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Depressed Wenger admits Arsenal were lucky to get a point

Arsenal seemed to start well against newly-promoted Southampton yesterday but the longer the game went on the Saints looked more and more superior. Watching Arsene Wenger on the touchline you could see the dismay at his teams performance and often he just looked dejected.

After the game, he looked even more depressed as if the whole team had let him down personally and looked to be inches away from tears as he gave his unhappy after match report.

“It was a flat performance, overall,” he muttered. “We were disappointing going forward, we didn’t create enough, when you sum up the chances we created tonight it is very little.

“Our game was not speedy enough with not enough purpose. Therefore at the end of the day you can even consider that it’s a lucky point.

“Maybe we were a bit off and lost a bit of concentration and thought ‘OK, we scored seven against Newcastle, we’ll score again today’, but it doesn’t work like that. You have to focus completely.”

He looked like he had the world on his shoulders as he shuffled away, and he must be worrying now how to rally the team for the daunting League matches ahead against Manchester City and Chelsea………

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36 thoughts on “Depressed Wenger admits Arsenal were lucky to get a point

  1. Smiley

    I don’t understand how it’s possible to score 7 one game and then get one shot on target for the next…

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  2. Haxxxan

    Yeah we were very lucky to get a point. Southampton were wrongly disallowed a goal when gaston ramirez scored! lucky us. but will we be lucky again to get points against mancity chelsea and liverpool, our next 3 epl opponents? wenger if you dont want to be depressed again then start buying good players and sort out your tactics and keep gervinho and ramsey away from the team!

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  3. lambgoona

    hate to admit it but i can see tottenham beating us to that 4th spot if we don’t recruit in we can rely on ramsey and gervinho to be game changers for us is beyond me..why not rosicky?! it’s so obvious we don’t have the strength in depth and i’m not sure if wenger realises this?! some of his tactical decisions this season have been shocking and inexcusable. we need an enforcer in midfield, a left back (maybe even a rb if sagna carries on like this) and a winger that can cross the f###ing ball!!! come on wenger and gazidis sort the f##king situation out!

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  4. Tristan

    midfield can not dominate since Diaby injured. desperately need two excellent CDMs to turnaround a season NOW. Arteta worked his socks off, but simply not strong and effective enough.

    Gibbs is more dangerous and useful in attacking. Segna is good defensively, but his cross often is meaningless. with Theo playing upfront alone, we shall hardly cross for header. instead, right winger and fullback shall cut in from right box or cut back from the end. when we play Giroud upfront, cross will be more useful.

    We also have Rosicky on bench, don’t understand why AW choose to play Genvinho and Ramsey. tactially AW is not good enough! Rosicky had only played twice after coming back. the FACT is both are star performace!

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  5. solhorizonte

    we scored 7 against a team plagued with injuries and mentally/physically tired (they had a massive game 3 days before against united), they basically threw the towel after tying the game 3 times

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  6. Twig

    Sagna’s defending and attitude yesterday was utterly disgraceful. Was he having an argument with the OX or something? He has cost us 4 goals in 2 games already. It seems someone wants a move. Wenger should grant him his wish and replace him with somehow who is committed. Rubbish. ;(

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  7. lecoq

    a flat performance indeed but thats Wenger’s fault as he fails to recognise Rosicky’s talent would make an impact. Ramsey shud be behind Coquelin. he offrrs nothing yo the team…Arshavin can also give results.we can buy players but if wenger fails in his tactics, whats the use?

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  8. Tron

    I’ve thought for a long time Sagna doesn’t show half as much desire to get back into position as he does flying forward ! …….I agree he was a joke yesterday ! Get Jenko in there , I know he’s made a few mistakes but that’s all part of learning , I’ve seen enough positives in him to suggest he cud b the right back for the nx ten years , he’s English and an arsenal fan exactly what I want from my defenders !!!

    Regarding wenger , I thought this for a while , he seems to look more down hearted with every bad result that passes , yet when the transfer window comes round , we always seem to scrimp even tho we always need a few positions , surely he can’t enjoy frustrating days like yesterday ?

