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David Moyes preparing to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger has been charged with getting Arsenal into the Champions League places every season, and the position has now been renamed as “The Wenger Cup”. Last season the Gunners just scraped into the Champions League, but now for the first time in 16 years it looks like this position could be in serious danger of slipping away from him.

The facile defeats to both Bradford and Blackburn in the two domestic Cups has left Arsenal fans bewildered by what is going on behind the seasons. In past years, even though Wenger regularly sold his best players, he still managed to motivate the remaining squad to excel during the season, but this motivating force seems to have deserted him and it could be that the once-great manager may resign at the end of eight trophyless seasons.

The rumour mills seem to be very convinced that David Moyes is being lined up to replace him after 11 years of improving weak teams at Everton, with very little funding. This summer his contract is due for renewal, and he is currently refusing to consider re-signing until the season is over.

“I want to see how we do in the cups, I want to see how we do in the league, and it’s more than likely I won’t make a decision until the end of the season,” said Moyes to the BBC on Friday.

“I’ll give as much as I can, but I’ve said – and I’ve spoken with the chairman – that I want to see how the team does.”

There seems to be some confidence that Moyes is simply waiting to see if Arsenal fail to make the top four, forcing Wenger to resign. The fact is that the Scotsman has been backed down to 6/1 favourite with Sky to be the next manager at the Emirates, ahead of Michael Laudrup and Jose Mourinho.

The question has to be asked as there is rarely smoke without fire!

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72 thoughts on “David Moyes preparing to replace Wenger at Arsenal?

  1. mighty

    it doesn’t matter wo is coming we just need a manager that can take us back to where we belong winning mentality that’s all !

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  3. Joe

    Would hate to see him at arsenal. Im sorry but the Arsenal i love try and pass the ball into the net not play long ball.

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  4. A to the gunner

    Am sorry i have lost FaiTh in Wengers ability to lead and managed…it took him the 80th minute to sense danger and stand up from the bench and show some urgency…he just doesnt learn from the past….

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  5. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Michael Laudrup would be my pick. Up and coming world class manager.

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  6. Big Gun

    Moyes would be great, hopefully he can tag some his players along with him *cough*Fellaini*cough*Baines*cough*

    But other than him, Laudrup would be fantastic as I think his style is more what we are used to. All I want is our next manager to be a no nonsense manager with ambition to win. We still do not really know if it IS the board holding back funds in the transfer market, or Wenger just being a stubborn, tight arsed penny pincher.

    Either way Wenger must leave. We need a change and fresh ideas.

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  7. chris

    Wenger appears to be missing the obvious and burrowing down into his own looking-glass world. How many more chances must go begging before he admits that Gervinho is lazy, cowardly and indecisive? Or Diaby and Ramsey who both need an age to pirouette on the ball, consider the options and, more often than not, take the safe,sideways or backward pass or give the ball away. And Giroud? Yesterday about as mobile as an Ent. poor old Arteta and Rosicky, left alone in a field of headless chickens. Even the Ox was dragged down to mediocrity. Is it the players, the system or the management? Well, it starts at the top, and AW appears to be sliding into ossification – no purpose, no dynamic, back to the days of mid-table malingering. Should David Moyes or Micheal Laudrup come in? Two pretty good names. Let’s hope something happens. At least next season there will not be the Champions league fixture congestion to worry about. Let’s pray that Bayern Munich doesn’t run riot of Tuesday.

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  8. sanjay

    ok replace Wenger and then will if it him or the broad that don’t what to spend the truth is out there

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  9. Ryan

    Why must Wenger get all the blame when the players are underperforming? We have all seen how well the team can perform. The performances this season has of course been below par. But who was it that set the bar so high? Wenger! Imagine the team we would have right now of our star players would have stayed. Wenger didnt want to sell any of them. Without Wenger we would have no Cazorla, no Walcott, no Arteta, no Podolski, no Ox, and no Vermaelen. He obviously still knows how to make quality signings. Without Wenger we wouldnt have even finished in the top 4 last season. Arsenal are frustrating, but still quality. And it’s amazing how well Wenger has done with the resources he had available. If we dont get 4th place, then yes, he hasnt done a good enough job, and should leave. But if we can finish in the top 4, which i know we can, then everyone shut up and give him a chance. Wenger will finally have access to the big money that the board has been promising for years. He knows the squad. He knows where we need to strengthen, and who to sign in the summer. He knows what he’s doing. We will finish in the top 4, and we will have a much stronger team come next season. Until then, get behind your team, and behind the manager. All this negativity is the worst possible thing we can do as fans. The club needs us to help them through this tough time. Stay calm. Have faith. COYG

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  10. gooner from sudan

    sorry to say this but Arsenal fans deserve it !
    every week they go to the pitch in full numbers and keep sayin’ IN ARSENE WE TRUST !!!!!!!

