do, surely opponents will now target him.

Who has impressed you? No right or wrong, we are all scouts…

Dan Smith

14 thoughts on “Dan’s World Cup Diary – Scouting for Arsenal…. Lozano?

  1. Joshua Bryant

    All im gonna say about Lozano is lets judge him on more than one game. Since Mexico beat Germany nearly everyone on here is calling for us to sign him. Lets see what he has to offer over the next couple of games.

  2. gotanidea

    What I like is his enthusiasm and high stamina. Moving up and down in both attacking and defending, until his battery ran out in the second half

    Naturally right footed, but can dribble effortlessly in the left hand side and was very brave to take on the defenders consistently. He reminds me of Maitland-Niles’ dribbles when he played as a left wingback/ fullback

    He is very good, but he is not going to be cheap after the World Cup and we have many right-footed players that can play in his position (albeit not as explosive as him, except Aubameyang). What we don’t have is an explosive left-footed right winger and I wish Arsenal chase Leon Bailey, David Neres or Malcom

  3. Arsene is out

    So far we have been linked to Martins, Pavon, Lozano, Bernard, and Golovin who can all play on the wing.

    Golovin seems to be the star so far. But Pavin and Lozano also have looked good. It’s to early to call.

    If Ramsey signs the new deal and we get a player like Golovin then I’m afraid Mesut will not be playing a lot of games this year.

    1. Rashid80

      Ozil is really overrated. And Lozano is better than all the players you mentioned. I watched 15 games of him last season and he’s really good

      1. Abu

        You watched 15 games ? Okay !
        Let us see how he does in upcoming matches then we might have a clear picture. All the other players mentioned were also titled “potentially world class” , what happened just after 2 games ? Gave up on them ?
        “STOP over hyping players” please !

        1. Dalinho

          Lozano is not over hyped!!
          We nearly signed him when Alexis left in jan but then mki n auba came up and rest is history but he is the perfect Alexis replacement!
          We nearly signed Golovin last summer aswell for only £10mil but csk said he’s not ready now he’s worth £25mil but Lozano is £35mil atm so if we sign him we could make 70/80mil in future sales and bcoz these type of players are South American Madrid n barca love slashing out for them so I’d sign him even if we go into the red bcoz he’s an investment and the type of attacking wide player with stamina and pressing that we desperately need! We won’t miss Alexis with Lozano and I’m banking our season on it especially if we’re gonna by Banega and the other transfers on the cheap!

  4. Aricha_254

    haha be realistic you play with all the passion coz its a one chance one time thing and every player must make it count hence these player will do everything for their country,family n friends then when you come to club level you get paid week in, week out, the only problem is, if n when you gonna get signed by a “big” club, so we shouldn’t be choosing a player in a world cup but overall performance since one started playing football thats my take.

  5. unai emerys last born

    please gelson martins is too poor. reiss nelson is even better. that guy can’t even trap. just the right foot version of adama traiore

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