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  9. Ricardo

    Lecoq – has a good point, what is the use of buying good players and then playing them of of position.

    ie: Podolski and Arshavin, they will only get dejected and loose their form. I am scared that if we do buy a good striker, Wenger may play him in goal.

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  10. papercutz

    I remember the one game where podolski was screaming to walcott to come a little deeper to get some ball. Walcott seems to just wait rather then make it happen podolski or giroud to play alongside walcott 4-4-2 formation ftw!

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  11. Ene (kc)

    I can’t see reason Rosicky should be on bench, to me Arteta and Carzola are not better than him talk less of Ramsey, its unfortunate, poor Gunners

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  12. true goon

    He’s depressed because now he realises that everything Rvp told him that day at his house b4 the euros has come true,the squad isn’t good enough and there is a lack of ambition to push on.He’s worried bcos he knows that RvP knows more than him about football.

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  13. ahmad

    yes i think we were lucky coz true goal dissallowd for soton and a true penalty as well as our poor performance….but we need to move on …..if anybody told me that arsenal will get 13 pts out of 15 from those 5 fixtures i would be happy…..just buy a creative winger arsene !!!

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    Let’s not dwell , it was a bad day at the office let’s move on and focus the next game…..Man City and Chelsea,

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  15. Terry Norman

    He’s depressed because
    to many teams have now worked out how play against us.
    The players at his disposal are simply not good enough.
    He now looks utterly ridiculous after saying this team can still win the league.
    He has no idea how to motivate his players.
    He has no idea how to get the team to defend.
    He does not know his best team.
    He does not know his players best positions.
    He knows unless he spends big, it’s more of the same and he won’t spend big.
    He knows the fans are restless and losing confidence in his ability to turn things around.

    But every cloud has a silver lining and the good news for mr Wenger is that I’m sure the board will financially reward him, on top of his £7.5 million salary, for his continued failure to bring home any silverware.

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  16. Mudah

    Alright then Mr. Wenger here January we come! “If you know what I mean

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  17. Gigi

    7 goals and then one OG for a draw…frankly i would ve preferred a 5-3 and save 2 for yesterday 🙁

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  18. Bouba

    Of course we were lucky… Southampton deserve the win.

    His tactics worked for few games, so he does not even try to be creative anymore… Southampton played high so Walcott was isolated and the plan was down the drain…!!

    It would have been more effective to play 2 strikers up front and a compact midfield to cause problems… Wenger has no clue about what is doing!!!

    Personally I hope he keeps failing so he will get the f*ck out!

    He does not give any informations to his team ( always sitting down or on the touch line his hands in his pockets… Or arguing with the fourth referee )… He is liability and the weakest point of the team…

    Same substitutions whatever happens !!!! Unbelievable!!!

    Where is Rosicky????

    I am sorry but Ramsey and Gervinho are 2 worthless, useless imbeciles… As a matter of fact, both of them are not premiership quality.

    It was a sad loss and we are extremely lucky to get a point. The second Southampton goal was valid.

    Please have some descency and do not blame fatigue, because it is a sorry ass excuse… We have played a game less than the opposition and they look fresher…

    Again questions should be asked about the physical preparations!!!

    It is just a pity and a disgrace ( no offense to Southampton ) because we should win those games.

    Tottenham looks better than us right now…!!

    I just looked up a fact… Djourou played 99 games in 9 seasons at Arsenal, while Koscielny played his 100 in the new year… That’s Wenger so cold and proud youth policy of talents.

    A TOTAL JOKE… I am not surprised… HE IS DELUDED.

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  19. Gunner

    Hate to say this but I’m missing RVP to be honest now I realised that why RVP left the team is not good enough and look at arsene always trying to get cheap player Adrian Lopez he’s a bench boy why cnt we sign snidjer ,falcao, nani or cavani another shitty transfer window it’s all wenger,s fault and we keep trusting him

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  20. KickuPtheArsene

    It does my head in why Wenger plays Ramsey and Gervihno. They might be good … who knows. BUT right now they are not in form. So they should not just have the right to go on the pitch. I would rather see other players have a go before those two. CM – give Rosicky or Le Coq a go before Ramsey for goodness sake. And LW – I would rather have Myachi back and give the kid a go rather than Gervinho. Whenever Gervihno or Ramsey are on the pitch, all i find myself doing is hoping they don’t lose the ball .. again. Should be watching the game with anticipation of the next move forward, but whenever those two are on the pitch, I feel like we are playing with 9 men instead of 11.