    I say we need response from London fans then change will come

    stop attending (after Bayern match of course ) and you will hurt stan & co …

    stop back this unambitious manager now

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  11. michael jensen

    l wasbeginning to believe wenger when he sign all the young players and make a neew team.but naw i know that i was weong.he is not the man.arsenal need a new manager.look at diaby is tto slow.a manager whit new blod.a new beginning for arsenal.

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  12. Absolute prince

    Get us a manager with a winning mentality, that would stop selling our best players.

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  13. LovedHighbury

    Used to love this forum, but there’s to many thick, deluded wenger lovers on here so you can stuff it. Bye bye you blinkered load of fools.

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  14. jhbgunner

    Dumb ppl, replace Wenger see what happens, see if players morale improves, see if the brittish core remains, see if our style of football that brought us the support we have is still there…call me an akb or whatever but no manager will repeat or improve on wengers success.

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  15. Gooner4Life

    Is anyone seriously suggesting that here that Moyes or Landrup are better than Wenger, because these people are deluded! Arsene has transformed not just Arsenal, but the Premier League, with his diet and training schemes and he is our undisputed most successful manager of all time – who managed the invincibles? And therefore I believe Wenger is the man to get us back to our winning ways, because he’s the man that got us there in the first place!


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  16. mighty

    Sack the board sack wenger sack the board******sack the board sack wenger sack the board******!!

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  17. Twig

    Only an unconventional or unusual chap should be Arsenal coach. We at the Arsenal are different :-D.
    I vote Joachim Loew (with his amazing head of hair) 😀

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  18. Big Gun

    @Ryan Wenger is the one who bought those players and is ultimately responsible for how they play. What kind of message are you sending your players when your sole ambition is just 4th place in the league? The attitude of the players is a reflection of the managers attitude. Simple as that. WENGER OUT

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  19. landmind111

    Wenger cannot motivate these players, he will never get the full potential out of the team! They should be in the League cup final, and in the next round of the FA Cup! But the overpaid fringe players don’t give a shit about winning, just their pockets, pretty much like the board. We make the same mistakes over and over again as a team, that is poor management! We never get knocked out by lower division teams, but this has happened twice now this season! Goes to show we are declining! And u question Wenger about it, all he talks about is the past! It will be the same if we miss out on top 4!
    “I got us into top4 every season”,
    this was the same guy who used to say,”the past seasons/games, doesn’t matter, the focus is always on the next game”.
    The Club as a whole, from the board, to the manager, right down to the players, just aren’t motivated to Win! When you don’t improve, u decline.

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  20. Big Gun

    @Gooneforlife – It has been 8 years and no trophy. Wenger is like sour milk, once gone off can never turn back. I don’t trust him anymore and he keeps making the same mistakes every season. We need a change

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  21. mr lean

    @Admin we need articles on how to get rid of stan/ivan and get usmoinov/dein in.

    why are we always having a go at wenger when stan/ivan seem to go untouched on this site,are you independant Admin or are you on Stan’s payroll

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  22. mr lean

    all i ask of wenger is for him to come out and say the board do not back him in the transfer market and stop lying for them

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  23. Ardit

    Moyes would be a good replacement but he will not be able to fulfil champions league football for 16 seasons in a row, an achievement which not many managers have managed. I just hope wenger brings winning mentality back to the club…

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  24. Gunnersince15

    If I go for a meal and the meal is poor, I don’t blame the waiters or the staff, I blame the chef. The Jekyll and Hyde performances that we are subjected to each week are not the fault of the players, though they must take some of the blame, it’s down to the Chef and our chef is Arsene Wenger. When he first came to English football he was a revelation, with new idea’s and tactics. Unfortunately, those idea’s are no longer new or innovative, they are old hat, that even Bradford and Rovers could see through and counteract. We need new idea’s with a young ambitious manager, who can take The Arsenal forward. Who would have ever thought that I would have said things like that? What we witnessed yesterday was a side that appears to lack any direction or ambition and something must be done, before the start of next season. Thank you Arsene, you have done a fantastic job but the end of the road comes to us all, at some time and your “end of the road” is upon you, now. (After I have said all this, we will beat Bayern and some fans will say that the flowers in the garden are blooming again. Don’t let us be fooled, bring in new ideas now and let us have some sort of future to look forward to)

