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David Moyes Wanted Fabregas sent off!

The Everton manager David Moyes thinks the Arsenal captain Cesc Fábregas should have received a red card for complaining to referee Lee Mason for a controversial decision last nights game at the Emirates.

Lee Mason incorrectly allowed Saha to receive the ball in an offside position from which he scored and Fábregas protested against the obvious mistake.

Even David Moyes agreed that the goal should not have stood saying: “I think it was offside, the wrong decision, but it was not Everton who made the decision”.

He continued: “I also thought there were some really bad tackles. But Fábregas’ comments to the officials when he was coming down the tunnel warranted a sending off”.

The Arsenal manger disagreed with Moyes’ account saying: “I was next to Cesc Fábregas at half-time. He didn’t speak to the referee at half-time. I spoke to the referee. If you have the film on camera, you can check”.

Arsenal protested the referees decision to let a Louis Saha goal stand when he was clearly passed the ball while in an offside position, but Arsenal eventually won the game anyway after goals from Arshavin and Koscielny in the second half.

Watch the highlights of Arsenal v Everton here!

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11 thoughts on “David Moyes Wanted Fabregas sent off!

  1. elvi

    if he should have red card last night then moyes should have got 2 months band from the pitch for complaning against he is not player..

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  2. toby

    that goal could of killed off our title challenge , what if it was the other way round and that goal cost everton relagation , would moyes just except the decision then ? hed be the first to attack the ref with his foul scouse mouth . his players wouldnt even get a word in . also when are refs going to be held accountable , last night the ref and lino idnt make a mistake they showed the clearly have no understanding of the offside rule and shouldnt be on the pitch . this never woulda happened if sian massey had been lino , if only keys and gray wer still here to explain the offside rule ! seriously tho the ref needs to be disciplined such cock ups cant be exscused !!

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  3. Big Deal

    Moyes should concentrate on his own sly and dirty players, did he not see Arteta on the deck dying but when RVP(who was outstanding last night) tried to pull him up, he was up and on his feet and absolutely nothing wrong with him, blatant lying. If cesc called the ref a c**t, so what? he was a c**t. Twice he failed to play an obvious advantage (once walcott and once diaby) when in great positions. L.mason=another Fergie bumboy.

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  4. Adm

    It’s Arteta that should be received a second yellow and got sent off because his antics. Pure drama queen.

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  5. durban_gun

    the refs will do everything in their power to make sure we dont win the league this is nothing new …we always get robbed when we in a good position , watch how the refs cheat for united when we play them at the ems , man united is a farce and fergie is an under achiever who wouldnt have half hes trophies if football used video technolog y like cricket and rugby .. but end of the day we showed we can win against the odds something united cant do they rely on dubious penalties 30minute injury time when things dont go their way so all i can say is … F.U.M.U

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  6. Adam kemp hater 001

    you were dreaming throught the game.go and watch it again. after watching it,you will realise that fellaini supposed to be red carded bcos he deliberately kicked our players for the whole 90 mins. and the ref,i think he is unfit.UP GUNNERS.

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  7. ian arsenal bell

    @ BIG DEAL ………….. you made me laugh mate ! fergies bum boy ! total class ! i was there and lee mason was shocking ! perhaps he needs to go specsavers ! the atmosphere last night was like a cauldron ! red army red army

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  8. hanenyo

    He couldn’t take the loss, even with an offside goal. I am sure he wouldn’t have said nothing if he had escaped with that dodgy goal

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  9. demongooner

    the funny thing is ,thats twice now a loseing manager fighting relegation, decides to point the finger at cesc, instead off facing the real problem off why his team been struggling all season , phil brown did the same and was provern a lier, now moyes,who always finds different ways off deflecting the issues of why they lost and why they struggling, is blaming cesc for something no one else has seen, even wenger said show us video proof.very sad i think,
    to see a once promiseing manager useing these poor tactics,to deflect the real question on why his team surrender a 1.0 lead.

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  10. elvi

    english referee are crap… spoiling the best leauge in the world….FA should look into this matter….

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