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  21. sku

    I watch a lot of Barca games and apart from their obvious superior talent their semi striker Messi the legend when he plays he does not bother to engage centre back. He just drifts into midfield and just play to make four players in the centre and then out of nowhere he makes run from deep and you know the rest. Now the logic tells us that since he is not a typical nr 9 centre foward and he is built small not to dissimilar to our own Theo he does not need to engage two centre backs like Giroud would. I think Theo should do the same and look to use his pace which is the best in world football. I think we wont need to buy another striker or change formation look at spain at the Euro’s Cesc was their striker against Italy and he scored.

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  22. Greg

    Do you know the real reason why you are so depressed Mr wenger? Continuing to play woeful players like gervinho (main problem) and Ramsey(not consistent with his passing) and being too reluctant to strengthen the team with quality signings that’s the reason!

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  23. marlogooner

    This is one of the worst confessions i have ever had to make, but here goes….. SPUDS HAVE A BETTER TEAM THAN WE DO!!!! MY GOD!!!!

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  24. true goon


    A couple questions on your points.
    -How can you play 2 upfront and also pack the midfield?Are you saying we should play 3-5-2?Bcos you cant pack the midfield playing 442.

    -Also you said they were playing a high line so Theo was isolated,how can he be isolated if by definition he is closer to the midfield if they are pushing up and using a high line?

    I agree with your other points and your overall sentiments,but your first 2 points are bit confused.

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  25. Kunle

    My problem wit wenger is dat he sticks or plays 1 dimension formation in every match(4 3 3 formation) it beats my mind as a good coach.looking at yesterday match,wenger should have Sensed dat d 4 3 3 formation is nt working,even is isolating walcot,he should have changed d formation to 4 1 3 2 or 4 4 2 formation,a two man strike force attack bt deluded wenger only plays out 4 3 3 formation.To me i beat an opponent wit 4 3 3 in d first leg doesnt mean d 2nd leg i will use d same formation to play u.dont wenger know dat opponents will work towards defending d tactics and formation used in d 1st leg dat they were beaten bt deluded wenger doesnt believe in changing formation just to play barca style of football.wenger should wake up,formations need to be changed during or starting of match. Wat i expected wenger to do yesterday was to bringin another striker,d removal of podoski was totally wrong.gervinho and ramsey are meant to be playin in d reserves nt in d 1st team squad.cant wenger emulate Avb in tottham,he changed d formation to 4 4 2 and they are winning.

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  26. Georgegunner

    I hate gervinho
    I hate ramsey
    I hate djourue
    I hate arshvin
    i hate sagna
    this players dont deserve to be at arsenal

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  27. Kunle

    D ideal of playin walcot as a cf is good bt nt as a lone striker upfront,wenger needs to play walcot wit giroud or chamak or podoski upfront.playing walcot alone upfront will nt work always when we are playin a team dat has aggressive central backs.For instance playing walcot in d cf position against stoke city will be totally rubbish becos he will be totally isolated and useless in d attack.

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  28. mean

    Wenger has only 15 mil to spend this january , dont be deceived , The board is not touched that this team is failing, they beleive spending money is not the solution…..seriously everything is in a mess. They still want to keep the books balanced even though it means finishing outside the top 4

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  29. Kunle

    I dont hate any arsenal players,d person i hate in arsenal is wenger why?1,he has made us to hate some of dis arsenal players and its nt there fault,wengers fault.2,most of dis players dat wenger bought from there previous clubs all performed marvelously in there suited positions bt wenger bought them and play them out of positions making them shadows of themselves.3,wenger plays tactics and formation dat doesnt suit d players,they are just forced to play to d tunes of d coach.3,wenger plays players dat are nt worth to be in d team than d reserves eg.gervinho,ramsey. And benches or doesnt list players dat meant to be in d,rosicky.4,wenger makes blunders in team substitution and its always late.

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