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  25. davidrusa

    Question needs to be asked “is losing this game the end of the world?” The answer is obviously no. Is Wenger going to be Arsenal’s manager for ever? Again here the answer is no. However when Wenger goes he should be replaced by someone who will do better than him. David Moyes has not been tested at a higher level. Fine he has put Everton in the top 8 of the Premier league but is that what Arsenal aspires for? Arsenal needs a proven winner who will step in and then and then cause an impact. It just doesn’t make sense to remove Wenger and then spend another three seasons without a trophy, does it? Or are some people being just vindictive and want to punish Wenger regardless of what happens to the team? I think we need a little more rational thinking than emotions! If Wenger has to leave, he must be replaced by somebody of the same quality or qualitatively better e.g. Guus Hiddink, Fabio Capello, Carlo Ancelloti or some other well known winning manager not someone who is not a proven winner! The idea of removing Wenger should not be an end in itself but a means to an end i.e. the desire to win trophies. However most of our fans look only at the vindictive aspect of punishing Wenger not at the other aspect of a suitable replacement! This is unfortunate as it does not aim at improving the club but punishing a perceived culprit who might after all be innocent! I will support calls for removal of Wenger that offer a viable alternative not calls of vindictiveness! What is at stake is begger than most of our fans care to think about. It is about winning trophies, keeping the club competitive, healthy financial situation to assure the club’s future etc. Hence emotional action may not be the solution to Arsenal’s problems today. In fact Arsenal just has one problem the way I see it. It is just that its performance this season has been perceived not to be as good as previous seasons. But really has it been worse? Remember when we lost curling cup final to Birmingham or alternatively how far have we been going in these cup competitions? Losing to Blackburn can’t be considered a great disaster because until this season it was in the Premier league. Many of its players are still around and next season it might even be back in EPL. Arsenal’s performance this season can only be assessed at the end. Let us take a pause and soberly consider the future of our beloved club!

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  26. Darule

    We need a new board! Usma send a missile for uncle Stan he is in his ranch!! a ruthless manager who can bring the best out of our existing players and add some 20-30 mil players into the squad then we are back in business.

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  27. Dan

    David Moyes – A true, honest, British manager who will play quality hard-working players and won’t cover the board’s arses.

    That is what most of us want in a manager. The idea of a manager who actually knows how to put a defence together is nice aswell.

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  29. Jaro

    Must we throw the baby out with the bath water every time there is a set back? Players were sold because the club chose financial competence for its long term security instead of high spend short term success that would cast doubt over the long term viability of the club. The club is financially sound now with the major loans nearly all paid off. This would not have been possible without Wenger miraculously getting 4th place in the league year after year in spite of cumstances inhibiting his ability to fend off clubs that were inticing his players with bigger salaries. Those are the facts and people should take the few seconds needed to reflect before jumping on the ‘change! Change!’ Bandwagon. The next two years will be a renaissance for the club as they come out of the financial shackles of the last decade. It is then that we will know if a change is necessary. I believe Wenger will deliver and am glad that unlike others around him, he continues to place the club ahead if his own personal glory – which he could have done by going to numerous clubs that pursued him in previous years – including PSG and Real Madrid.

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  30. martyn

    Moyes would not be my first choice, however he would tighten up the Defence and he would be welcometo bring a certain Belgian with him!

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  31. bashman

    Arsene Wenger > David Moyes

    i mean moyes? out of all the quality managers out there. i’d rather Marcelo Bielsa or how about jurgen klopp there are so many better managers out there, and no they are not better than Wenger but they are way better than moyes.

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  32. Frank

    I really have enjoyed watching Shakhtar Donetsk in the champions league this year. Who is their manager, is he available and are some of their players off contract because they play alot like the way Arsenal use too.

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  33. Jozoh

    Arsenal board would love to have Moyes, since he doesn’t spend much and not having money isn’t an issue, also he has no problem selling his stars. He is the ideal replacement for Wenger in the eyes of the board.

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  34. jrichy

    In a way this excites me! Moyes has been so consistent with a very average Everton team in the last 11 years and got them to where they are now! Swansea play very good football under Laudrup and in the ‘purist’ sense he could fit in well. And Mourinho, need i say more? The history at Arsenal isnt a good one, but our trophy cabinet would be growing considerably if he came in! What would you think if Mourinho was to come in? I dont know what sort of reaction he’d receive from the fans.

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  35. MrMister

    If Arsenal are about to get a new manager with “winning” mentality (buying) the whole arsenal philosophy will vanish. I would like to se T. Henry next to Wenger on the coaching side. Then we’ll have a solid coaching team!

