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De Gea transfer GOOD for Arsenal but could turn BAD!

On the face of it, anything that weakens one of Arsenal´s big Premier League rivals should be welcomed with a grin by us Gooners. And there is no doubt that Man United losing their Spanish international keeper David De Gea would be a big blow to Louis van Gaal and his team.

The media seem to think that De Gea will be off to Real Madrid in the summer, with some reports claiming that he has already agreed to the transfer. Not only would this weaken one of our big rivals for the title next season, it might affect De Gea for tomorrow´s crucial clash with Arsenal at Old Trafford tomorrow and it was his amazing performance that stopped us beating them at the Emirates back in November.

As long as the Gunners can avoid defeat against Man United tomorrow, we will also avoid those two pesky play off games and go directly into the Champions League group stage, so an off colour De Gea would be a big bonus for us. But there is a bad side to this transfer news as well.

Van Gaal has admitted this week that United are already preparing for his possible exit, as reported by the Daily Star, and have drawn up a lit of possible replacements. You just know that this list will have the same names on it as the one Arsene Wenger and his scouts have (hopefully) been compiling. And the fact that United have offered De Gea £200,000 a week tells me that if we go up against them for a transfer target, we will lose.

Who do you think will be the Arsenal number one next season?

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31 thoughts on “De Gea transfer GOOD for Arsenal but could turn BAD!

  1. ButtFlaps

    He does not like the Men UTD!!! But I worry they purchase Gary Bale. But too worry if we purchase REUS Shcniedelin, CECH!!!

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    1. KickAssFan

      WanYAMA over Morgan. A DM that knows his role: WANYAMA!!!


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    2. Honest Opinion

      Sometimes u have to pay crazy amount of money for and Wenger should also do it.It does not mean that player is of that value,no by no means,it means if u do not pay up someone other will.But we all know how shrewd Wenger is …………

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      1. Jim A

        Isn’t FFP suppose to draw everyone in line or are we suppose to be at a disadvantage at every transfer because our books are balanced.

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  2. Greg

    Crystal palace 3-1 liverpool! Seems there will be no swansong for stevie G!

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      1. KickAssFan

        Honestly, I see nothing wrong with Ospina. I wonder why fans think he’s not good enough. He’s been very good.

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  3. Greg

    Crystal palace spoils the departure party for stevie G at anfield!

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  4. Greg

    Honestly de gea is a damn good keeper, if it wasnt for his great saves throughout the season, man u would have been a mid table team!

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  5. season ticket holder

    man utd success has always been contributed by wc goalkeepers Edwin van and Degea.Arsenal we need a wc goalkeeper to win the title Ospina is short cant be wc

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      1. rextilian

        So true, too many people are focused on height. Lloris is only too inches taller than Ospina and look how well he does with the a sh!t squad like Tottenham

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    1. rextilian

      You obviously didn’t watch the WC and this whole season as a matter of fact. Instantly changed the backfield, besides Szczesny is 6’5 so your point is flawed and not valid.

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  6. napersie

    anything concerning Gerrard on an important day always turn out to be sorrow for Liverpool. premier league gonna miss him though

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  7. The Handsome_Gooner

    de gea is a fine keepes ane is gonna have a great career no matter where.

    as for, man utd i ain’t afraid of them no more.

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  8. Mick The Gooner

    This Gerrard think has got me thinking, who’s the face of our club? When I think Liverpool, I think Gerrard. When I think United, I think Rooney. When I think City, I think Kompany. When I think Chelsea, I think Terry. Who would t be for Arsenal?

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      1. davidnz

        Players rarely stay
        10 years anymore.
        Wenger usually moves
        them on at 30 as well.
        We sold our best players who could have become legends
        Toure Cole Adebayor Cliche RVP Song and Fabregas
        Many of the other legend candidates are injury prone
        Rosicky Diaby Walcott Wilshere Gibbs Chamberlain.
        But right now we have the basis for a legend team
        Giroud Ozil Sanchez Cazorla Coque Ramsey
        Mertz Kos Bellerin. Just need a GK and LB.
        However to be truly legendary we need to win titles
        at least 2 EPL , go unbeaten or win the ECL.

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  9. The Handsome_Gooner

    ot: who is the last player to retire from arsenal? i cant remember any.

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    1. The Handsome_Gooner

      sorry, totally forgot bergkamp, but that was in 06. i hope rosicsky is next

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  10. Uche Edochie

    Imagine that man u sells David De Gea to Madrid and buys Bale and Peter Cech from Chelsea. That is a real possibility and if they pull it off, they will so not be a weakend team. Even if they get Lloris from Spurs, they will remain a strong team.

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  11. alwin tank

    I rate szczesny more than Ospina. He is younger and he did win the golden glove last season (for most clean sheets). He has a mistake or two in him but he would have saved gomis’ header last week. No offence but Ospina is a bit small. If we ere to sign a new keeper, I’d like to see leno at the emirates.

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    1. Zulu-boy-SA

      No man, Ospina has been a better goalkeeper in the whole league since he started playing, just one mistake does not make Scezny better than him.

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