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  36. g882


    give over mate you honestly rekon our board would hire someone like Jose with his wages and transfer demands? and thats even if he’d want to come which i highly doubt. Moyes will be the man because he wont give the board any trouble, the fans will lap it up and they can soley concentrate on 4th place again whilst pullin the wool over everyones eyes actin like hirin the guy is showin ambition

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  37. Adam

    DI CANIO 😀 don’t know how good he’d be but it’d be hilarious, never a dull moment. I’d rather not win trophies with Di Canio than not win trophies with Wenger

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  38. Fletch

    Ermm no he’s not, Moyes is about to sign an extension. There goes that theory..

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  39. mrjeffsir

    If Wenger does go, which for the first time, I hope he does, my choices would be in order –

    1) Laudrup
    2) Ancelotti
    3) Moyes

    Would be pleased with any of those 3 though to be honest!

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  40. Akay

    Mr Wenger has capitulated on reaching the aspirations of the fans because he feels partly responsible for the policy of blooding young talents. It initially worked well; forcing Viera out for Fabregas to take his place, Henry for Adebayor with Bendtner et all waiting in the wings to mention a few. I did think at the time we were making haste too quickly, this has become apparent with juxtaposing how Man U has gone about theirs. We lost the winning culture by getting rid of the winners and have now replaced them with players who can get us to the Champions League which is all the Board ultimately cares about.

    For me, the Board care only about the returns and unless the returns are affected, they would make no serious move. Wenger realising this, fields a “weakened team” to have a chance at Champions League which brings in more Tv rights and revenue. Like you, I agree the team on the day should have been able to do the business but by now, Wenger should have realised that against weaker teams, we need to score quick and Gervinho aint ever going to cut it.

    It appears our scouting is also failing since other clubs discovered the ability to source out deals abroad. I cannot understand for the life of me why we cannot by players that are doing well in the Premier League like Ferguson does. We used to get players from Africa for £250,000 like Kolo, when was the last time we got this sort of deal? How much was the Van???

    The reality of the day is that the players are used to having no ambitions of titles as the attitude from the board and manager has trickled down to them. This is why any player that realises this wants to leave and thats wht Van said he could not agree with the direction of the club. If we had brought in Santi, Podolski, Giroud, I doubt Van would have left.

    It is only a gambler like Wenger that will sell his only defensive midfieder and contributor to a large proportion of assists and not replace him when there are abundant options. He comes out misleading fans by deciving them he will make signings when he knows he would not. he tells us what we have is better than whats out there yet what we have is trumped by a second division side. I think we need a fresh man for the Job and Moyes being linked for me is good. His team is set up solid which is something Wenger with all his genius has been unable to do and he sure plays attacking football which is the mainstay of Wenger. I say bring in Moyes or any other good manager. About time Wenger either goes upstairs or go to PSG where he will not win a trophy for 8 years and expect to stay.


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  41. Ofir

    Yes to Moyes! The things he would do with Wenger’s budget…

    No to Ancelotti! He can’t do anything without some billionaire behind him.

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  42. Rob

    Desperate stuff guys…..

    Moves totally unproven at anything above mid table and 10 years winning nothing
    Laudrup maybe in a few years…unproven

    There is no easy fix. Spend some proper money, get rid of the make weights, freshen up the coaching staff and maybe we would actually be best sticking with Arsene.

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  43. Somtee

    All of u fans will soon get your wish because Wenger has not yet signed so it is a possiiblity that he will work away

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  44. cosmos

    Wenger Out!! least to expose the cover-ups with boards unambitious agenda and lies over these years.

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  45. Pavlos Pavlidis

    Moyes, Laudrup I don’t care who is it that replaces Wenger, all I know is that it won’t bring instant success and the moment I see Wenger go it will be guaranteed for me that we will have another season (at least) winning nothing, just to kickstart the new manager’s way of playing.

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  46. Bomber

    Wenger out – fine…sure whatever…but replaced by Moyes? Seriously? You think Wenger is mid table but Moyes will somehow lift the team to a top club in the world again? Seriously? You honestly see Arsenal beating Man United, Barca and Bayern with the likes of Moyes pulling the strings? The average fans IQ must be south of 100 if you can picture this.

    Wenger out fine…but just remember – the ambition of Wenger was to pay for a stadium while maintaining a competitive club. This ambition is much greater then anything the modern football world has seen and it will only be recognized as a great feat 20 years from now. There are probably 3 maybe 5 managers in the world that could have built a state of the art facility, field a competitive team that is in the mix every year and still balance the books, the hard part is almost over…Arsenal will be in the best position in all of Europe in 3 years time. Their model is untouchable, no debt, high revenue and they control their own destiny.

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  47. Malc

    Moyes would be a huge gamble. With Wenger we get the style without the ruthlessness, with Moyes you’d definitely get the ruthlessness but would you get the style? Are Gooners willing to put up with the old boring boring Arsenal without the champagne football we’ve got accustomed too? Laudrup we’d be a better fit but doesn’t have the experience and track record yet and Mourinho is not a long term option. My choice would have been Pep Guardiola with Dennis Bergkamp as his assistant but that options has gone for now. So how about Moyes with Bergkamp as his right hand man adding the flair to Moyes’s discipline? Sounds good to me!

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  48. Ryan

    Mouse will bring stability not a winning mentality how many trophies has he won in the last 8 years? Be very careful what you wish for wenger needs to stay to uphold the philosophy what I’m frightened off is him leaving and the team loosing its identity becoming a mid table side and the likes of wilshere who would of grown up only knowin wenger at arsenal eventually going elsewhere!!!!!!! I think u need to be very careful here I say give wenger a seat on the board or something, give ex players viera, Henry, berkamp coaching roles and bring in someone like laudrop who will uphold the philosophy and be greatful to manage such a big team – but like I said we don’t want to do a Liverpool or a Chelsea discarding managers until we find success otherwise everything we’ve built will surely crumble

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  49. Oguntuase Amos

    Moyes i after Wenger is a backward step. What trophies had he won? The fans supporting him are crazy.

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  50. rafat

    enough with wenger…
    after losing to blackburn i m too much pissed off…
    a rumor was on the air in december that gurdiola might sign for the gunners…i thought “oh yes finally the drought is over”…
    but whatever…now i just wanna see a new high profile manager who wishes to keep his best players and buy some new faces and win trophies…

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  51. Okey Onwuagha

    Any other manager will certainly be better Arsene now. He just has to leave before he destroys completely what is remaining of Arsenal pride.

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  52. Nick from Portugal

    They score a flukey goal from one shot, we hit the bar, have 20 shots, Gervinho and Arteta miss sitters, Dean doesn’t give a penalty, and so its get out Wenger time again. be careful he might just take the hint and we can have dour David Moyes and five years of percentage football like the grossly overrated Mr Graham gave us. Wenger has made mistakes, but the model is there and he has built the stadium, kept us in the CL, kept us in the black, entertained us, appalled us, made Arsenal what it is. Keep the faith but realise that when we finally do win it will mean everything because it will be about style, entertainment, great football, class and grace. COYG.

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  53. dilla

    We need a proven coach who knows how to win and will win trophies for us. thats the whole point. not somebody young and upcoming who’s never won a trophy. I know he doesn’t fit our style but I’d rather have Mourinho. someone guaranteed to win us trophies and get us on the right track. then we can bring in bergkamp

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  54. Vlad

    Now that would be a total disaster. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great coach, but he’s going to be just another Scrooge. He’s used to not having a lot of money, and he has done wonders on a small budget. The way I see it, he’s going to continue this philosophy at Arsenal, to much delight of Kroenke, Gazidis, and the board. No, we need a coach who’s going to come in, go to the management directors, and demand more money so we can buy more quality players. Sorry, Moyes, but you’re not an Arsenal material. Stay at Everton, or go some place else. I’d rather see Mourinho, or Ancelotti.

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  55. Brandyman

    One name jose mourinho!we need trophies hes a proven winner who wants to cum back to england time to spend the cash we should have about 70million to spend with new stadium deal plus sale of rvp and song last summer which was lack of ambition sumthing wenger and board has had for while if.Time to get arsenal back on top of premier league and winning trophies which the board dont seem to understand will increase revenue again you got to spend money to make money business one o one.

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  56. dan

    Please do not put moyes in the same class as wenger yes he has done well at everton but he is not the man to bring back the glory years trust me the day wenger goes you will all realise how good he is no manager will repeat what he has achieved at arsenal the people on here slagging him off are total loosers and have no respect for the best manager in arsenal history. IN ARSENE WE TRUST!!

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  57. Scott

    Give me KLOPP
    Jurgen Klopp is the answer. stop trying to sign their players, just sign the coach and Hummels and Gotze will come.

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  58. james

    Regardles whether its the board holding back the funds, the money wenger has spent over the last few years has been spent very poorly. Chamkh was a free but on high wages, Arshavin, Gervinho (£11m), Mertesacker etc. I’m beginning to believe that the only reason for success in the past under Wenger was because he had better acouts and already inherited a great team.

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